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  1. Need to make sure some code looks right:

    Character Sheet Skeleton
    Show Spoiler

    [IMG]http://Character Appearance pic URL[/IMG]
    [b]Summary:[/b](Describe them in one sentence, will use on front page roster)
    [tab=Person Info]
    Previous Squads [/b] (if applicable)
    [b]Total:[/b] (300 for captains, 25 for rookies)
    [b]CQC:[/b] (Close Quarter Combat- Hakudo & Zanjutsu skills)
    [b]Kido:[/b] (Strength in kido)
    [b]Zan Resonance:[/b] (How strong is your Zanpakuto's skills)
    [b]Hoho:[/b](how Fast is your opponent)
    [b]Reiatsu:[/b] (How much Reiatsu does your character possess)
    [tab=Combat information]
    [size=5]Combat Info[/size]
    [b]Combat Summary:[/b] (Sum up how your character fights in a sentence or two, what are they good at)
    [u]Hakudo Skills:[/u]
    [b]Technique Name:[/b]
    [u]Zanjutsu Skills:[/u]
    [b]Technique Name:[/b]
    [u]Cannon Kido:[/u]
    [url=] #, Kido Name[/url]
    [u]Custom Kido:[/u]
    [size=5]Zanpakuto [/size]
    [b]Summary:[/b] (What is the theme of your zanpakuto in a sentence)
    [b]Release & Name:
    [u]Zanpakuto Spirit[/u]
    [b]Relationship to wielder:
    [b]Techniques:[/b](Anything fancy you can do with your Reiatsu, like Shunsui's dopples)


    Sarutahiko Bishamonten
    Summary:Patient and Pragmatic, Sarutahiko is always encouraging others to look at the bigger picture.
    Division: 1
    Position: Captain Commander

    • Personality:

      Previous Squads

    • Total: 500

      CQC: 150
      Kido: 70
      Zan Resonance: 100
      Hoho: 50
      Reiatsu: 130

    • Combat Info

      Combat Summary: With an overwhelming might, Sarutahiko aims to disable and shut down his opponents and prevent them from attacking him.


      Hakudo Skills:

      Oni Dekopin
      Shunkō -Earth Element. Sarutahiko's Shunko causes the earth to shake, and changes the geography.

      Ganryu: Sandanjuu(Flowing Rock Style: Shotgun)- An extremely powerful punch, Sarutahiko shatters a rock, sending pieces of it flying like a shotgun at his opponent

      Technique Name:

      Zanjutsu Skills:

      Technique Name:


      Ganryu: Tachimasu- (Flowing Rock Style: Sever) A large cut of Reiatsu that stays infront of Sarutahiko for several seconds, making a defense against incoming attacks


      Cannon Kido:
      Show Spoiler

      Custom Kido:
      Show Spoiler







      Release & Name:


      Zanpakuto Spirit
      Relationship to wielder:


      Techniques:(Anything fancy you can do with your Reiatsu, like Shunsui's dopples)

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  2. [​IMG]
    Illea Sirani
    Age: 10/400 years(reasons)
    Gender: Female
    Number: Tercera
    Tattoo: Right Elbow
    Accessories: Doll- (which is her sword sheathe)
    Aspect of Death: Disease
    Mask: Wrapped around her head, looking very much like a bandage above her forehead.

    Zanpakutō Name: Polilla Vampira
    Zanpakutō Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    General Abilities

    *Low Stamina- Part of her power, Illea is always sick, and is not able to keep going forever because of it, she tires out quickly, and needs a nap regularly.

    *Low Physical Strength- Illea's strength is barely comparable to even an average hollow.

    *Low Hierro- Among the Espada, Illea's Hierro is considered horrible. She is barely able to block more than hot sand with it.

    *Poor Swordsman- So much so, Illea only bothers pulling out her sword when releasing.
    *High Intelligene- Despite having a kid's body, and acting like one, Illea has many years of experience in Hueco Mundo, and has had to learn to fight more intelligently just to survive, or fight with her hollow friends without killing them (many failed attempts)

    *Immense Reitsu- Being the Tercera Espada, Illea's reitsu is absolutely beastly. Illea's reitsu is strong enough in burst to stun most enemies not stronger than her. Releasing in a pulse, Illea is able to make those around her feel ill for a few seconds.

