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    (Modern | Comedy | Romance | Drama | Action | Adventure)
    IC:Gang Members Have Lives Too |

    Rosedale High School is a usual high school in almost every way except to certain students that attend the school. These certain students are actually part of a gang, which usually does whatever they want. They are known, though nothing is done about them. They never seem to get into any trouble and rule the school and the town.

    Even though outsiders of the gang are afraid of these certain students, in school and out of school they do not know the truth about many of them. Who they are, what their lives are like and what they like. However, the members in the gang are like family or other types of relationships to each other. What everyone doesn’t know is what actually goes on in the lives of the gang members, what they like to do together and that they actually joke around quite a lot with each other.

    RP Information:
    • This rp is about the lives and friendships of the gang members.
    • You can have as many characters as you want and can handle.
    • You can be as creative with your characters are you want.
    • Friendships, romances and friendly rivalries are allowed and encouraged.
    • Please let me know if you have to/want to drop out of the rp, try not to just disappear.
    • If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

    Character Sheet:
    Name: (Order: First, Last)
    Nickname: (If applicable)
    Role in gang:
    (specific: Girlfriend/Boyfriend, siblings, close friends) (Can be figured out later/discussed)
    (voice actor/actress, live actress/actor)
    Theme song:
    Hair color:
    Eye color:

    Regular people getting mixed up in everything
    Yuiko Tetsumura
    John Murdock



    Height: 5’9’’ | Weight: 120 | Hair color: Dark Brown | Eye color: Brown

    Name: Natsume Tanaka

    Nickname: “The Demonic Angel”

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Role in gang: Gang Leader

    Crush: Possibly is Kimura

    Ryuuichi Hanayuki: He and Natsume are classmates though she has noticed that he tends to watch her a lot, though seems a bit afraid of her in some ways. She doesn't really seem to be concerned about him though and doesn't believe him to be a threat, not thinking that he is watching because he is an enemy but simply because he is curious.
    Avery Herondale: While they don't completely know everything about each other because they don't open up about anything personal, Natsume trusts Avery enough to offer the job of vice leader to her. Plus, they both like lollipops so she will give them to Avery all the time.
    Kimura Tatsujin: He and Natsume were pretty close back when he was in the gang. He seemed to treat her as a little sister, though he did that to everyone else. Natsume, however, may have developed romantic feelings for him though no one but Avery knows anything about this and she would most likely deny it to anyone if they asked her. She was hurt when he decided to leave the gang but she knew it was coming, after all, it was his dream and she already knew that. She knows that they will end up meeting again, but she doesn't know what she might end up doing to him when that day comes.

    Personality: Natsume doesn’t listen to authority; rather she does what she wants. She is actually quite smart but chooses not to care too much about school because it is boring and too simply to her. Considering her leadership role, she is a strong leader in many ways such as a good speaker to her members as well as surprisingly very physically strong despite her tall yet thin stature. She’s rebellious and can be very dangerous if needed. She can get a temper, but she usually is cool and level headed on the outside unless provoked to show her temper. While most of the time she passes as a cool badass kind of character, she can be more sensitive and caring towards her gang members who learn that she can be more venerable and clumsy than she lets on.

    Bio: Natsume’s parents never paid much attention to her. They were usually always busy with work so the girl had to take care of herself at a very young age. But that led to her acting up to get their attention, which in the end got her in trouble, spending a lot of time stuck in her room as punishment. During that time she needed something to do; she learned many skills to pass the time which help her be the leader that she has become. After she became old enough, the girl moved out of her parents’ house and got herself her own apartment.

    -Rock music
    -Secret love of animals

    -Going to classes
    -Bugs (A surprising cliché considering who she is)

    Voice: Colleen Clinkenbeard (Erza, inner Moka, Margery Daw)

    Theme song: Up in Flames by Icon for Hire

    -Eats a lot of lollipops.
    -Can play guitar and piano.
    -Very good at fighting.


    Height: 5’’4’ | Weight: 110lbs. | Hair color: Yellow | Eye color: Yellow

    Name: Remi Yamada

    Nickname: Self –named “Mad Prism” (apparently because prisms are able to make many colors which is cool to her and almost magic-like)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Role in gang: The dealer. She can get anything and everything. (Don’t ask where a 16 years old girl can get weapons, she just does.)

