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  1. "They had you too. Good things can come from horrible people, doesn't make them any less bad." Kunari bite her lip gently, "That's why I abandon mine. They don't deserve to be in the middle."
  2. Awesome, it's a BRITISH thing.

    We have the best fetishes.
  3. ....yes. yes you do.

    now if you'll excuse me "research" calls.......
  4. Why does she have elf ears?
  5. yup. ruining it for everyone.
  6. Not for me!
  7. Daisuke Hirragi featuring Adam
    Interacting with Chuu @conman2163

    Daisuke cocked an eyebrow at Chuu's claim. "listen Chuu, my man, my Brother from another Asian Mother. I said he's gone, I left his ass in the dust. I don't need you poking around in my subconcious looking for shit that ain't there." Adam spoke up. "Daisuke just lay down so we can get this over with." Daisuke rolled his eyes as he listened to his partner. "Jesus, whatever. just don't pop this brats cherry. I'm saving that for Tyler."

    Daisuke did as he was asked he laid down feeling awkward as Chuu stood there watching. "if you pull a glass table out from somewhere I'm gonna be very upset." Daisuke joked as he waited for whatever Chuu had planed to start. "So, Chuu whose your guy Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?"
  8. Even Asmo's need kink. :(
  9. Interesting, so when British people make sweet love they fart a lot; thus requiring gas masks!
  10. You just don't understand...
  11. [​IMG]
    Early in the migration led by Thallas, there was a more intentional split among the humans as they sought to find land to call their home. Those deemed miscreants were exiled and forced to find some place else to live far and away from what had been claimed. Faledrin was formed starting in Windfeld as those deemed unfit for Thallas found their own way. To this, Faledrin has always been seen as a Kingdom of fools and a cesspool of criminals.

    If it weren't for their fishermen and whalers, Faledrin would have likely been deemed unimportant to the Allied Kingdoms. But their harvested whale oil was far too valuable to neglect the kingdom. The Sur tolerated Faledrin and respected them for respecting the Woodlands. Their trade was minimal once the Vuaturi invented Everfire.

    Faledrin has always been known for its internal social struggles. Centuries of oppression was endured as the noble class soaked up any wealth with ease. The poor were often left to starve, and many attempted to flee into Thallas or the Woodlands of Valnahar. Few were able to get far before being forcibly returned to their homeland.

    To Faledrin's East lies Sus filled with humans of a more barbaric nature. Fleeing into these lands was often met with death, though never swiftly. To the South is Maldvir, and while the Maldviri were a more generous sort, Fallenites would have to trek through miles of desert before they could get to civilization. Due to the waters being heavily patrolled by Faledrin ships, it was difficult to smuggle citizens into Maldviri ports, especially due to the moral conflict that would arise for the Maldviri.

    It is rumored that the Cult of Thieves presides in Windfeld's Underbelly. While not exclusive to petty theft, these alleged "thieves" act against Faledrin's nobility which often, in turn, serves the poor. To this they are revered despite the anonymity and uncertainty of this organization.

    During the Second Era, the upper escelon was eventually completely wiped out, including the royal house. As the Thalls were driven from their homes, Faledrin seemed to have been mostly disregarded by the mechanical army. They remain as one of the few human colonies in Southlyn before being forced into slavery.
  12. "Are you my mummy?"
  13. I actually prefer sub...tho my brother prefers dub...we fight a bit for which one is better...

  14. THIS!

    I currently have that problem with my long time favorite anime FMA. I started off many years ago watching it dubbed, found out there were two versions and I had been watching the wrong one the whole time, tried recently to start from beginning in subbed and have so far failed miserably.... *sigh*
    if you like reverse harem that is romance and comedy watch
  16. *Follows Jesse into his office, loud noises are heard and the screaming of "OH GOD! TYLER DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURDEN!".........."WILL YOU HAVE MY ABORTION?!"..."YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"*
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  17. "Sleeping around, you mean." Lucius mumbled quietly.