Gawker Media burned 115 Million Dollars in Lawsuit

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  1. They have a total revenue of about 45 million net.

    Seriously, it happened, they finally got bitch slapped for their flagrantly criminal disrespect of privacy. Excuse me while I go cheering about it.

    What is Gawker (and why does Brovo hate it?)
    Gawker Media is one of the largest blogging networks out there, dedicated exclusively toward publishing ideological garbage and privacy-violating trash about celebrities. This isn't new, they had a stalker board specifically to take "anonymous tips" from random people about where celebrities were, and what they were doing, so they could send people to take pictures and stalk them. Even if said celebrities were on private property. Gawker Media are the type of garbage eating scumbags to take photos of naked women in their own homes and publish them on the Internet with titles like "deranged nude celebrity dances in front of window."

    Among their blog network are other particularly infamous sites of complete and utter garbage, which include but are not limited to...
    • Jezebel: A website dedicated exclusively to creating conspiracy theories about the patriarchy, which include stalking and harassing women who refuse to label themselves as feminists. So basically, a website dedicated to witch hunts. Nice.
    • Kotaku: A website that is supposedly about gaming journalism, which was caught up in controversy after it decided to burn its own user base and declare "gamers are dead" and "gamers are sexist." Regardless of how you feel about GamerGate (I thought it was pretty stupid myself) this website exists solely to produce drama and, once in a while, remember to review games. Sometimes.
    • Lifehacker: Have you ever been fucking irritated at incorrect "life hacks" or at the very term itself never seeming to go away in spite of how stupid it is? You have this website to thank for that. It's a solid 50/50 shot as to whether the advice it offers you is true or false, and it too occasionally stirs up controversy over it.
    Now that's not to say that every blog site under the Gawker wing is terrible. They also have Gizmodo, and, um...

    ... Yeah no Gizmodo is pretty much the only semi-redeemable blog they have on their network. The rest are useless or filled with controversy. Take that for whatever it means to you.

    This is essentially the epitome of a network that is absolutely fucking cancerous. They don't provide any service that isn't better provided by pretty much anyone else. They ruin people's lives on a regular basis just to make clickbait articles to get them money. They're essentially the very worst of what media is capable of.

    The fact that they're getting burned more than two years worth of their net revenue in a lawsuit is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing these hyenas leap upon each other to desperately try to stay afloat, and I love the precedence this sets: That people's privacy is not a fucking commodity. Fuck these people.

    Just felt like sharing that, for once, common decency won out over banal greed.
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  2. I'm all for anything that dismantles tabloid garbage that somehow are legally allowed to stalk and slander people because they happen to be famous.
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  3. This is like a dumpster fire: it smells terrible, but man does it look glorious. I hope Gawker tears itself apart so we don't have to see its trash anymore.
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  6. Best part is that it's technically feasible for them to survive--if they sell/destroy most of their subsidiaries for a decent price.

    Those very same subsidiaries being staffed by the same kinds of treacherous people who willingly ruin people's lives for small amounts of cash.

    So no matter what happens, we're going to get to watch these people descend upon one another in a fucking orgy of betrayal. Especially if it hits a court room again. It will be like watching rats cannibalizing their own.

    Seriously, Jesus Christ, when they fired just one of their writers, that writer compared them to ISIS and the Charleston Shooter. Imagine how bad it's gonna get for them over the next couple years?

    This is going to be some of the most beautiful karma ever devised in the modern era. And I'm gonna love every minute of it.
  7. Hopefully Kotaku dies after this lawsuit. I can't stand that site. But it's nowhere near as bad as Polygon. Now THAT'S a cancerous website!
  8. I dunno about that. This exists.
  9. And to dig the knife in a little deeper, this line: "The court will reconvene next week where the judge could decide to award punitive damages to Hogan."

    I love it. Gawker is terrible and deserves to be ruined by their own follies.

    Also, this topic in gif form:
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  10. Oh fuck I just lost my brain cells!

  11. This song is perfect right now.
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  12. The less of these garbage news sites that exist the better.

    I'm all for spreading news and keeping people informed.
    But harassing people, ruining lives and causing drama just for click bait isn't news, it's cancer.
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  13. Can we get rid of IGN next?
  14. IGN isn't on the same level of bad.

    They get involved in some drama, and get bribed for reviews rather easily.
    But not "Insult their entire audience" or "Stalk people in their homes" levels of bad.
  15. Yeah you have a point. I'm just sick of their cancerous coverage of certain franchises (KINGDOM HEARTS!!)
  16. See, thing is though, they can have shitty opinions, and that's okay. It's okay to have a shitty opinion on an ideology, or a franchise, or even an individual person... That's freedom of speech. However, where freedom of speech meets a grey barrier is when one violates a person's rights to privacy (ex: private property) in order to use their freedom of speech, and then atop that uses said freedom of speech in a damaging way. This didn't just upset someone's feelings: This ruined Hulk Hogan's career. IGN posting shit pieces about Kingdom Hearts doesn't ruin anyone's career. It just shows that they have an opinion you don't like, which is acceptable. Hell, it should be protected.

    I don't like IGN either, so I simply don't browse their content... But then, IGN doesn't threaten people's careers with what is tantamount to blackmail and libel. At least, not generally. Gawker made a business model off of that. Jezebel made a business model off of that. Kotaku, too, has thrown individual people in the gas chamber "spotlight" to be victims of mob justice, and continues to do so.

    This is why I am cheering the death of Gawker, but would protest and be disgusted by a court sanctioned death of IGN. I don't like IGN. I think IGN is stupid. That does not at all mean that IGN is doing serious harm to my person, or to any other person, by merely existing. Their freedoms are inexorably tied to my own: If I cheer their death of freedom of speech, someone will cheer mine. We have to protect each other, even if we don't like each other.

    Which is why I'm cheering on Hulk Hogan, "fighting for the rights of every man" as his theme song would put it. Because he is not only fighting to recoop the loss of his career, but this case will help shape how future cases involving privacy violations vs freedom of speech will be handled.
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  17. PewDiePie I'm assuming?
  18. PewDiePie has been thrown under the bus by basically all of Television and News whenever gaming comes up.
    They don't like accepting video games are evolving, and PewDiePie is kind of a catalyst/face to that who others are taking it out on.
  19. Tell me about it -_- If it's not him they attack, it's Markiplier or anyone else who has a huge gaming YouTube channel.
  20. Interesting... And then they go off about "freedom of speech and press"? :P Looks like that little detail may just screw em over with their attempts to appeal this upturned lawsuit.
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