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  1. Hello there! I'm new to the website and I haven't been role playing that long like other awesome people on this site. However, I really like role playing and improving on my writing. I basically decided to start a jump in roleplay because I love when people join and have fun. Also, I'm super bad at making up plots and I like when people help me out on it.

    So, this roleplay is about a girl who has abnormal strength and is the leader of a gang. However, her looks and personality contradicts it, since she is a SUPER sweet girl and her cuteness doesn't help either. She is the only girl in the gang so far. Suddenly a new rival appears and threatens to take over as the gang's new leader, but the members try everything they can to keep the girl as their leader.

    I don't. that is what I have right now. I'm not really good at fighting scenes but I REALLY, REALLY want to improve on that and that is why I'm pushing myself to do this plot. However if anyone wants to add something or suggest something the plots is open and so am I, to take it. Anyone interested, I will be posting an IC thread with my post and you can respond to it.
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  2. I hope you don't mind me jumping in (and taking the spot of second in command)~ It's rare that I roleplay in Jump-In Roleplays and this seemed to be really interesting.

    Oh, and welcome to Iwaku~! ^^ Even though you joined Thursday.
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  3. I don't mind at all. To be honest I was starting to doubt myself and was thinking of deleting the thread. I don't usually start a thread like this since I consider myself being horrible at making plots on my own yet I wanted to give it a try at least. I am SUPER happy that you found it interesting. Yet, I don't know if I should leave it as a jump in RP or if I should make it a 1x1 RP... Or maybe is me being to impatient... I don't know, what do you think?

    Thanks by the way!!!
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  4. I know the feeling. I'm not that good with creating plots, either and usually don't create my own roleplays (it's super, super rare). But, um, it's up to you about where it should go. If you don't mind waiting a bit longer to see if anyone else shows interest, then leaving it as a Jump-In is a good decision. But, if you're find with just little ol' me, then it can be a 1x1 c:
  5. I'm going to wait a bit more and see if anyone else joins, If nobody else shows interest then I think the two of us can make it work. :3
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  6. So, I tried making a banner to advertise RP, what do you think??

  7. It's really good~! I like it c:
  8. Before I "jump-in" do you really require the character sheet? Just wanted to ask.
  9. @un coin de soleil I prefer if you do one but it is not required. However, if you are not going to do one at least post a picture of your character so we can know how it looks.

    @Kitsune Thanks!!
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  10. Should I make this a Group RP or leave it as a Jump-In RP?
  11. Your choice. :3

    Currently writing my intro.
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  12. I'll leave it as a Jump-In since I really don't have a very well thought out concept/plot. I'm thinking of letting it develop as we go. Thanks for encouraging the plot and finding it interesting at least. x3
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  13. Oh no, I find a very vague plot the most interesting. Gives us more wiggle space. :D
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  14. Hey, would it be okay if I jumped in to the Rp?
  15. Cool, I will post soon.
  16. I'll post a villain as soon as I am not sick
  17. Sure not a problem. Sorry to hear that you are sick, hope you feel better soon. Thanks by the way!
  18. Can I jump in?? ^_^
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