Garçon à Bascule

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    Quinton, 20 years old.

    Quinton slid out of his car and walked into the studio. His movements clearly showed his boredom and annoyance. He knew what he was getting into when he signed a contract, but at the moment he didn't realize he'd grow tired of it.

    It wasn't so much that as it was that he had realized it wasn't the life for him. He would hang out with friends from highschool during his free-time, and they all seemed so happy. They all had nice relationships withntheir girlfriends, one of his closer friends had proposed. Quinton on the other hand couldn't keep a girlfriend for more than a month.

    That was how long it took him to figure out they didn't really love him, they only wanted his wealth and fame.

    Quintonnwas tired of it. He needed to leave.
  2. Ava: 19 (open)
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    Ava sat on the hill amongst the morning dew anwatchedhe the sunrise, it was a little cold so she had a blanket wrapped around her. It was a beautiful morning, the sound of birds came to her from the surrounding woodland. The sweet scent of heneighborur baking drifted to her nose, she sighecontentlyly and wrapped the blanket tighter.

    She loved it here in Ely, it was quiet and peaceful. Plus thweren't'ent many people here off season. She smiled as the first rays of sunshappearederad over the horizon, it was a breathtaking sight. And as happy as she was, Ava couldn't help but feel like it would be better if she had someone to share it with. She had been single for a while now and really wanted to settle down with the right guy.
  3. "Quinton! Où allez-vous?" (where are you going?) his band members called.

    He smiled a little as he realized he would miss their voices. "Je pars!" (I'm leaving) he shouted back, running out of the studio. He had thrown down his guitar, somewhat gently, and left the building. Pulling out his cellphone, he dialed an airline company and put a plane ticket on hold for himself.

    That day, he'd be leaving good ol' France. His home. His friends. His band. His fans. His country. And every single person he'd ever seen or spoken to.

    Good-bye France! Quinton wanted to shout. But he must look crazy enough running down the streets to the airport. He wasn't taking anything other than the clothes on his back and the change in his pocket (which included a credit card).

    Today, Quinton's life as a rock-star ended and his life as a normal, young man began.

    In the United States of America.
  4. Ava allowed herself another hour of relaxation before heading back home, since the hill was only five minutes away from her house she didn't have to go far. She waved to her neighbor as she passed, "smells good Betty."

    She said with a smile then started up her driveway, her house was small but comfortable. It was a log cabin and a little old, but Ava had been fixing it up regularly. She had brightened it up by planting a variety of flowers, and now they made her smile.

    She stepped inside and headed for the shower, then getting dressed she grabbed her backpack and was out the door again. She picked up her pace as she was cutting it a little close for work, she still had a 15 minute walk ahead of her.

    She worked at the local stables, looking after the horses and teaching the tourists a thing or two. It paid well plus she loved horses, and he boss was a nice guy. She didn't think they'd be to busy today, after all Holiday season was winding down and most locals kept their horses on their property.
  5. Fifteen hours later (Probably not accurate xD).

    Quinton got off of the plane feeling sore and tired. His mom had called while he was sleeping and had reprimanded him, though she did support his decision. She knew he'd been stressing and unhappy, but was rather angry when she found out he just up and left.

    "Can I rent a car?" Quinton asked, his accent clear and thick. He had walked over to the counter with a picture of a car hanging near it.

    The young, blonde woman behind the desk nodded. She gave him paperwork to sign, checked his ID, and gave him the keys to a Jetta. Now all Quinton needed was a map. That wasn't hard to find, they had stacks of them on a shelf in a café. He bought an iced mocha and a map, then went out to where the cars were parked.

    There he sat, staring at the map of the state. "Hmm..." he mumbled, looking through all the cities and towns.

    Then he saw it. A small dot on the giant map. "Ely," he read aloud, "I'll go there." He set up the GPS system in the Jetta and put the handle to "Drive".

    He sang along with the radio music, liking the beat of the rap station. He wasn't singing all that well, since he didn't know the words, but his voice was soft and melodic nonetheless. He arrived to Ely within an hour and drove down the streets, looking around.

    Quinton wasn't paying attention to the road very well. In fact, he didn't realize he wasn't paying attention until the car slammed into a street-lamp and knocked it over. Quinton said several French swear words and got out of the car, his hands pulling at his hair. He jumped a little frantically while staring at the destroyed car and lamp.