    Crush: TBA

    Mari Anne Florence: Remi and Mari are friends. Mari helps get the supplies that Remi needs in order to the dealer that she is. Remi also enjoys practicing and exchanging ideas since Remi likes to sneak around and surprise people and Mari is a cat burglar. Remi enjoys hanging out with Mari.
    Luca Carson: Remi is Luca's cousins. She is his uncle's daughter. They don't act like family because Luca gets tired of her easily. However, she likes to show affection like family. She's at least glad that he has been opening up to Cas.
    Cassius Sterling: Remi is glad Cas has been able to get Luca to open up. She also likes him as a person because he is cheerful and friendly. She's definitely a Cas and Luca fangirl.
    Leon Parker: He is one of Remi's close friends. Like Mari, he's another one that doesn't seem to mind her antics and strange ways. She likes that about him and usually likes hanging out with him. She had no idea about his feelings towards her, but she would most likely be blind to any of that unless he ever flat out tells her something.
    Natsumi Toudo: Remi and Natsumi are good friends. Their personalities work well together, and Remi likes how upbeat and happy Natsumi always is. She's fun to have around.

    Personality: Remi is a little strange and hard to explain in words. She has a little bit of madness to her, though an upbeat madness most of the time. She likes to be flashy which she thinks is cool, so she exaggerates what she does. She’s very playful and optimistic, though may be a bit of a Chuunibyou.

    Bio: Remi was always babied as a little girl and her parents supported her fantasies that she made up as a kid. Though, in the end this might have been a bad idea since she is already 16 and still seems to act differently compared to most people. Her parents still let her do what she wants because they are too nice to do anything about it and believe that her gang membership is only fake even though it is quite real. She apparently knows a lot of people in order to get all the things she can get whenever asked by a gang member, whether it’s weaponry or something simple like common items.

    -Likes crescents (the symbol)

    -“Normal” (Everyday life, regular high school girl life)
    -Doing homework and school work
    -Regular clothing

    Voice: Monica Rial (English Renge last one)

    Theme song: Rock of Ages by DJ Schmolli

    -She actually wears the outfit in the picture all the time; she thinks she’s cool in it.
    -She does actually have an office where people can come to her for help though she tends to pop up suddenly out of nowhere all the time.
    -Sometimes talks in third person.

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  2. I have a few questions. What is the name of the gang, are there any rival gangs, and is the gang like the typical street gang like the bloods and crips in America or is it completely different from that?
  3. The gang is simply named after it's Leader Natsume Tanaka, so the Tanaka Gang. Yes, there will be rival gangs but they will be told and become evident during the rp itself and as for what type, they are a high school gang so all of them are high schoolers and then are gang members on the side. However, they do the usual, such as violence, drug deals and other such things, basically doing what ever they want as well.

  4. × × Luca Carson × ×

    × Name: Luca Carson
    × Nickname: Luke
    × Gender: Male
    × Age: 17
    × Role in gang: Spy/information gatherer
    × Crush: Cassius Sterling

    × Relationships
    Cassius Sterling - they've known each other for quite some time, and Luca is actually comfortable around Cas compared to how he is with other people. A while after they met, they started spending days in a row together and ended up seeing each other all the time. The two of them circled around it for a while, but eventually admitted that they were in love with each other. The relationship is slow to progress because of Luca's hesitation. Cas likes to call Luca by the nickname "Lulu", which Luca personally hates.
    Haru Tzukino - considered a close friend of Luca's. Although he has to confess that the boy feels more like his little brother than anything else, someone he felt like helping. When he reached a hand out to the guy, it was because he had changed. Cas had helped him over the years trying to improve his social tendencies, and that day, he had decided that it was time to offer a hand to someone who needed it. That person was Haru at the time, and they've been rather close since, although they don't see each other much out of club activities - Luca is busy enough as it is, already.
    Remi Yamada - she is his uncle's daughter, his cousin. While he always seems annoyed with her and her antics, he acknowledges her (begrudgingly) as family. He is infinitely annoyed at her fangirling whenever he's with Cas, and is tempted to run away whenever he sees her.

