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Gatherings... (OOC)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Roose Hurro, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Hello, @Ragamoofin ...!

    Thought we could use a place to discuss stuff, so here we are. Just remember to scrape the mud off your feet before entering, next time. :bsmile:
  2. Finally got the memo.
  3. Goody... :bsmile:

    I think I've set you up now. Hope you're enjoying Peet's antics. Oh, and here:



    This is Peet's father, Deen. Aaand:


    Artist forgot their forehead badges, but the lady on the right is Peet's mother, Thoee. Making sure her dear mate doesn't say anything "naughty".

    Enjoy... :bananaman:
  4. Neat! Wish I could show you what my character looks like, but all I have is my words.
  5. Words work fine. I'm just lucky I met the lady online who did this art for me. And unlucky that she's no longer "available". I hate losing online friends. Any friends.


    Deen's Physical Description

    Hopefully this will give you a better idea, as well. Peet looks a lot like his father, though, being a teen, his shroudruff feathers are about half as long... not yet fully grown.

    A few more pics:


    Again, no forehead badge. Heh... :bsmile:

    Aaand I can't seem to find any more linkable images. Shoot.