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  1. Gang Members Have Lives Too
    (Modern I Comedy I Romance I Drama I Action I Adventure)
    IC: Gang Members Have Lives Too! |

    Rosedale High School is a usual high school in almost every way except to certain students that attend the school. These certain students are actually part of a gang, which usually does whatever they want. They are known, though nothing is done about them. They never seem to get into any trouble and rule the school and the town.

    Even though outsiders of the gang are afraid of these certain students, in school and out of school they do not know the truth about many of them. Who they are, what their lives are like and what they like. However, the members in the gang are like family or other types of relationships to each other. What everyone doesn’t know is what actually goes on in the lives of the gang members, what they like to do together and that they actually joke around quite a lot with each other

    • This rp is about the lives and friendships of the gang members.
    • You can have as many characters as you want and can handle.
    • You can be as creative with your characters are you want.
    • Friendships, romances and friendly rivalries are allowed and encouraged.
    • Please let me know if you have to/want to drop out of the rp, try not to just disappear.
    • If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

    Character sheetName: (Order: First, Last)
    Nickname: (If applicable)
    Role in gang:
    (specific: Girlfriend/Boyfriend, siblings, close friends) (Can be figured out later/discussed)
    (voice actor/actress, live actress/actor)
    Theme song:
    Hair color:
    Eye color:

    Characters in RPNatsume Tanaka
    Cassius Sterling
    Hildegarde Berfalk
    Quentin Connels
    Kobato Tachibana
    Avalon Shea
    Naomi Miles
    Madeline Miles

    Luca Carson
    Remi Yamada
    Nicolas Herbert
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  2. My Character: Natsume Tanaka
    Height: 5’9" | Weight: 120lbs | Hair color: Dark Brown | Eye color: Brown

    Name: Natsume Tanaka

    Nickname: “The Demonic Angel”

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Role in gang: Gang Leader

    Crush: (To be determined after more characters come)

    Relationships: Natsume treats everyone in the gang like family because that all mean a great deal to her.

    Personality: Natsume doesn’t listen to authority; rather she does what she wants. She is actually quite smart but chooses not to care too much about school because it is boring and too simply to her. Considering her leadership role, she is a strong leader in many ways such as a good speaker to her members as well as surprisingly very physically strong despite her tall yet thin stature. She’s rebellious and can be very dangerous if needed. She can get a temper, but she usually is cool and level headed on the outside unless provoked to show her temper. While most of the time she passes as a cool badass kind of character, she can be more sensitive and caring towards her gang members who learn that she can be more venerable and clumsy than she lets on.

    Bio: Natsume’s parents never paid much attention to her. They were usually always busy with work so the girl had to take care of herself at a very young age. But that led to her acting up to get their attention, which in the end got her in trouble, spending a lot of time stuck in her room as punishment. During that time she needed something to do; she learned many skills to pass the time which help her be the leader that she has become. After she became old enough, the girl moved out of her parents’ house and got herself her own apartment.

    -Rock music
    -Secretly love of animals

    -Going to classes
    -Bugs (A surprising cliché considering who she is)

    Voice: Colleen Clinkenbeard (Erza Scarlet)

    Theme song: Up in Flames by Icon for Hire

    -Eats a lot of lollipops.
    -Can play guitar and piano.
    -Very good at fighting.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Faith terik

    Nickname: "The shadowseeker"

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Role in gang: Gathers intelligence on nearby threats

    Crush: (Will establish with more characters)


    They are been working together to get intel for while. Are partners and specialize in enemy territories.

    Personality: Faith is definitely not afraid to jump in the middle of a gun fight (Which is probably a bad thing) but if it means giving aid to the people she loves, it's not a sacrifice, it's a heroic act. If you haven't guessed, Faith is very bold and daring, and she doesnt hold kindly to people thinking of males as being higher than females.

    Bio: Faith is known as "The shadowseeker". This is mostly because she lurks in the shadows and gathers intel on any possible threat. Not only that, but she just loves gossip. Anything that could impact the gang, rather it be positive or negative, Faith will know. She has eyes and ears everywhere, tech designed to record when certain keywords are said, and the whole crew to back her up.


    Random drama
    Dumb arguments
    People with big egos


    Trina Nishimura (Mikasa Akerman-Attack on Titan)

    Theme song: Centuries-Fall out boy


    Weight: 135 lbs

    Hair color: brown

    Eye color: brown
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  4. Sakura Komatsu

    Height: 5'2 Weight: 115
    Role in gang:
    The Hacker
    (Need a fake I.D., forged papers, erased record, changed info, etc? She got you.)
    Sassy, wise cracky, and just a general pain in the ass.
    Often one to crack a joke at someone else's expense and more then just a little eccentric.
    She's not exactly the most normal egg in the carton but she certainly grows on you.
    ...Once you get used to her.
    It was a bright March morning when she first greeted the world for the first time. It was ironic because she ended up hating March, and the morning for the rest of her life. From a very young age she decided she'd much rather be inside, because the bad things only happened to her on the outside. Things...never changed. She got hobbies with computers and music and not necessarily family friendly things. Her life isn't really interesting, that or she's pretty secretive about it. Eh, she's so paranoid who knows?
    +Internet Memes
    +NSFW Comics
    +Carrot Cake
    Kenzie (Natalie Lander)