    "Oh no! No no no no no!"
  6. Ava had knocked off work a few hours ago, she had gone home to shower and change planning on staying in. However she was a little bored so she got changed, and walked back into town.

    As she made her way down one of the many side streets in Ely she noticed that it was pretty deserted, she guessed most people would be at Bernie's tonight. It was the local bar and a local hot spot, she briefly considered dropping in but decided against it. Maybe she just keep walking for a while, maybe head over to the lake.

    She noticed the lone car coming her way and decided it must be another tourist, the car seemed to be drifting a little. She glanced at it again and gasped as it collided with a street lamp, she saw someone up out and heard them crying out.

    She hurried over and took a quick glance at the lamp, it wasn't badly damaged. Greg could have it back up by tomorrow night, she turned to look at the driver and saw that he was about her age.

    "Excuse me", she said softly laying a hand on his arm "Don't worry the damage isn't that bad." She wasn't exactly telling the truth but he seemed pretty freaked, "are you okay?"
  7. Quinton jumped when he felt someone touch his arm. He turned and saw a pretty girl, she spoke gently to him.

    He said a few words to her in French before realizing she probably didn't understand. He shook his head. "I'm OK, but the car isn't, it's not my car!" Quinton told her. "And that lamp isn't OK either miss! I'm going to be in big trouble." He looked back at the wreckage, trying calculate the cost. He could guess how many Euros, but how much was that in Dollars?

    He turned to the girl again. "I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to break it," he apologized. "I'll pay for it. My name is Quinton by the way."
  8. Ava stared at him blankly when he spoke to her in French, she knew what language it was but that didn't mean she understood it. She saw his point, the car did look pretty bad. The lamp was much better off, it wouldn't cost very much to fix.

    She spoke to him calmly, "it's okay you won't get into too much trouble." She gave him a reassuring smile, "as long as you pay for it, you'll be fine." She took another look at the car, "as for the car, was it a friends or did you rent it?"

    "It's nice to meet you Quinton", she held out her hand "my names Ava."
  9. He shook her hand gently and smiled. "Nice to meet you too," he replied.

    He looked back at the car and sighed. "It was a rental... Oh well... What a way to start my new life, huh?"

    Quinton started laughing. Quietly at first and then he began laughing louder and louder. He was sure that he must have looked absolutely insane. By the time he stopped, his eyes had teared up, though he wasn't sure if they were tears from laughing, or tears fromnhaving broken a rental car.
  10. "Well if it was a rental, your insurance will probably cover it." She smiled and laughed a little, "assuming you bought any."

    New life? What was he talking about? She looked at him a little warily, "are you sure your ok?" She asked with concern "maybe you should sit down for a minute."

    She didn't really see how he could find this so funny, she wondered if he was a little hysterical from the crash.

    She had heard of it before, even with something minor like this. If that was the case, she hoped he snapped out of it or she'd have to take him to the doctors.
  11. He waved his hand, as if to dismiss the subject. "Yes, insurance, of course! Why am I being so strange?" he wondered aloud. He looked at Ava, who was staring at him with a worried expression.

    Quinton smiled nervously. "Oh! Yes, I'm fine," he said, "I guess I just got a little freaked, but I'll be fine." His eyes glittered a little as he laughed again, though this time it was a nervous laugh. "I'm sorry, you must think I'm absolutely insane!"
  12. Ava smiled at him, "it's ok i understand." She looked around for a moment then back to him, "we should probably call the chief and explain what happened." She laughed a little, "or the next person that comes along will get a surprise."

    "Do you have a cell phone?" She glanced around and noticed that the coffee shop was still open, "or we could call from there." She smiled and decided she might drop in anyway, for a hot chocolate. She turned back to Quinton and grinned, "they have the best coffee around you know."
  13. Quinton nodded, pulling out his cellphone.

    However, at the mention of coffee, he looked up at her. "I could go for a coffee!" he said cheerily. And it was just as well, his phone had no service anyway. He'd have to get a new one, maybe an international one so he could call his mom. Ah... He'd have to call her soon, to tell her he arrived safely.