    × Personality
    Despite looking like the type to pick fights, Luca is surprisingly quiet and sometimes even reserved. Sometimes, though, he does get into fights, and when he does, he's usually the winner. He makes sure to keep his body as strong as can be by training. He's nasty around other people and quiet when he's alone. He rarely ever speaks at all, though. He doesn't do well with others and spends most of his time taking all measures to avoid human contact. Instead he goes underground to gather all the info that he can, which is one of his best qualities. The only time he is able to act like a "normal" person is when he is looking for information. He will do anything to get what he wants, no matter who he has to step on.

    × Bio
    Luca grew up a lonely child, and his parents left him behind when he was 12. His father was an alcoholic and drank himself into debts that made him run from home. In despair, his mother ran as well to get away, leaving Luca with no choice but to take the blunt of the loan sharks. He was more or less "saved" by one of the gang members at that time. That was about the time when he was involved with a gang, and it quickly became his new family. In exchange for his abilities, they'd provide for him and he'd have someone to rely on if he ever got in trouble again.

    × Likes: Rain, silence, solitude, quiet places, information, knowledgeable people and mysteries.
    × Dislikes: Dumb people, noisiness, crowds, families.

    × Voice
    Kagamine Len

    (I know he's not human, but now I already used a picture of a character made from him, so I might as well use his voice jfc)

    × Theme song

    × Extra:
    × Before becoming part of the gang, Luca was convinced that he could take care of everything by himself.
    × He is rarely seen without his gas mask on, but he wears it mostly for personal comfort. Same about his headphones, that he allegedly never takes off.
    × He has a very unstable personality, and sometimes he might snap.
    × His hate for families is seeing mothers and fathers with their children. He feels like parents only exist to betray you.
    × Luca lives on his own and usually doesn't really bother with other people.

    × Looks: Luca is quite slim of stature and not quite tall for his age. His unnatural yellow eyes are usually staring in a condescending manner, making most people avoid interacting with him.
    × Height: 156cm
    × Weight: 48kg
    × Hair color: Blonde
    × Eye color: Hazel/yellow
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  5. Luca's accepted MiNaGi.
  6. Name: Ryder Rowe
    Nickname: The Night Rider
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Role in gang: Cleaner
    [In other words, let's say there is a huge threat to the gang. Like a rather informative witness or a rather cocky jerk who thinks he can do whatever he pleases just because he has money. Ryder takes "Care" of the threat, often using bribery or other "unruly" methods.] and Transporter
    Crush: No-one yet
    Natsume - He does hold her in high regard, seeing as she is the leader of the gang, but while he does respect her greatly. This doesn't mean he always jump when told to do so. Afterall, he does have his own morales, as mysterious as they can be.
    Remi - He does like her antics, seeing as she does lighten the mood whenever something grim happens, although he does find the way she can get anything like weapons quite strange.
    Lucas - While Ryder has his own sources for Intel, he'll often ask Luca first, seeing as Luca does have valuable information that some of his sources don't have. Although he isn't good friends with Luca, he'd prefer to use a Scalpel than a Hammer sometimes.
    Cassius - Ryder doesn't mind Cassius as much as anything else, though this doesn't mean he does not respect Cassius, Ryder does respect him. Obviously, seeing as there were times where Cassius did pull Ryder's ass out of the fire. Making Ryder indebted to Cassius, though Ryder only agrees to a favor so long as it doesn't involve anything embarrassing.
    Mari - While being a quiet person, Ryder does like the company that Mari brings, and he does need an outside opinion on the paintjob on his motorcycle. And help when a wrench is out of reach..
    Ryuuichi - Even though he isn't part of the gang, Ryder treats him with respect, afterall. A new source of information could be handy when the need arises.
    Quentin - Complete Mutualism, he ain't friends with Quentin, but he isn't complete enemies with the man. Often assisting Quentin when politely asked.
    Avery - Ryder treats her with equal respect as Natsume, seeing as Avery is the Vice Leader.
    Purei - If there was anyone Ryder would prefer to have on a undercover esqe mission/job, it'd be her. Afterall, someone who can hide his face and burn scars when trying to be undercover to take care of pests, or people who hold information is a valuable acquaintance to have.
    Aya - Seeing as she does gather information and relays it, he treats her with respect, and doesn't mind relaying information to her.
    Wolf - Despite her slight distrust of him, of which he doesn't mind. He does treat her with equal respect, sometimes even trying to be as helpful he can be.
    Kimura - He respects the man for following his dreams, even though the hope of "Stopping all crime in the world" was a bit foolish, for crime had worked both itself and the world into a "Yin-Yang" scenario, which meant. That without crime, there'd be no balance, no need for police nor military in some cases. A lot of policemen would be out of jobs. But in the other way, if crime got too out of hand, it'd be chaos. Thus also throwing off balance. He did however wish the man luck in his ventures. Alas, if push came to shove. Ryder won't hesitate taking the first shot.