    *Extreme Regeneration- Nearly all of Illea's Reiryoku is spent towards her regeneration, giving her her rank among the Espada. In a given fight, she can recover from 3 fatal blows, 1 complete regeneration, and can regrow limbs. Illea's only real weak points are her hollow hole and her mask. Due to her powers, she needs constant regeneration to stay alive, which is how it has evolved to be as strong as it is.

    Her constant regeneration, and her longing to be a kid with friends together won't let her age, physically, stopping her from growing up. Even if her soul gets older, her spirit body forces itself to heal if it thinks it is aging.

    General Note: Regeneration in general doesn't like Bakudo... or being crucified. Just a tip. Character is hard to kill, but not to stop.

    *Pesquisa Expert- While no master at the skill, Illea is able to use it in a general sense to find where strong Reiatsu is, though she cannot measure Reiryoku with it.

    *Cero- Illea's cero is a sickly yellowish green.

    *Gran Rey Cero Master- As bleeding is needed for most of Illea's attacks, she prefers these to regular ceros. She is able to create these quickly (lots of practice), and is talented at using them to corner her opponents

    *Descorrer Master- Illea is well versed at using Descorrer, able to use them in many ways, detailed below.

    *Sonido Expert- While no means the fastest, Illea is competent enough at Sonido to keep up with most other Espada. Illea normally uses Sonido in bursts, staying in one spot for several moments before continuing.

    Unique Abilities:

    Sangre de la Leprosa(Blood of the Leper)- A constant ability of Illea, her body is constantly riddled by disease, that eats away at her. The disease eats at the muscles, and causes fatigue, only barely overcome by her regeneration. Illea has learned to weaponize her blood however. Contact with her blood causes one to suffer the same disease, without her healing factor. It will start to eat away at the contact point, and will cause an intense fatigue. Low doses are not fatal however.

    Viana de Polilla (Sheath of Polilla)- The sheath for Polilla Vampira is actually the doll Illea is constantly hugging. The doll is unique in that the mouth contains a constant Garganta, with Illea's sword stored inside. Whenever Illea draws her sword, the doll disappears. Illea can also expand this Garganta more easily (and faster) than opening a new one if she should need to travel through it, or find another use for it.

    Caminante del Vacío(Walker of the Void)- Using a considerable force, Illea is able to rip open a much larger and longer lasting Garganta than with Descorrer. Illea is able to open it to the size of a Menos Grande, and have it last weeks.

    Muerte por el Muerto(Death by the Dead)- A final gambit attack, Illea swallows a Gran Rey Cero, building it inside her until her stomach literally explodes, releasing blood and disease all around the area with the cero. Of course, this attack incapicitates Illea, no matter how good her healing is, for at least a week.

    Arroyo de Cero (Stream of Cero)- Rather than firing a single blast as a cero, Illea releases a constant stream from a single cero, to wear down defenses, and break her opponents.

    Resurrección Appearance: Illea's most shocking change is the constant blood that comes from all over her body, turning her a dark crimson. Illea gains a fur collar around her neck, like that of a moths. She also gains a set of moth wings.

    Resurrección Release Command: Ahogar, Polilla Vampira.

    Illea literally eats her sword, crunching through it in a matter of bites. Illea will then start coughing up blood, with blood dripping down her whole body as she releases. She almost drowns on blood during this, choking on it.

    Ressurrección Abilities: The wings themselves create a powder that Illea can spread through the area. The powder carries her blood in a light crimson mist, that contaminate on contact

    Fonte Sangriento(Bloody Font)- The constant blood streaming off Illea creates a constant pool around her.

    Veinto(Breeze)- A strong flap of Illea's wings creates a blast of wind to knock back opponents.

    Cero de la Niebla (cero of the mist)- Kicking up a powder storm with her wings, Illea then fires a cero hidden inside the cloud at an opponent. The Cero will carry the powder it.

