Gawker Shutting Down Next Week

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  1. OH SNAP.

    Too bad they're not taking Kotaku with them, though maybe Univision can turn Kotaku into something respectable for a change.
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  2. Ooh, fun.
    Well, one way to is to learn a few background points on Univision as a company. First, their Wikipedia page! Because Wikipedia is a solid way to introduce oneself to a topic. (Though don't rely on it alone, as it's prone to being tampered with by various political groups and people who simply get their facts wrong from time to time.)

    It is a Spanish American media group which was founded fifty three years ago. They primarily focus on cable news, children's programming, and sports. Here is a list of their television stations. According to Univision's website, they own a total of 61 Television stations and 67 Radio stations. They appear to be a group that aims primarily (and proudly) toward a Hispanic demographic.

    It has openly engaged in editing programs without consent nor warning and has been sued over it in the past. In fact, they have a number of lawsuits relating to their content, including--humorously enough--one involving Donald Trump over the Miss USA Pageant. This is due to the fact that Univision pulled the plug on the Miss USA Pageant over racist remarks Donald Trump made about Mexicans.

    In terms of political positions & controvesy, they openly support the LGBT and reject the gender binary, accusing anyone who disagrees with the use of "latinx" as being "privileged and ignorant." It's also been accused of having a strong Democrat Party bias in spite of claiming to possess no biases, as one of the partial owners of the network is a Hillary Clinton supporter and the majority of latinos generally sway toward the Democratic party. On the flip side, they're also attempting to encourage latinos to register to vote. They're strongly against anti-immigration, as one of them tried to show the dangers children face attempting to cross the Mexican border. Apparently they had a brief racism-related issue, as one of their (notable now fired) news anchors compared Michelle Obama to "something out of Planet of the Apes."

    Personal Opinion: If I had to wager a guess, they're doing this because their stocks have been falling in relation to the Donald Trump law suit and the overall decline of cable subscriptions. They're looking to secure already-established online markets and slip their way up. Considering their rabid defending of the term "Latinx" they're likely politically within the same spectrum as Kotaku and (Gawker Subsidiaries) already are. Meaning if you disagree with the political views and pushes of Kotaku and Jezebel, those aren't going to stop. They may even intensify. However, the hit pieces and closet-outing and sex tape release bullshit should stop.

    That being said? It's still better than Gawker. At least if it stays in the realm of politics I can file it away as "stuff I don't care about" and move on. This appears to be Univision trying to gain online assets so that they can weather the decline of cable. So we'll see, won't we? :ferret:
  3. Then kotaku is fucked, oh well. ._. Nothing of value was lost.
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  4. [​IMG]

    I found this in five seconds and it fits.
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  6. Good riddance. Now if only we could get the Hulkster and Peter Thiel to smash all the other shitty clickbait "news" sites that are still in operation, then the internet would be a much better place.
  7. And then the hulkster can fuck off to obscurity when they are done.
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  8. This has been a favour to the Universe.
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