Gangster's Brutal Pity

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  1. John cried out just before a gag was put into his mouth, the gag kept his mouth open wide. He struggled in the chains he was in as someone shoved themselves into him, causing him to scream in pain. He felt tears prick his eyes as someone pushed into his mouth and began fucking his mouth and then his throat, causing him to gag. He let out a yeowl as the person fucking him, pulled on his tail. His nails elongated and he shoved them into the foot of the one fucking his mouth. He earned a scream and then a punch to the face and a kick in the side, which caused one of his ribs to crack. He screamed once again his side began to swell up.

    "Look what you idiots did?! You broke his ribs!" a harsh voice said, slapping the one who had kicked the neko in the ribs. "Ow.... but boss he stabbed my foot with his nails," the man said. "So?! You clip them you dumbass!" he yelled once more, slapping the guy once more. "I've got to admit boss, this fuckers tight," the one still fucking the neko in the ass. "I'm glad your enjoying him, he was boring me," he said casually, pulling John's head up by his hair. Alex smirked at the neko boy, slapping him hard in the face.
  2. [​IMG] Auburn Reed (23)

    She had been busy of late, she had not had the time to give to her brother and she knew his feelings would be hurt. But truthfully her small business was taking up most of her time and energy. She ran her fingers through her long orange and red tinged hair, she removes her glasses and rubs her temples. Maybe she should see her brother in a week or so... maybe she could swing that. If she did not visit him soon he would merely grow angrier and do something stupid

    Raul, Alexanders second in command, watches from the corner. He was a quiet man and just liked to watch... usually. But if he did get involved he was the worst of them all. Sadist to the core, cold and calculating. He was the steady pistol to their leaders holster. Loyal to the core, he grins amused at both the nekos pain and the pain of his fellow gang member
  3. Alexander steps back as the lower ranked of his gang go and have their fun with his toy. He leans next to Raul and gets a serious face. "Hows my sister's business doing?" he asked. He knew his sister was busy and unknown to her, he was always watching over her, even if she had no clue as to why or how. He made sure, no one messed with her little business, no one. He also knew she was so busy with it, that she couldn't come visit him, which did make him angry, and he took out on John most of the time.

    John was crying now as he was raped anally and orally. He cried out when one of them came on his back, the stick mess making his skin crawl. He whimpered when another one pushed into him, raping him as well. He gasped as the one fucking his mouth, pushed all the way into his throat and came down it. When the man pulled out John coughed and spat all the cum out, receiving a punch in the stomach.
  4. Raul arched a brow and pushed his glasses up, " she isn't doing so well financially. Just a rough spot in the economy. If she works hard enough she will push through and survive but life can;t be easy for our red headed princess right now Alex" he had known the siblings for years, gone through foster care with the brother.... the sister would sneak away from the father to visit. Bruises on her cheeks, tears in her eyes, but she would always do this to see her older brother. She had loved her brother more then her parents ever would have. She always made time and sacrifices for him. Even if she couldn't be here now, Raul understood how important she was
  5. Alex nodded his head. "Have some of our clients invest in her business, I don't want her dream to fail. She's had enough of that," he said to Raul, before looking back at the neko. He had no remorse towards the kid. He got what he deserved for trying to steal from him. He let his gang have their fun, reminding them not to cum in his ass and not to break his bones. He was going to go for a drive. He usually did this to clear his mind.

    John was still fighting as best as he could but with his body completely tied up, he had little to no room to move. He was getting sick to his stomach from all this and he would pass out soon enough if they kept hitting and raping him.
  6. He nods " no problem man, when they're done with him want him put in your bed?" he tilts his head, he always made sure that Alex got what he needed. In an hour or so if he wanted the Neko in his bed he would be thrown into Alex's bed and if not into a cold metal cage
  7. "Yeah, just make sure he's cleaned up. I don't want cum on my bed. If you want you can use him until I get back," he said to Raul. He said his goodbye's as he left, taking his bike out to the cliffs where he usually went to relax. He had been really angry as of late, and he was taking it out through work. He needed to see his sister to finally calm down.
  8. He nods and waves the men off him before grabbing by his hair and dragging him to the corner and sprayed him with cold water from a hose. He the puts him on his knees and spreads him shoving brutally into him. He would hurt more then anyone else, blood would drip from the boys rear before he sprayed off again then thrown in Alexs bed
  9. John was still crying and he screamed when Raul thrusted into him painfully. His body emanated pain and his ass hurt like no other. He was glad to be able to relax for a moment, even if that meant he would be used once more Alex. He was bruised up badly and his ribs, now bound so they wouldn't set wrong, ached like crazy. He wondered if he would ever be able to leave. He wasn't even the one who had stolen anything. It was his twin, who left him here to rot.

