Gangs and Super Powers; Welcome to Rogues Gallery

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  1. Everyone thought it was the end when the Freaks showed up; people with extraordinary abilities that far surpassed the limits of human capability. Everyone knew it was the end when the world’s governments militarized these individuals to fight on the battlefield, sparking a world war and resulting in an event known as The Fall of the First World.

    Countries fell to pieces, leaving its citizens grasping for some form of order in a now chaotic environment. Most stayed to try and build back up what they had lost, but many others fled their homelands in order to find new beginnings. In the past people would travel across the seas to find refuge; today, they would travel to the seas themselves, building water bound colonies in an area that humanity had yet to ravage.

    Enter Freecoast, a city-state formed around a dilapidated theme park on the high seas of the northern pacific ocean. But remember, there are no laws on the high seas; most of the ocean colonies are hives of crime, and Freecoast is no exception. Over the years a plethora of criminal syndicates have rooted themselves into positions of power, and all of them have resorted to using Freaks to get what they want; which could very well cause a relapse in history and crumble the foundations of these colonies right down to the bottom of the oceans they stand on.

    And so the Agency Against Gangsters and Freaks was formed, an organization dead set on eradicating crime and power inclined humans from the face of the earth; no matter the cost. You are a Freak, and the double A-G-F is knocking down Freecoast’s door, looking to genocide you whether you’re working with or against the gangs.

    In a last ditch effort to stop this, an enigmatic individual has formed the Rogues Gallery, a Freak friendly team intent on proving that they deserve the right to exist despite their past transgressions. It just so happens that you’ve received an invitation to join this movement. So are you gonna just lie there and die, or fight for your right to life?


    First off, thanks for viewing this thread, and welcome to Rogues Gallery! Basically, my whole idea for this RP is Saints Row and Crackdown with superpowers and a nautical undertone. (And you can also attribute the abandoned theme park element to Fallout 4’s upcoming DLC Nuka World) In fact, I’m actually adapting a fused map of Stilwater and Steelport from Saints Row as Freecoast. (But don’t let that one out, I’m not drawing up a whole new map from scratch and that makes me a lazy heathen, I know) Right now I’m about halfway done with editing the map and writing up bio’s for the various districts we’ll be visiting, and I also still need to come up with the criminal element we’ll be encountering too, though I’d like to at least see if anyone’s interested in this idea before I go all gung ho on worldbuilding.

    As a member of the Rouges Gallery, we’ll be forming a super powered team of criminals and vigilantes (Thanks @Azarthes) a la Suicide Squad, performing various missions that the founder of the team doles out to try and stop the blood tide of the double A-G-F; which could mean bringing down either them or the gangs, depending on who the larger threat to the city is. As for player numbers, I’m thinking somewhere from 6 to 10 would be fine, though I’m willing to go a bit higher if enough interest is shown. I’m also looking for a Co-GM to help with everything that needs to be done to get this thing running, so if you’d like to help me further develop this game, send me a PM and we’ll talk further on the subject.
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  2. I'm half asleep but I will be looking this over when I wake up. This looks good so far but will read it clearer when I am not half dead XD. Night for now.
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  3. Loving the idea, I'm down to join.
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  4. You can count me in as interested.
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  5. I'm very much interested. ♥ *Sparkle sparkle*
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  6. Lots of Pink XD. I love it.

    And @Gomorrah I read everything and I love it, I will look through my list of friends and tag some peeps later^^
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  7. ♥ Haha, thanks! c; I'm obsessed with it pretty much.
  8. Yeah, I'm obsessed with Green and Red XD.
  9. Cool, cool! The more the merrier.

    And to everyone else, thanks for showing interest!
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  10. I'd be down to join if you're okay with it, this kind of setting is one of my favorites.
  11. Oh boi this looks cool, been looking for something like this.
  12. Glad to have you guys! Your interest is welcome!

    Also, a bit of an update in the form of the status of the map. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, prob gonna have to make it bigger by the looks of how small it's showing up on here. But basically the linework represents districts and colored borders represent gang territory, with white being unaffiliated. Most of that white's gonna be filled in with color once I get a better idea on how I'm setting up the city, but some of it will remain the same.


    Also, still looking for a Co-GM. Just putting that out there.
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  13. Super interested in this ^_^
  14. youre welcome
  15. I'm interested, keeping an eye on things and ideas because super tired and need to go back to sleep.
    ((EDIT)) If you need a co-GM I think I Might be able to manage.
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  16. This looks like a smart and playful concept with supers; I always appreciate that combination. So it sounds like you're in the process of world building and plot development right now? If so I'm happy to help if you're in need of creative input, but I'd stop short of a Co-GM role. I'm tied up in my own projects atm.
  17. That map is amazing and if I didn't have a lot to handle in rl I would be a co-gm but right now I can only be a player in the rp.
  18. Yo, here's me showing interest. What kinda posting speed are you gonna want for this?

    By the way, how excited are you to take control of your own raider gang later this month? I've been waiting for it since The Pitt.
  19. I'm not gonna be too strict on posting speed, so a few posts a week. But if we get into a rhythm where it's more frequent, that's fine too.

    And fuck, I'm super excited to get ahold of Nuka World next Tuesday. I've always preferred playing as bad guys and anti-hero's in games, so I'm hoping we'll get a good taste of that in the choices we can make. I've already sort of roleplayed my character's descent into madness so they'll fit right in. Also, if we can actually just populate out settlements with raiders... that's gonna be amazing. Oh, and I hope we get a really cool raider companion in this DLC. Cait was cool, but she kinda turned a new leaf after her questline.
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  20. A few per week doesn't sound bad to me.

    Oh man, having actual raiders would be fantastic. On one of my two raider characters, I used the Conquest mod to setup a nice little base in a trailer park. The inhabitants -look- like raiders.. Clean raiders.. But seeing "Settler" as their names and hearing how tame they are makes it hard to see them as the baddies we know and love. I would absolutely love a raider companion. If I can't romance them [which is likely the case, if they even exist], I will be disappoint.

    The base I built is great, by the way. Enemies are perplexed by my fence/wall and don't seem to understand how to go around to one of the few doors or gates. A lot of the time, they just run away when they get close enough for my guys to shoot at them.
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