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  1. Simple plotting/interest Check. This is a "historical" but not "historically accurate" RP. I don't really have a story put together so if anyone is interested and has an Idea, PM me. So far, I've only come up with the crime families and a fictional location.

    City: The fictional city of "Metropolis" is a 1930's style city in Illinois, not far from Chicago. The world will be exactly like Earth during the 1930's and most everything will be historical in the sense of technology and development, but names of significant figures will be changed and the events going on around your characters will be fabricated as well.

    Gambino family: The largest Bootlegging outfit in the city. They muscled their way to the top of the bootlegging world by taking out other smaller families, and taking over most of the harbor areas in Metropolis, but not all of them. It is believed that they are in negotiations with the Guiseppe family.

    Guiseppe family: The second largest bootlegging outfit in the city. they were too large for the Gambinos to take over, but there is word that the Guiseppe family and the Gambino family have been negotiating. Whether this is for peace or for backstabbing, only the families know.

    Merlino family: A prominent racketeering organization. They offer "protection" to some of the largest corporations in the city. They are usually not at war with any other families over territory, but the racketeering business can get very dangerous. The Boss of the Merlino family is close with the boss of the Guiseppe family.

    Belago family:
    A new family in the city, they are trying their hand at small time racketeering and bootlegging. They are usually under the radar because of their small size and they don't currently threaten any of the other families. Their boss is known to be from Chicago, once an under boss of the infamous Scarfo family.

    Derringer family: This family is small, but they have their act together. They have successfully robbed multiple banks and gotten away with it, clean. The police are constantly investigating their whereabouts, next move, and doing anything they can to catch them. So far, the police are clueless, meaning the Derringer family is the family to see for a loan. Bank robbing keeps the cash coming in, and interest payments on loans are currently almost as profitable as robbing one bank a month.

    If you'd like to be a member of one of these families, or any position of higher status (including boss), reply with which family and why. Also if you have any plot ideas, please PM me. Thanks and I hope we can enjoy this together!