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So, is there a name for this fetish?

I know a girl who's into it.

This isn't her... this is just a picture to illustrate my point and keep you staring at the screen.


Bring me knowledge and fresh offerings!
Awesome, it's a BRITISH thing.

We have the best fetishes.
....yes. yes you do.

now if you'll excuse me "research" calls.......
This shit is sick, Asmo. What are you even doing here?

Go back to writing RPs for me to enjoy.
Even Asmo's need kink. :(
Interesting, so when British people make sweet love they fart a lot; thus requiring gas masks!
You just don't understand...
I guess I'm glad I got my Israeli made mask back in May!

Maybe British are just turned on by their women sounding like female Darth Vaders?
Now?.... but.... I'm about to have a pineapple-baby that has your eyes!
*Dons gas mask and MOPP suit.*

*Follows Jesse into his office, loud noises are heard and the screaming of "OH GOD! TYLER DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURDEN!".........."WILL YOU HAVE MY ABORTION?!"..."YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"*
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*Comes out of his office, cleaning blood off his MOPP suit. He then tosses the rag back inside.*

Clean yourself off before I use you again.