    Personality: Illea is a lonely girl who never really had the chance to be a kid like she wanted. She was sick as a human, and lethal as a hollow. Even now with the body of a girl, she knows she isn't anymore. She is wants to try and give it one more shot though. Illea tries her best to get along with the other Espada, and whenever she is well enough, she is trying to hangout with them, or be sickeningly nice to them. Her niceness doesn't extend to Soul Reapers, as he only remembers them as the scary people with swords who tried to kill her. Despite her love of 'play', if anyone agrees to it, she doesn't know what to do.

    Despite acting like a child, Illea is wiser than she lets on. She had to be to survive in Hueco Mundo for centuries. She knows conflict only ends with people getting hurt, and avoids it because of that, and tries to get others to avoid it as well. Even if other hollows treat her badly, its better than them dying around her, or at least, she wants to give it a try.

    History: As a human, Illea was a sickly child, who at a young age picked up leprosy. She was exiled from her home, and forced to live in a Leper Colony. She cried often, and missed her parents, but grew sicker and sicker. The only thing she had that kept her going was the friends she slowly started to gain... but she always lost them. The sickness of the camp made the entire place sick to the very soul, only the children had a fleeting joy in eachother. Eventually she grew too weak to even play with her friends, and passed away, asking to play with her friends one last time. Even in death, she refused wanting to play, and her soul wouldn't given up, eventually corrupting into a hollow. Her 'play' turned the entire camp into hollows as well, on earth. Eventually it became a feeding frenzy, and Illea, the one who only wanted to play, was left as the only hollow, being the strongest. Before a shinigami could stop her, she had become a Menos, made entirely of the sick, whose sickness ran to the very soul.

    The sick Menos though still wanted to play with its friends, even though it couldn't find them. She kept looking, even while being targeted by shinigami. Lack of control meant they were to be consumed to, becoming an Adjucha. Regaining her consciousness, Illea finally realized she was never going to find them. In despair, she retreated to Hueco Mundo, drawn by the hollowness of it all. Illea's body began to break down, the sick souls that comprised it wearing her down. Nothing would soothe the pain that came with it, and Illea could feel herself dying. In despair, she even hunted other hollows, becoming Vasto Lorde. Nothing helped. Making her way to a rare Oasis, Illea looked at her reflection. Near death, she wanted to see herself one last time, and removed her mask. At this time, her regeneration kicked in, and her own power managed to push the sickness back. Illea had became who she is now. She wandered the desert for centuries, looking for friends, finding them, and watching them die of the sickness she had.

    After a while, Illea had learned to control it, but had grown tired of finding new friends only for them to die, and so she played alone, with her zanpakuto becoming her only friend as a doll. She was empty, but at least she wasn't sad. It was in the wastelands that she was found and invited to the Espada. Reluctant, she knew somewhere that maybe that friends she wouldn't lose, and so the young girl accepted.

    *Offscreen, she's probably in bed.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Zuo Ci

    (surname first)

    Age: 1200 (appears 60)
    Gender: Male

    Division: 4th
    Rank: Lieutenant

    Accessories: Energy pills- these small pills energize those who swallow them, and while they do not restore Reiryoku, they allow users to ignore fatigue. They also cause one hell after 5 minutes.

    Zanpakutō Sealed Appearance: A small green tanto kept in Ci's sleeves. It is ominously costed in blood
    Zanpakutō Shikai Appearance: The only difference is Hīringu Shiv glows blue
    Shikai Abilities: Eh, whatever, Hīringu Shiv

    Hīringu Shiv is a healing type Zanpakuto that energizes the body into regenerating under its knife.

    Soothe, an aura that removes pain is emitted from the blade to stop the otherwise excruciating healing abilities. Ci never uses it on anyone else, he claims it tires him out.

