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  1. There are two small gangs in the city of Venice, Italy. The Reds and the Lupi (Wolves) are constantly at each others' throats, fighting for territory in the floating city. Both sides are thieves, stealing from anyone or any place in their territory, but both crave more power over the other.

    The Reds
    The Reds wear red bandanas on their persons, some even have red tattoos or dye their hair red, to proclaim their loyalty. They are outgoing, loud, and like to have fun. They'll hit a place in broad daylight and come away laughing. They mess around a lot, but they can be ruthless when it comes to enemies of the gang. They control the western side of the city. Their base of operations is an abandoned warehouse.

    The Lupi (Wolves)
    The Lupi are more reserved than the Reds, prefering to stick to the dark of night when they work. They favor black clothing over anything else and most of them have a wolf's paw print tattoo on their right cheek. While the have unwavering loyalty to each other and their 'pack', they are much colder to outsiders than the Reds. They control the eastern side of the city. Their base of operations lays within the shadowed halls of a towering Cathedral.

    This will be between the Reds and the Lupi. The limits is one character for each gang. You're all thieves, and you pickpocket, shop lift, or just rob from any where within your gang's territory. You can start a heist or fight at any time, but it's mainly character development.

    Well, what do you think?