Garry Romance (George Shelley/Harry Styles)

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  1. George Shelley from Union j was super excited because today him and the guys were going to meet world wide sensation ONE DIRECTION. He was so nervous because they were awesome guys and they decided to meet them not the other way and one of them is George's idol Harry ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He went to meet the guys and then walked to where they were. he was also excited because Harry had amazing hair which George loved.

    (sorry short)
  2. Harry Styles lounged against the wall of the X Factor studio, and glanced up and down the corridor as people walked past. Suddenly he caught sight of a gorgeously sexy guy with curly hair similar to his, and a cheeky grin. He grinned, and straightened up. "Hey there - you must be Union J. I'm Harry Styles, the most awesome one of One Direction."

    Liam elbowed him. "You should be the one called vain." He rolled his eyes and held out his hand to each of the guys. "Hello. I'm Liam. Congratulations on getting this far in the competition."
  3. "Hi, I'm George Shelley,"he smiled at them and smiled at Harry and laughed when Liam called Harry Vain then he said,"It's been an awesome experience I hope we get to the final though."
  4. "Well, you know, even if you don't get to the final, you still might get signed." Harry said as a word of encouragement. "We got eliminated third, and we got signed. You guys are too talented to lose." He smiled, looking around at them all.
  5. "Awww thanks Harry, that's mean a lot coming from you guys,"George smiled.
  6. "It's true - you remind me of myself..." Harry looked at him thoughtfully.

    Zayn grinned, "It's definitely true - you two look like twins." He looked between them two and smiled. "Yeah - twins."
  7. Zayn snorted with laughter. "Seriously, you guys do. It is a freaky resemblance."

    Harry rolled his eyes. "Anyway, we have to go now, but it'll be cool to see you guys some time. We can hang out." He grinned.
  8. "Oh, shut up,"George said going red and blushing but he tried not to, it was overpowering him.
  9. Josh laughed, and nudged George. "C'mon George - we need to go to the other studio to do the Xtra Factor show. We'll see you guys later."

    Harry nodded and waved. "OK, see you later lads."
  10. "Okay, bye lads,"George said and walked off with the other union j lads.
  11. Harry turned to the guys, a grin on his face. "Come on - lets go." He headed for the van with a smile, thinking about that curly-haired lad.
  12. He couldn't stop smiling at the experiance.
  13. The next day, JJ answered the phone in the X Factor and he grinned. He yelled through the house, "George! Phone for you!"
  14. George and went and took the phone from JJ and he placed it to his ear and said,"hello this is George."
  15. Harry leaned against the doorframe of Zayn's apartment, where he was staying until he got his own place, and grinned, "Hi George - this is Harry. I just wanted to call and say again congratulations on yesterday's performance, and to not be nervous about the results tonight. You guys are so awesome that you are sure to get through."