    Kido Spells:
    {td=215x15} Hado{/td}
    {td=202x15} Bakudo{/td}
    {td=276x15} Combination{/td}
    {td=215x15}* Byakurai{/td}
    {td=202x15}*Arc Shield{/td}
    {td=276x15}#40 Dirk{/td}
    {td=215x15}* Sōkatsui{/td}
    {td=202x15}* Kyokkō{/td}
    {td=276x15} {/td}
    {td=215x15}* Shakkahō{/td}
    {td=202x15}* Hyapporankan{/td}
    {td=276x15}#75 Sakuyaku roddo{/td}
    {td=215x15}* Haien{/td}
    {td=202x15}* Geki{/td}
    {td=276x15}#60 Moeru ōra{/td}
    {td=215x15}* Tsuzuri Raiden{/td}
    {td=202x15}* Hōrin{/td}
    {td=276x15}#20 Denryū{/td}
    {td=215x15}* Shō{/td}
    {td=202x15}* Kakushitsuijaku{/td}
    {td=276x15} {/td}
    {td=215x15}* Daichi Tenyō{/td}
    {td=202x15}* Tenteikūra{/td}
    {td=276x15} {/td}
    {td=215x15} {/td}
    {td=202x15}* Seki{/td}
    {td=276x15} {/td}
    Custom Kido:

    Bakudo #30, Arc shield-
    A quick barrier spell from the hand, a small red arced barrier is created from the hand. It is only made to stop one attack, and it can be overwhelmed by powerful spells.

    Kido Combinations:
    * Hyapporankan & Shakkoho- Sakuyaku roddo

    Ci infuses each rod with an explosive spell, causing them to detonate on impact.
    * Geki & Haien-Moeru ōra
    After drawing the symbols, a burning aura engulfs the opponent, causing them paralysis and severe burns
    * Horin & Tsuzuri Raiden- Denryū
    Running Electricity through Horin, Ci has an electric Whip.
    * Arc Shield & Byakurai- Dirk
    Blocking an incoming attack with Arc shield, Ci then shots a Byakurai straight through the crumbling shield with Byakurai.


    *Kido master- the entire reason Ci is a Lieutenant, he is able to effortlessly weave and combine kido. Ci is never a fan of larger kido, and anything over 70 requires an incantation.
    **Kido combination- Ci prefers to combine Hado and Bakudo
    **Kaidō Expert- Sadly, Ci is good at healing others with healing kido. How much effort he'll put forth is another question however.
    *Lots of experience- in his long years, Ci has seen things.

    Personality: Ci loves nothing more than a good laugh, unfortunately nothing is funnier than the misfortunes of others to Ci, which is why he is so happy to be in his division. He proudly has the title of the biggest jackass in the Seireiti. Messing with people is the fastest way he's found to get the reactions he wants, and so he does, often claiming to be just an old man with dementia. It is also his first route of excusing his actions.

    Ci enjoys his division, and while he is (sadly) very good at his job, he probably has more malpractice deaths than most 2nd division agents have assassinations. Ci tries to keep it to a 1 in 25 ratio. He also welcomes any bullying towards his squad, as 'everyone has to see the Doctor sometime.' That, and few people do it better than he does.

    Ci's constant laugh searching however means he never really put the effort needed to become a captain, and he probably never will.

    History: Zuo Ci was raised in an extremely prominent clan in the Seireiti, a noble family with all the perks that could spoil a boy. He never really had any trauma or problems in the safe heaven that was the Seireiti nobility. He decided it was boring, nothing ever happened, and so he enlisted to become a shinigami.

    Zuo's talent became apparent, kido was his forte, his only forte, and so he was put into the Kido corps for many years, more years than most shinigami have been alive. However, after an investigation, where a portal team suddenly went missing, Ci was suddenly a suspect in the case. While it was never proven, the result was appearant, that Ci had tampered with the portal for kicks and giggles, and caused it to suck all members of the team into the dangai. With growing suspicion on him, and multiple attempts on his life, Ci decided it was probably time to transfer to an actual division. He made it into the 4th division, figuring it to be the coziest.

    Ci for the first time in his life put effort into training, and spent most of his time learning Kaido and Bakudo. Eventually his mastery of these new skills, alongside his already mastered Hado allowed Ci to see new sides to Kido that many shinigami hadn't, and he began to combine them. It seemed a promising time for him. Accusations came back to him about the incident in the Dangu, but without evidence, it began to quiet down. While applying himself, Ci quickly grew to become Lieutenant. Ci became cozy in his position, and stayed their for hundreds of years. With the suspicion dying down, and Ci becoming one of the older soul reapers, suspicion dissipated, and with it, his effort to advance. He was happy where he was, and stayed that.
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