    He wouldn't tell her about his crash though, that was embarrassing and she'd get mad at him. He turned to the coffee shop Ava had signaled to. "Say, you wouldn't happen to have any international phones around, would you?" he asked as they walked.
  14. Ava feel into step beside him, she thought for a moment. "I think theres one at the visitor's center." She stepped inside and held open the door, "it's on the other side of town though." I'll show you if you'd like"

    She approached the counter and thought for a moment, "I'll have a hot chocolate please." She said politely and payed then turned to Quinton, "what did you want?" She asked smiling, she figured the call could wait until they finished their drinks. After all, there wasn't likely to be many people around anyway.
  15. Quinton stepped into the cafe after her. "I'll just have a coffee... With whipped cream on top," he said, smiling. He was used to people knowing what he wanted, since in his town he never strayed from the same places. Everyday it was the same coffee in the same shop, the same sandwich at the same deli, the same soup at the same restaurant.

    He never realized how boring that was. Quinton decided that he'd try as many new things here as possible. "I'd appreciate it if you gave me a small tour of the town, after I call my mother," Quinton said after paying. He smiled at Ava. "It seems like a very charming town, how long have you lived here, if you don't mind my asking?"
  16. Ava sat down at a nearby table, "sure i could do that." She had shown lots of new people around, it was fun to see Ely through someone else eyes. "The towns fairly small, but full of fun things to do." She smiled at him "of course people mainly come here for the lake and the woods, both are enormous."

    She shrugged, 'i moved here with my parents when i was nine so I've lived here ten years." She laughed a little, "I've traveled a bit but some how i always end up back here." She thanked the waitress as she brought their drinks to them, then she looked back at Quinton. "So what brings you to Ely anyway?" "Are you visiting someone?"
  17. Quinton smiled as she spoke and sat down next to her at the table.

    "No, I... Felt it was time for a change of scenery," he replied, somewhat hesitantly. He didn't want anyone to know about his former life. Quinton wanted to start anew.

    He took a drink from his coffee and looked out the window. "I guess... I just needed to get away for a while, y'know?" he asked. Quinton glanced at Ava. "Have you ever travelled to France?" he asked, wanting to get the subject away from his reasons for being there. Quinton took another sipnfrom his coffee, a bit of whipped cream stayed on his lip.
  18. Ava noticed his hesitant reply, but didn't mention. She was sure he had his reasons for being secretive, and it wasn't any of her business. She nodded, "yeah i know the feeling." she had felt it before, it was sometimes a good thing.

    She shook her head when he mentioned France, "no but I'd love to!" She always wanted to see France, to visit Paris. She grinned at him, "what's it like there?" She asked with a hint of childlike curiosity, before laughing and pointing to his lip. "You've got a little something there."
  19. Quinton blushed and quickly wiped away the whipped cream with the back of his hand, "Oh!"

    He looked down and thought. "It is quite beautiful," he told her. Though, the truth was, he had only ever seen his hometown, Paris, and the stadiums he had played in. Quinton had never realized how little he knew about his own country. "My hometown is really small and cute. With lots of tiny little souvenir shops and a place with the best ice cream ever." He looked up as he remembered. "My mom used to take me to a park near the library when I was little."

    He smiled, "It's sort of like your town here, except my town was, is, smaller." Quinton rubbed his chin with his index finger and thumb. "Paris is incredible too, especially during celebrations and parades."

    "Truthfully, of all the places I've seen, Paris has to be the most beautiful. Though once I did visit New York City," Quinton remembered the day clearly. He had come to meet with his band's manager, who'd been on vacation and had an accident but still wanted to have a meeting with him. "I think New York comes in a close second to Paris."

    Quinton liked this. Being able to talk to someone about things other than what songs he'd sing at the next concert. He was starting to consider calling his band members and telling them to find a new lead-singer. He couldn't remember the last time he had a normal conversation over a cup of coffee, and with a beautiful girl. Usual, he met women in bars.

    He wanted to ask Ava what her profession was, but she'd probably ask what he did for a living. He didn't want to ruin the nice feeling within him with thoughts about fame.
  20. Ava smiled as Quinton blushed, it made him look very cute. She loved listening to him describe his home, it seemed to make his eyes light up. She smiled warmly at him, "it sounds beautiful." "I'll have to visit it one day, and try some of that ice cream." She said grinning as she sipped her drink, "really? New York?" She looked at him thoughtfully, "I've only heard its nice in the snow."

    She finished her drink then looked at him again, "if you're staying in Ely for a while, you should visit the stables." "The trail rides are excellent, and its a great way to see the woods." She grinned at him playfully, "i might even be able to get you a discount." She checked her watch, wow they'd been sitting here for a while. She looked back up at Quinton, "we should probably call the chief now." She said with a reassuring smile, and gestured to the public phone near the back of the store.