    Personality: Quiet, noble and secretive. Quiet being one of the major strong points of his personality, seeing as he legitimately doesn't speak with his own voice, preferring to use a tape recorder to say a quote to fit whatever he is doing. But if there is one thing he loves greater than listening to 80's music, it's working on his motorcycle. He'll often be spotted working on it's paint or on the "organs" of the bike.
    Bio: Not much is known about the Cleaner of the gang, but what could be gathered is that he had no parents. Obvious by the fact they never show at the parent-teacher conferences or any of the meetings. And from the tattoos, and way of doing things. It's obvious that he is not from around the area. Perhaps not even the same country. He also seems to have military training, obviously taught by someone who was in the military seeing as he has not even graduated high-school...Yet. Also, while owning a few guns, there is no record of him buying them or anything suggesting he got them through another person. In all seriousness, the only other explanation for how he got them is that he either stole them. Or he had someone wipe any evidence of him getting the guns. One final thing about him is that some can notice is the huge scar across his neck when they see him working on his bike. The way that said scar is old yet caused by what someone can assume was either a knife or a bullet.
    Likes: 80's music, motorcycles and racing.
    Dislikes: Country music, police figures
    None, but if he did had one. It'd most likely be Roronoa Zoro's English voice actor. Christopher Sabat. [If I am not mistaken.]
    Theme song:

    Extra: He always seems to be wearing a mask or helmet of sorts to hide the severe burn scars on one side of his face. Using a tape recorder to communicate.
    biker.jpg Face: 5358_original.jpg

    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 150 Ibs
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Black
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  7. download (33).jpg
    Name---John Skylark
    Personality---Cruel, and dark
    Bio---After the death of my family, i lived on the street for 5 weeks, until a guy gives me a chance to join his gang, and i accept.
    Likes---Guns, Gold, and pasta
    Dislikes---Cops, and the gang that killed his family
    Voice---Robert Downey Jr.
    Theme song---none
    Looks---Light blue jacket, black jeans, and black shoes
    Height---5 in tall
    Weight---112 lbs
    Hair color---blond
    Eye color---blue
  8. "Why would I associate myself with the likes of you? "

    Haru Tzukino
    Dead Space, because the aura he gives off is often empty and cold, a dead space in the universe.
    Male, but often acts feminine. Only close friends know his actual gender.
    Role in gang:

    The brains. While he may be young, he’s considered a prodigy and therefore entered high school early.

    No one, because he doesn't think love is something he can obtain. (just reference he's bisexual)
    Natsume - A person Haru regards with respect. He doesn't often admit it, but he wishes one day he could be as strong as her.
    Ryder Rowe - Haru doesn't know much about him, and doesn't like it. He treats Ryder with more caution than others. He is somewhat "intimidated" by him, but would never say that out loud.
    Ryuuichi - Haru notices that Ryuuichi always seems to be watching and sticking his nose into the Tanaka groups bussiness. He's withheld this information from the group since he doesn't see him as a threat, but is curious as to what intrigues him so much about the gang. Although not seen as threat, Haru watches out to see where Ryuuichi is, just in case.

