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My name is Carlos Fuentes, and for the past ten years I have woken up every day at six in the morning, before the sun had even begun to peak over the horizon, and got dressed up in a suit and tie. I walked out the doors of my empty appartment and worked. I've worked hard the last ten years, and even as the new CEO Harper Gem Inc, I still found my life empty, almost like i was still running from my past. . . .

Carlos blinked angrilly at the cieling as his alarm clock began to squak against his left temple sending a pounding ache thumping through his head all the way to his eye's. He brought his fist down hard on the alrm clock, effectively killing the unearthly squack emmenating from it as well as drawing out a small almost unnoticeable crack. He grit his teeth running a rough hand over his face letting out a sigh. Lazilly he pulled his feet over the side of the bed, hessitating long enough to say "Come on Carlos. Another day another dollar. Vamanos!" With that his day kick started and it wasn't long before he was showered shaved and dressed up in a $700 suit and tiew with a cup of coffee in one hand and a suitcase in the other.

Carlos arrived at work exactly eighteen mnutes early for work like he had every day for the last ten years, slipping his way through security and making hsi way to his private elevator. When the inevitable ding of arriving at his office finally arrived he exited the elevator to the delightful pleasure of his secretary (________), who had been earlier to work then even him and almost as if instinctively his entiere posture softened. He no longer walked like a stoic buisnessman, he walked like a man who wasn't afraid of anything. As he passed (________) desk he grinned wide before saying "Hola Chica." knowing full well she didn't speak any spanish and she hated it when he did that.


Ok so that was the introduction to the rp Idea basic information Buisness CEO with dark past falls in love with his secretary who in turn get's swept up into his dangerouse past when it come knocking again. ^__^ Let me know what you think!
Not open for further replies.