    Theme Song:

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  5. I just realized that the link for my theme song was actually the link to her picture. It should be correct now.
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. Well anyway, thanks for fixing it. :D
  7. No problem. XD
  8. Cas
    5'6" | 129 lbs | Light Baby Blue | Light Baby Blue

    Cassius Sterling




    Role in gang:
    'The Killer'
    × He usually does all of the dirty work: fights, murders, etc. ×

    Luca Carson ~ 'Lulu', as he likes to call him (despite how much Luca hates it), and him have known each other for a while. A bit before he joined the gang, actually. They instantly clicked and were inseparable after spending some time together. It took even longer for them to admit their feelings for each other. Cassius enjoys being around Luca, which is obvious to anyone and everyone who sees them. Even though he's ready to take things further, he knows how hesitant Luca is, so he'll wait patiently for him until he's ready, no matter how long it takes.

    × Madeline Miles ~ They have similar jobs and happen to get along with one another. They are usually sent out together to take care of "suspicious" people. He likes to refer to her as his Partner in Murder and can't imagine doing such things with anyone else.

    Cassius doesn't have the personality of a killer. In fact, he's quite a bubbly individual. He happens to have a very optimistic mindset and never recognizes the negative side of things. When a situation is becoming too gloomy to bear, he tries his best to cheer everyone up as best as he can. You can always see him with a smile upon his face, no matter what situation. He is very caring and loyal to his gang members for they're like family to him. He would do anything for any of the members without a second thought or a moment of hesitation. That being said, Cas is also very protective of them and will snap if any harm, mentally or physicslly, came to them. While he is bouncy and energetic, he also has a calm deposition. He can be silent at times and just become lost in his thoughts, but that's usually when he is alone. Unfortunately, Cassius happens to have one of the worst tempers, so, when he snaps, he does a whole 360 of his personality. His rage is like the calm before the storm. The calm being his attitude and the storm being his actions. He happens to be eerily quiet when he's very angry and has an aura of murderous intent. Most try to stay away when he's in this state. It takes a while for him to calm down and bounce back to his happy-go-lucky self. When he's frustrated or irritated and not necessarily angry, glaring, yelling, and name-calling ensues.

    Cassius had been trained to be a killer for as long as he could remember. With assassins for parents, they didn't hesistate to teach him everything they could once he started walking and talking. It began around the age of four or five. Because of how intelligent he is and observant, they believed that he would turn out to be a wonderful assassin, just like them. So, he would train and go on missions, not having anything between. By the time he was 12, he had seen and done things that other kids his age hadn't. To him, it was normal. It was his life. He didn't have any friends as he grew up ("Assassins don't need friends," his parents would say), so he didn't know that what he was doing was morally wrong and his parents said nothing about it either. When he was 14, both of his parents had died during a mission. The same one since they went together. His life began to crumble as his grandmother took him in, clueless to the cause of his parents' deaths or what they even did for a living. He's been living with her ever since. It wasn't until he hit the age of 15 that he found out about the gang that he's currently apart of. It was his first group of friends and they had accepted him with open arms. He was excited about the prospect of finally having friends. What was even better is that they didn't judge him for his upbringing and even made use of his skills, which made him feel like his parents didn't die in vain. Life began to brighten up once more for him as he spent more and more time with the gang and he couldn't have asked for anything more.

    + Books
    + Laughter
    + Music
    + Silence
    + Gang Members
    + English
    + Cats
    + Strawberries

    - Bugs
    - Every other subject (that's not English)
    - Heights
    - Loud noises
    - Fear
    - Carrots
    - Being Underestimated
    - Crowded Places/Large Crowds

    Brina Palencia
    'Miharu Rokujou' (Nabari no Ou)

    Theme song:

    × Allergic to bees.
    × Allergic to pollen.
    × Will fight people over strawberries, especially if it's his.
    × Can play drums.
    × Has quick reflexes.
    × Has 4 older siblings (all girls). Youngest out of the 5.
    × Bisexual (leans a bit more towards males).

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  9. @Justaddnutts, @Kitsune, let me know when you got your characters done so I can check them out and accept them.
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  10. Hildegarde Berfalk


    "It's a mouthful, but you better get it right."
    Hildegarde Berfalk

    "Ha? Is my name that difficult to remember?"


    "Hm~ It definitely feels good to be at the top in school."

    Role in Gang
    "Honestly, I wish there was a cooler name for this."
    The Racer

    "I've got more important things to worry about in life."

    "Hm? Everyone else?"

    Faith Terik
    "Ah. The Creepy-Crawler? Hehe, someone I'm used to seeing everyday, and everytime I'm trying to crawl around the 'Deep Dark'. She's got good taste in movies, so we're pretty close in and out of our regular duties together." [Partner's sometimes when running through non-neutral territories - or they've been crawling together for some time, making them regular friends.]