    Quiet, Blunt, but also shy. Haru isn’t very good with people around his age, since he’d been surrounded by adults all his life. He’s not afraid so say what he think’s though, and he can come off as being prickly. That being said, if you get to know him a bit more, you find out that although a boy genius, Haru is still just a 14 year old.
    Bio:He was born into a wealthy family.Since he was born his parents raised him to be a genius and take over the company, and has been taught by countless professionals.One day, his parents adopted an older brother that was “better” than him. His parents, having no more use for him, “threw him away” and sent him to Rosedale, rarely coming in touch with him inside the house. After hearing about a gang know as the "Tanaka group", Haru aproached the gang leader in hope of joining, almost as if he was declaring a rebellion against his family

    He likes reading about new things, and has an interest in reading people’s emotions.

    Because of his brother, he's developed a bit of a inferiority complex, and fear of being thrown away. He doesn’t like people who act smarter than him, and hates people who get in his way.

    Haruka Nanase from Free except higher pitched.

    Theme song:

    He's quite feminine looking, but nobody points it out since he hates it when you do. He has small body feature, and since he's younger than most of the people in the school, it just adds more to the effect.


    {td} {/td}
    Hair color:

    Eye color:

    Has a slight obsession with cats
    Can't do things such as normal chores and such, since he's never been taught

    If anyone has an issue with the relationships I created, I'm sorry! I'll adjust them immediatly!
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  9. The only thing that I'll point out is that, in your Relationships description, Cassius (or Cas) is a guy and not a girl c:

    "...she holds most of Luca's attention."
  10. oops... I'll change that. xD
  11. Cas
    5'6" | 129 lbs | Light Baby Blue | Light Baby Blue

    Cassius Sterling




    Role in gang:
    'The Killer'
    × He usually does all of the dirty work: fights, murders, etc. ×

    Luca Carson ~ 'Lulu', as he likes to call him (despite how much Luca hates it), and him have known each other for a while. A bit before he joined the gang, actually. They instantly clicked and were inseparable after spending some time together. It took even longer for them to admit their feelings for each other. Cassius enjoys being around Luca, which is obvious to anyone and everyone who sees them. Even though he's ready to take things further, he knows how hesitant Luca is, so he'll wait patiently for him until he's ready, no matter how long it takes.

    Remi Yamada - Unlike how Luca feels about his only relative, Cas truly enjoys Remi. He finds her interesting and loves to talk to her. Not to mention he thoroughly enjoys how much of a fangirl that she is when it comes to their relationship. He'd say that they're pretty close.
    Azaela Monroe - A close friend of Cas's. He enjoys hanging out with her when they have free time. Like everyone who knows him past his happy exterior, she knows about his violent temper and uses herself as bait to stop him. While it works, Cas doesn't let her off without ranting about how dangerous it is. Although, deep down, he does appreciate how much she cares.
    Vince Monroe - Just like his sister, Azaela, Cas is friends with Vince. Although, they aren't as close as he is with Azaela. That doesn't ever stop him from spending time with him, if he can.

    Cassius doesn't have the personality of a killer. In fact, he's quite a bubbly individual. He happens to have a very optimistic mindset and never recognizes the negative side of things. When a situation is becoming too gloomy to bear, he tries his best to cheer everyone up as best as he can. You can always see him with a smile upon his face, no matter what situation. He is very caring and loyal to his gang members for they're like family to him. He would do anything for any of the members without a second thought or a moment of hesitation. That being said, Cas is also very protective of them and will snap if any harm, mentally or physicslly, came to them. While he is bouncy and energetic, he also has a calm deposition. He can be silent at times and just become lost in his thoughts, but that's usually when he is alone. Unfortunately, Cassius happens to have one of the worst tempers, so, when he snaps, he does a whole 360 of his personality. His rage is like the calm before the storm. The calm being his attitude and the storm being his actions. He happens to be eerily quiet when he's very angry and has an aura of murderous intent. Most try to stay away when he's in this state. It takes a while for him to calm down and bounce back to his happy-go-lucky self. When he's frustrated or irritated and not necessarily angry, glaring, yelling, and name-calling ensues.