    Alex sighed and sat in his car for a while before calling his sister to see how she was doing, even though he had somewhat of an idea already.
  10. Auburn hears the phone ring and she smiles and answers " Alex! Hey, im sorry I haven't been to visit lately... No I'm fine, the store is fine, times are just not what they used to be" she smiles into the receiver and there is genuine love in her voice while she talks to him " I'll try to visit in a few days alex"
  11. Alex had visible relaxed as he heard her voice and heard the genuine love in her voice. "That sounds good to me. You know you can always ask me for anything and I'll do everything in my power to make it happen," he said softly. He spoke to her for a few more hours and when he hung up with her, he felt better. He started his car and drove back, parking his car and heading inside. He could see that John had a rough night. He smirked and slapped the little neko hard to wake him up.

    John jolted awake and looked into Alex's eyes. The gag in his mouth was hurting his jaw so much but he knew his gag wouldn't come out. He whimpered and tried to wriggle away from Alex.

    Alex chuckled and pulled the neko over and onto his back. He forced three fingers into Johns bottom, feeling how sore he really was. He smirked though and kept doing that, wanting John to get horny against his will. John blushed and yelped when the fingers went into him. He began crying and his member began getting hard. He didn't want it to feel good but it did, more then he thought it would.
  12. She smiles, being able to talk with her brother did her good as well and she hummed finishing her chores and headed to bed. She loved him with every ounce of her being! She smiles and is soon asleep unaware of anything else but her own momentary bliss
  13. John cried through it all as he was groped and the raped, but what was the worse thing is that Alex forced him to cum. "Why are you crying? You know you like it you whore," he said harshly, pulling John onto the ground and cumming on his face.
  14. She eventually woke and packed her bag to visit her brother. She'd head over later tonight for a surprise visit
  15. Alex had left John on the floor of his bed, having gone to sleep. He woke early and took a shower, a few guys coming in and dragging John away and into his cage. He sighed and got dressed. He went about his day and worked all day. He called Raul and asked where his sister was and what were her plans for the day, if he knew or not. He never asked how or why, but Raul always knew what he needed to know.
  16. He responds that she is at work and appears to be going to a small cafe for lunch. She seems in a better mood. Like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She wouldn't arrive until 8 that night
  17. "Alright, keep me updated," he said before hanging up with Raul. He sighed after a long day of work. He needed to relax, and what better way then to fuck his new bitch. He goes to Johns cage, flicking the lights on and looking down at the barely fed neko. He grabs the chain that connected to the nekos collar and pulled him to the front of the cage. He opened the cage and forced him to walk on his hands and knees up the cold hard stairs and through the building up to Alex's room. Once there Alex picked him up by the collar, chocking him slightly, and forced his body to lean over the bed. Alex smirked and smacked Johns ass, smiling at the yelp that was muffled by the gag.

    John was crying again now, knowing Alex was going to force him to like this. He whimpered when Alex ran his nails over the now red flesh and then over his cock, causing his body to shiver.
  18. He nods, "of course Alex" he leans back and runs his fingers through his hair. He yawns and watches her return home, he waves the boys to make sure they watch the sister and he goes into his room to crash with a yawn. He would not wake for a few hours. He worked himself to the bone for his crew and he needed some sort of rest.

    Auburn smiles and folds the sweatshirt she had bought her brother and wraps it in bright paper, she felt bad for not seeing him and she was going to make it up to him. She puts it in the basket with a bottle of red wine and his favorite sweet.... she smiles. She would shower and then visit him
  19. Alex had begun fucking his new pet, slow and hard, the gag in Johns mouth gone and the room was filled with pleas and moans. John was begging him to stop but he couldn't stop the moaning that filled his body. He could feel the last shred of his mind finally snap. His body was now in control and he ground back into each of Alex's thrusts. His begging changed, now John was begging Alex to please fuck him harder. "Thats a good slut, you like having cock in your ass don't you?" Alex grunted out. John nodded his head furiously. "Yes! I love cock in my slutty ass! Please give me more," he begged with a lusty moan, his eyes glazed over and his cheeks dusted in a blush.
  20. She gets in her car and smiles humming, her red curls bouncing as she comes to the door, the members know her and let her in informing her of her brothers location and she smiles and goes upstairs knocking on his door and then entering a few seconds later, "Hey Alex! I got some time off and I brought you a gift... sorry I have been so busy lately I-" she stops eyes widening
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