Garden of Gods

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  1. In this garden, the God Zeus sends a group of different Gods from different nythologies(greek, roman, japanese, egyptian, etc.) to learn how to be more human and only when they realize the heart of a human, will they be able to become a God again(basically Zeus takes away their powers until they become more human).

    I got the idea from a cute anime I watched but it wasnt great. In this role play, i want more action than love. I want there to be fighting, drama, and death. No love sick Gods obsessed with a weak human girl.
  2. I'm totally into this! And, by the way, I know the anime you were referring to. Gotta agree with you on that one.
  3. If you're talking about Kamigami no Asobi, I agree. I am interested in this. Very interested
  4. I'd like it more if they kept their powers, but just dumbed down to less godly levels. SOL is not really my thing.
  5. Yeah I mean the anime is cute but if your going to say an anime is "action"... have action it. Not just the last episode. Oh and the ending was really rushed. I hate animes rush their endings. If your going to rush just make it 24 episodes that way you can develop the characters better. -sigh- But I did like the characters. The anime itself pissed me off.

    Anywho, throughout the rp, its not going be like "none of you can use your powers at all". I don't know how Im going to do it since this is a hard roleplay to do(though maybe Im overthinking it) butI'll be thinking about how Im going to play it. I might not do it through forums. I might do it through group or have the role play through forums and everything else through group.

    Some Gods and Goddesses I'll be using:
    Cerberus(He'll have a human body but he will be more dog like, even having dog ears and a dog tail)

    And more... (Decided to say just Roman and Greek cause those are what people know best but there will be Japanese, Egyptian and others.)
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  6. Gods, so hard to choose.....I wanna be Aphrodite.....but I wanna be Cerberus, too....
  7. Definitely Hades...unless Loki's an option, then definitely Loki. Either or, I really don't mind.
  8. Loki will be available.

    When it comes to dorms i might split it up by heroes and villains
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  9. That sounds even better, now I will definitely be Loki.
  10. I've decided to be Aphrodite, if that's alright with you.
  11. Yah. Ill create it soon. For some reason google chrome isnt working on my laptop so its going to take me longer while I make it on my phone. This is one of the reasons why I like having a smart phone xD
  12. Okay, I was just letting you know! I hear you, I love my smartphone.
  13. Umm....Is this still an active thing?
  14. I'd be willing to join if you're still accepting people. ^^
  15. Sort of. Its based on the idea but I did't like it very much and dont want it to make it a bunch of guys in love with an annoying human girl
  16. I liked it, but the reason it was like that was because it was based off of an otome, or dating sim, game. Which are usually aimed towards female audiences.

    I'd like to claim Jupiter, is that okay?
  17. If There is room for one more person, and I am allowed to reserve any specific god/goddess, may I please reserve Anubis and Athena?

    Is it possible that the deities as humans have small triggers like a full/new moon? Maybe one finds a piece of jewelry that is an old artifact? Idk. Could be something serious or could be something silly.
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