    Cassius had been trained to be a killer for as long as he could remember. With assassins for parents, they didn't hesistate to teach him everything they could once he started walking and talking. It began around the age of four or five. Because of how intelligent he is and observant, they believed that he would turn out to be a wonderful assassin, just like them. So, he would train and go on missions, not having anything between. By the time he was 12, he had seen and done things that other kids his age hadn't. To him, it was normal. It was his life. He didn't have any friends as he grew up ("Assassins don't need friends," his parents would say), so he didn't know that what he was doing was morally wrong and his parents said nothing about it either. When he was 14, both of his parents had died during a mission. The same one since they went together. His life began to crumble as his grandmother took him in, clueless to the cause of his parents' deaths or what they even did for a living. He's been living with her ever since. It wasn't until he hit the age of 15 that he found out about the gang that he's currently apart of. It was his first group of friends and they had accepted him with open arms. He was excited about the prospect of finally having friends. What was even better is that they didn't judge him for his upbringing and even made use of his skills, which made him feel like his parents didn't die in vain. Life began to brighten up once more for him as he spent more and more time with the gang and he couldn't have asked for anything more.

    + Books
    + Laughter
    + Music
    + Silence
    + Gang Members
    + English
    + Cats
    + Strawberries

    - Bugs
    - Every other subject (that's not English)
    - Heights
    - Loud noises
    - Fear
    - Carrots
    - Being Underestimated
    - Crowded Places/Large Crowds

    Brina Palencia
    'Miharu Rokujou' (Nabari no Ou)

    Theme song:

    × Allergic to bees.
    × Allergic to pollen.
    × Will fight people over strawberries, especially if it's his.
    × Can play drums.
    × Has quick reflexes.
    × Has 4 older siblings (all girls). Youngest out of the 5.
    × Bisexual (leans a bit more towards males).

    *cough* He's back~ *cough*
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  12. Yes, we had to wait for Cas to have Luka's relationship status make sense. :D

    @JohnLander, there's only a few things. One, the theme sone is required so saying none doesn't really work. If you're having trouble coming up with anything I am more than happy to help you out by giving you a list of possible songs (though they will be my preference in music if that would be okay). Also, your bio says a guy and his for the gang however the only playable gang would be Natsume's (so are you talking about Natsume who is a girl). If you thought there were other playable gangs, I'm very sorry that I didn't mention that. Also, on a side note because I'm not sure if it is a simple typo or not but his height says 5 in, do you mean 5 ft?

    @JayTheBirdFlyZ, your character's accepted.
  13. Yay! My 20 minutes of writing paid off!
  14. Cat Burglar[​IMG]

    ♥ General ♥

    Mari Anne Florence

    Hana | Mari



    .:Role In Gang:.
    Cat Burglar
    Mari Anne, or Mari, is the thief of the gang, but she's not just any thief. When it comes to breaking and entering into high places, she's your girl. With the agility, flexibility, and stealth to rival that of a cat's, there's no question why Mari is known as the "Cat Burglar".
    ♥ Appearance ♥



    99 lbs

    .:Hair Color:.
    Dark Brown

    .:Eye Color:.
    ♥ Personality ♥

    - Arbitrary ~ Mari is very in tune with her instincts. She is the quintessence of "acting before thinking". She's the one who is always going with her gut feeling. Like everything in life, there are pros and cons to this. Sometimes, her gut feeling can be the one thing saving her from something detrimental. Other times, it's the one thing that leads her to it. More often than not, it's the latter. She isn't exactly the one you'd come to for logical advice or anything along those lines.
    + Calm ~ It's always nice to have a calm deposition. When others are tensed and stressed, Mari keeps her cool and helps the others pull themselves together long enough to come up with solutions. Not only that, but she isn't quick to anger, or stress, which is good for her mental state. Her calm attitude towards things usually soothes others to the point that they are as relaxed as she is.
    - Forgetful ~ Mari is the worst with remembering things. Especially if they're significant in any way. With such a short-term memory, it's a wonder how she makes it through her daily life. Sometimes, Mari would remember things, but they're neglible at best. So, don't be surprised if she forgets someone's name or even birthday. It doesn't really help that she is easily distracted as well. Talk about having the memory of a goldfish.
    + Appreciative ~ From the day that she was born, Mari was always taught to be appreciative and it all payed off. You won't find someone else who is more grateful for the things that they have, or receive. Always saying "thank you", the brunette doesn't ever hesitate to shower others with appreciation and vehemently express her gratitude. Sometimes, it can become a bit obsessive, but, majority of the time, people are warmed by her words and actions.
    - Oblivious ~ Despite her skills that makes her an outstanding Cat Burglar, Mari can actually be quite oblivious. It's not a terrible case since, majority of the time, she's aware of things, but there are moments were she's out of the loop. Subtley doesn't work well on her. People have a higher chance of getting through to her by being direct. She's in tune with everyone else, but not things involving her. If someone were to have romantic feelings for her, she would not have a clue. The same goes for other things like helping her, stalking her, or even trying to kill her off. Her obliviousness can be the death of her one day.
    + Ebullient ~ Mari is much like an overgrown puppy, or an overgrown child. Along with being calm, she very cheerful and full of energy. Not the 'bouncing off the walls' kind of energy, but energy nonetheless. The brunette is always looking at the bright side of things and is rarely negative. She's like the ray of sunshine when things become dark and dreary. (Well, her and Cassius.) You can always count on her to be cheerful and smiling.