    Sakura Komatsu
    "I ... She ... She's very good at what she does, and she isn't some finger sucking, stuttering pussy sitting behind a screen. I mean ... she's saved my ass a few ti - No! I didn't get caught! Fuck you!" *Hilda runs off the screen, camera attempts to follow, but eventually the screen fades to black* [Sakura is also known to be trying to supply Hilda with some very special reading matierals, not that the green haired girl ever really takes them. Some exceptions have been made, and will remain a secret.]

    Quentin Connels
    "Hm. He's a bit quiet that one, but he's still balls deep in the gang, so he ought to know when and how to have a good time, you get me? And he's definitely not just some nerd or stick in the mud, he's smart, and he knows how to get me in and out of places quickly." [Hilda often comes up to Quentin, asking for blueprints or places that need to be explored and mapped out for future reference. Planning before the storm is often a great strategy, or at least a fall back, to have, you know.]

    Remi Yamada
    "An oddball. Sadly I don't know her well, but I've brought back her shit from time to time, I mean, riding out the edge of the city was definitely fun, especially with new dipshits to race against." [Hilda may sometimes transport some imported items, making the time of arrival earlier.]

    Personality Personality

    Hilda is someone who is ruled by her ever-changing emotions. While her heart is true, her attentions and focus will shift quickly from one thing to another, unable to truly rest on one specific thing for too long. This makes her quite a laid back person, someone who can't be bothered to be serious until they are faced with something that they can't ignore, something - a problem - that isn't going to just solve it itself. Hilda also has a bit of a problem with keeping her thoughts to herself, especially the ones that she know will hurt you the most. She isn't a cruel person, or at least not the cruelest, this is simply Hilda - the one with the wind.

    Bio Bio

    A few years ago, Hilda fell in love. It wasn't one of those where it only a week though, Hilda had genuinely found someone who she deemed could keep her on her toes, to match her flightiness, but not ground her at the same time. A companion, perhaps. The lover was the one who brought Hilda to the racing stage, the parties, the garages, and taught her how to love the speeds and the winds.

    Unfortunately, just one year into the ... whatever their relationship was, The Lover disappeared. All traces gone, swept, erased, unable to be found. Hilda was left confused for some time, but continued showing up at the races. She didn't know why though. Had it been because she hoped to find her lover again? Or perhaps, it was her way of dealing with the loss? Either way, in her suffering, she was quick to rise in the racing scene, but still left wandering around, lost.

    She was an orphan, though adopted in her earlier years, and there was no way that she'd admit these things to them, nor was she cruel enough to bring trouble onto the ones who had her under their roof for the past 16 or so years. She saved up her winnings from the races, and when she caught hold of herself, she moved out, though she keeps in contact with her adopted parents.

    Appearance Looks
    Hilda is someone who is well proportioned. She is taller than average, according to herself anyway, her limbs are rather long to match her height, but she isn't just tall and lanky. Her arms and legs are strong, toned, and are more than capable of helping Hilda to complete her tasks. Her skin color is a healthy peachy color, though in winter seasons she may turn just a tad bit paler. Her ears are pierced, and she does have tattoos under her arms - which are usually covered up either by the sleeves of her clothes or her signature arm warmers.



    Hair color

    Eye color

    "Well ... I wouldn't mind these for my birthday, you know~"
    Cake | Cars | Motorcycles | Stargazing | Swimming | Running | Friends/Family/Gang

    "Oi. You really trying to make me mad, for real?"
    Spicy Food | Judgemental People | Slow Drivers | Losing

    Marina Inoue
    [Pheles from Shakugan no Shana]

    Theme song
    "I'm definitely not THAT kind of girl, but you can't deny this getting your blood pumping, can ya?"


    Hilda's Street Name/Alias is 'Colorful Flutter'
    Her role 'The Racer' simply means that she specializes with moving around quickly. On her free time, she does take part in some illegal street racing - a wonderful place to gather both money and information. She regularly does parkour, using her surroundings to her advantage and to annoying pursuers. Often times, she just brings things around - transporting people, bringing things around, that sort of small stuff
    She's a lady lover - homosexual​

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  11. You're accepted, though your picture isn't working.
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  12. Do the voices have to be English Voices only? (Ex. One of my character's has the voice of Yoko Hikasa [Who voices Rias Gremory from Highschool DXD])
  13. No, they can be voices from anywhere.
  14. I'm pretty upset, man ;~;

    I had the Personality and Bio written up, but it wouldn't save because maintenance T~T

    So, now I have to rewrite it [sigh]
  15. I'm sorry to hear that Kitsune, but I'm excited to see your character when he's finished.
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  16. I'm excited for everyone to see him, too~
  17. I noticed that so far, he's going to be the only guy in the gang too.
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  18. Totally fine with me~ c:
  19. < o < thanks for accepting it. I'll be reworking the entire thing since the maintanance has a few new things to get used to that's seriously screwing up with my thing. Also, are you sure that you can't see the picture? On my computer it's showing up fine...
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