Garhwal Corridor

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  1. This is something popped out in my mind in one wild bus ride home:

    in London, 1945, amidst the end of the World War. A gathering was held between people of unknown origins. Their feats, their identities, everything were untold in history, nor of their achievements in that gathering.

    Present day, 2012, in the city of New York, USA. Mysterious serial murder happened without a single clue for the killer. At the same time, several people began to take notice of changes in the world, something not related to physical aspects. Something twisting their minds, making them questioning which was fiction and which was reality...

    The plot in my mind involved something called 「Garhwal Corridor」. It was an abstract aspect, a world within this world, a place where the law of the world was defined by those within it. In this blank world lies a castle unreachable by all, visible only as faint, blurry image in the far dark horizon. Characters would alternate between Garhwal Corridor and our normal world.

    Hmm...that's something my wild brain came up with. Do you think it's applicable? :(
  2. This idea sounds quite intriguing to me! ^^

    How does the Garhwal Corridor interact with the real world and how would the heroes go between "worlds"?
    What is the purpose of the Garhwal Corridor and were those mysterious people in 1945 denizens of the Corridor?

    I would love to RP this with you if you like. Work out more of the plot. ^^ Message me and let me know! =)
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