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Are you going to comment you interest below, ask questions and keep me from dying alone? :D

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  3. Yes, but I'm not so sure about this. I need more information.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Welcome to Ergastulum. The city is already rife with racial tension between the Twilight's and human beings, now a new party comes in to play, looking to start the war that has been brewing for decades. When the time comes, who side will you be on?

    - No shame whatsoever, I'm in love with the anime--Gangsta and while the plot bunnies are gnawing away at my brain I decided that it'd be a great time to start up a RPG. There won't be any characters from canon in this plot, well keep the same basis--the gangs, the handy men and so forth, but it will all be composed of original characters.

    -Players will be allowed to have two characters maximum.

    -Rankings will be limited.

    -Compensations will be randomly assigned. (Evil cackle) <,< How does that sound? Would it make it more interesting if I randomly assigned everyone's compensation or nah?

    -There will be four Twilight handymen Max, 2 additional human ones.

    -There will be a guild named by whomever decides that they want to run it.

    -There will be three additional mafia families, one at the very least MUST distribute celeber.


  2. This sounds pretty cool.
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  3. Great! Tell the world so more people will stop by
  4. Oh my GAWD YESSS!!! I love Gangsta! I'm in!!
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    Tell all your buddies! xD
  6. So should I randomize the compensations or nah?
  7. Yessss!!!!
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