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  1. Here's the gist of it all:

    Hello there! This is Uncle Legens Legentis (as you can already see) and I've come bearing a few storylines I've been waiting to try for a while now. Though before I indulge you, kind reader, on all the shenanigans that are about to unfold, let me ramble on about myself just for good measure. And egotistical reasons, but that's besides the point.

    I'm not the fastest poster in the world. I tend to put up at least one post a day, rarely is it anything more or anything less. My posts are usually 1 or 2 paragraphs long, and I do prefer my partners to keep the same post lengths. I just can't work with one-liners very easily. Also, my grammar and spellings are (for the most part) absolutely perfect in every way possible.

    Now, on to the good stuff. And by good stuff I mean smut. I'm a fan of smut as much as the next guy, but I lean towards having more plot in my stories than anything else. Spontaneous, non-stop sex is beyond my humble abilities. I can work proficiently with descriptive language or fade-to-black. Whichever you prefer. On a side note, I simply can't do M/M or F/F. Sorry. :(

    And just for future reference, allow me to use this helpful key to keep things orderly. MC=My Character & YC=Your Character

    1. After The War: MC has lived a tougher life than some may imagine. He fought bravely in the American Civil War, all the way from 1861 to 1865 on the Union's behalf, but things weren't quite the same when he returned. People once knew MC as a man of good virtue, a true hero. But after the war, he simply couldn't adjust. Picking up a job in a hellish steel factory, MC gave into alcoholism, and was barely able to pay back his gambling debts. At night, he was plagued by nightmares, always tormented by the horrors of dead soldiers and musket fire and bayonet charges. YC is the daughter of Pittsburgh's wealthiest ship builder, savvy and well-educated all throughout, and yet underestimated by her father. By some stroke of fate, MC and YC begin a relationship in secret, boldly defying YC's family pride in their class. Can they mend each other's flaws as the world around them changes at an ever-growing pace?
    2. Lead Us Not Into Temptation: The year is 1932. The Great Depression has crippled America's strength, and millions grow ever-desperate as work becomes increasingly hard to find. MC is a man who has seen it all, working as a strong-willed detective for most of his adult life. And just as he's about to retire, MC's world is forever changed as his wife is murdered in cold blood. No other detective in Los Angeles can decipher the few clues from the crime scene. It seems like all hope is lost until one key witness comes forward. YC is an employee in a grimy, run-down brothel, out on the edges of town. It's the sort of place that most people try to avoid as best they can. A single note, left behind at the place of the murder, indicates that YC's employer, a drunkard, abusive man with no grasp on decency, may actually be the killer. Can MC convince YC to give the details of that tragic night and finally put the case to rest?
    3. Tides of Destiny: The Golden Age of Piracy has affected trade on a global scale. By 1721, neither the English nor the Spanish can put a halt to rogue sailors spreading chaos in the Americas. MC is the captain of the Silver Wolf, one of the most feared vessels in the Caribbean. Stories of this captain range from heroic to infamous, and tales of his adventures are legendary, even if the truth behind them has changed over the years. YC is a girl seeking a better life in the New World. However, her life takes a spin as her ship is captured by none other than the Silver Wolf and its buccaneer crew. In what seems like total madness, MC takes YC in as part of the crew, and they begin their journeys on the high seas. Will they pursue their dreams while being hunted down by the Spanish and British navies?
    4. Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You: The United States and the Soviet Union are on the brink of nuclear war. Communism spreads across the globe like a virus, and eventually, Cuba falls into the hands of the Kremlin. In 1962, it is discovered that the USSR has begun sending ballistic missiles in top-secret military bases. Already the US has failed to topple Fidel Castro's brutal dictatorship in the humiliating Bay of Pigs Invasion, and it cannot afford to go through another costly incident. MC is the 35th President of the United States, continuing Truman's dedicated strategy of containment. All is not well when YC, a Russian spy, infiltrates the White House under the guise of a humble secretary for the president. But the longer she remains by his side, the more she begins to question the forces that guide her actions. She is torn between two worlds, one of loyalty to the motherland, and one of peace and democracy. Can YC continue her elaborate ruse against MC, or will it all fall apart as superpowers clash?
