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  1. Does anyone else on Iwaku have a thing for gardening?

    After not using our balcony for nearly 5 years we decided to do much more than use it as a place to keep a table and old chairs. A little cleaning, a bucket of water and brush, some angry neighbors below who kept their phone literally sitting on the edge and the floor. BAM!

    Fresh slate!

    Some earth boxes we got for dirt cheap, couple bags of soil, and seed pods and now we've got a flourishing garden!

    Some things didn't quite sprout, like lettuce, onions, and some flowers. But that's alright, learned our lesson about how to handle germinating.

    Now for an excuse to share pictures.

    Our Balcony Garden (open)


    Never knew cucumber plants got SO BIG either.
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  2. I don't do any gardening myself because ew sunlight, but my brother does. O_O Our backyard looks like a rainforest jungle and in the front yard with have three huge garden beds.

    There's more flowers and plants than I could ever name. And we have several veggies and herbs growing this year!
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  3. I'm not into gardening. I don't have a green thumb at all. Plants hate me and die when they're close.
    My mother in law however loves it. Our front porch is filled with flowers.
  4. Your balcony looks awesome! Glad to see things are growing and thriving, balcony gardening can be very difficult to make work.

    While I don't really do gardening myself, I have a mother who has been gardening since way before I was born. Her apartment looks like a jungle, it has tropical fruits, chili plants, weird pumpkins all over the place and at least four different kinds of citrus fruits. Had this been the Dark Ages, she most definitely would have been burnt at the stakes for her green thumbs.

    Should also mention she's with a group of guerilla gardeners that find every nook and cranny of the city where they can plant flowers and vegetables.
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  5. We do a bit of gardening in my home.
    Last year, I planted enough strawberries to last all summer and the numbers are rising as new plants grow. We have apple trees and raspberries as well, but I'm not sure how well it's going with them. Those were my mother's projects.
    My father is also growing some chilli somewhere, but I'm pretty sure our cats have trampled it.

    Your balcony looks great, though. Our garden is currently a mess, since I have been too caught up to do any real work in it.
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  6. I'm trying to grow peppers
  7. Sounds just how my wife was before we got these earth boxes. They're definitely a good investment if you're looking for space conscious growing without the hassle of worrying about watering.

    There's a sweet pepper plant in there underneath the green beans somewhere. It got a bit overshadowed but it's catching back up.

    Also got to eat those green beans and cucumber last night. Pretty delicious. More so since we grew them ourselves.
  8. I'll try to post a picture of it later, it's the first time I've tried to grow something.
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  9. Sounds interesting. I will have to look into that.

    By the way, you have a pretty sweet view and kudos on having a balcony.
  10. Thanks. We got lucky being in a city like we are. Just to the right is a shipping plant and to the left is a subdivision. We struck out with a big forested area of a few acres behind our building.

    Sun glares in until sundown which makes summers suck. But cooler months makes it so worth it.
  11. My entire family has a green thumb, so I think I possibly could be decent at it. Or I'm that one person in the family who can't any kind of plant alive.

    I've never tried gardening, though. Once Boyfriend and I get settled in a more permanent place, I want to try my hand at it.

    I also love your little balcony garden! That's pretty clever. ^_^
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  12. Your balcony garden looks so good, @Windsong! And I envy everyone who is talking about their homes or backyards looking like jungles. Hruumph.

    I like the idea of gardening and having food that I've grown and having a little slice of green somewhere... but I always forget to water my plants. My petunias are looking like they hate me, ahaha!

    My jade plant, cacti, philodendron, and dwarf umbrella tree are all flourishing, however! Mostly thanks to their hardiness and ability to grow indoors where the terrible Kansas sun can't reach them.

    MY CABBAGES! I mean... my plants. (open)


    Can you spot all three gnome statues?!
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  13. My bare hands and a hose.
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