    5. The Hammer of God: Not many people could have predicted the catastrophe of 2076 and how it changed planet Earth forever. An asteroid by the name of Kali was detected by astronomers on Mars, but by then it was too late. The resulting impact caused volcanoes to erupt worldwide and a total submerging of coastal territory was underway. The rise in natural disasters, coupled with a stark decline in available resources, drove the remaining survivors into disarray and war. The concept of the nation-state ceased to be. Civilization as we know it faded away, and the many benefits we took for granted disappeared overnight. Tribal societies formed slowly to restore some kind of order to the wastelands. Atlanta, Georgia is nothing more than a desert nowadays. MC is a scavenger, always on the lookout for valuable technology and supplies, selling them off to the highest bidder. YC, however, never knew of the calamities of the surface world. Before the asteroid hit, she was contained inside an underground shelter. This shelter was unique for its specially-designed cryo-pods, a scientific marvel unlike any other. MC accidentally discovers the bunker during a routine salvage mission, and inside he finds a girl, frozen in time behind a glass wall. Together, can they survive the harsh landscape that awaits them?
    6. Life Beyond The Stars: Humanity has finally achieved a goal once trapped in the realm of science fiction and fantasy. At last, we have set foot on distant worlds by 2108, colonizing strange new planets and consuming their resources. The largest of these colonies is none other than Earth's own moon, Luna, and the United Nations recently developed a device that can terraform planets in a matter of weeks, rather than decades. MC is a scientist working in a desolate outpost on the lunar north pole. He is on the verge of a discovery that could save thousands of lives; atmospheric shield generators. The project is cancelled abruptly when government agents kidnap MC for a highly-dangerous experiment. For her entire life, YC has been treated as little more than a tool for scientific research. She was born with a rare condition that gives her unprecedented powers, such as telepathy and telekinesis. MC is forced to proceed with advanced testing, analyzing YC's psychological profile for the government. Can he bring himself to continue the experiment, or will they unravel the truth inside a vast conspiracy?
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  2. I would be interested in 5 or 6. More in 6 it seems more my style since I love dark psychological Role-plays. Is this in Thread or PM?
  3. I kind of got hung up on 3 and 4. D: The plot for 4 tho, ngggh. World History was- still is my love.
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  4. I was leaning towards #4 myself. :P
  5. So, err, how would you like to discuss it? Here at thread over in pm? Right? 4 isss ugh, the possible plot twists but 3 D: reminds me a little of Pirates of the Carribean.
  6. Discussing it in the thread works fine by me. :D
  7. Alrightyyy. I have to ask though, my character she'll be like a lone wolf there? No fellow Russian spies that could help her and she's just fooling the whole executive branch?
  8. There could be other Russian spies, it would be an interesting idea to mess around with.
  9. Mhmm. Sure, so the other spies, could one also be a double agent or something like that?
  10. I like the idea. Maybe the double agent could be in the president's cabinet as well.
  11. Yesss but would he/she be in the loop on who the spy is? Like in most movies I've watched not everyone is in the loop. Only the ones in the higher up really know what's going on.
  12. Your character would be out of the loop, because the other spy would be higher-ranked.
  13. Sure that seems like fun. So, through thread or pm? ^^
  14. I'd be interested in 3 or 6, if either of those are still open?

    Also, I love your profile picture. It really brought back the feels though. ;)
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  15. Yep, 3 and 6 are still open!
  16. Alright, awesome!
    Shall I private messag you about it?
  17. Nah, it's easier for me to keep track of things in this thread. :D
    So, any preference in regards to 3 and 6?
  18. I'd say I like 3 just a smidge more. I've always been a sucker for historical time settings.
  19. Finally, other people that enjoy historical settings!
  20. Yessssss! I love pirates and Vikings- I find them intriguing!

    So, plot 3 is okay then?
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