    + Heights
    + Dogs
    + Flowers
    + Singing
    + Baking

    - Cats
    - Storms
    - People Hearing Her Sing
    - Responsibility
    - Getting Dirty

    ♥ Biography ♥

    Once upon a time...

    On October 29th, a beautiful baby girl was born to a middle-class family. They weren't wealthy, yet they weren't poor. They were like the families on TV or even the ones that lived near them, just living comfortably. Being the only child, Mari was able to get majority of the things that she asked for. As she grew, her family raised her to the best of their ability and the product of their good parenting is who she is today—a sweet, polite young lady. Although there's still some parenting to be done, they have faith that she'll become an exceptional adult. They don't know about her thievery or the fact that she's involved with a gang, and she plans to keep it that way.
    ♥ Relationships ♥


    Remi Yamada ~ Mari is Remi's brawn. She's the one who receives the supplies that she orders and delivers it to her, using her Cat Burglar skills. But their relationship goes past a partner one. They're friends, in simple terms. With Remi's interest in grand, surprise entrances and her skills, they're always popping up together in the strangest of ways. Besides that, they also like to hang out.
    Ryuuichi Hanayuki ~ Ah, Mari's flower buddy, as she likes to call him. Or Hana-chan. She always likes to visit the flower shop that Ryuuichi works at. She's visit so much that it's weird now if she doesn't. She loves to gush over the many different flowers and create things like crowns and/or bracelets with him. As far as she knows, Ryuu has no clue about her gang activities or stealing tendencies, and she'd like to keep it that way.
    Ryder Rowe ~ Mari isn't quite sure where she stands when it comes to Ryder. She believes that, at the moment, they're just gang members. Nothing more, nothing less. She does want them to become friends, though. She likes to make sure that he's always involved and keeps him company whenever he's alone. Despite her limited knowledge on things like motorcycles and cars, she likes to give her opinion when watching him work on his motorcycle. Putting aside her innocent appearance and love for flower, she also likes things like motorcycles, or whatever is labelled as "badass" in her mind.
    Azaela Monroe ~ Her ane, or older sister in English. They aren't blood-related and she was definitely not adopted by Azaela, but she might as well have. The two are so close, like two peas in a pod. Because of how close they are, Mari lets Azaela treat her like her little sister. Often times, she calls the brunet "Sissy", which Mari Anne never complains about. She is very caring towards Azaela and would do anything for her. As much as she is caring, she's also very protective. She'll protect Azaela to the very end, no matter what happens. She likes to call Azaela "Ela" sometimes.
    Vince Monroe ~ Brother to her "sister", you'd think that would make Vince Mari's "adopted brother". But it doesn't. Instead, Vince and Mari happen to be really good friends. They aren't as close as she is with Azaela, but Mari still enjoys his company and likes to spend time with him. She believes that he thinks and feels the same way about her.
    ♥ Extra ♥

    Maaya Uchida
    Hiyori Iki (brunette with pink eyes) from "Noragami"
    1, 2, 3

    .:Theme Song:.

    .:Fun Facts:.
    ♥ Speaks English, Japanese, and French.
    ♥ Has a pet dog named
    ♥ Wants to become a professional singer.

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  15. [​IMG]

    ⋮i've already had enough of that life ↻:━ that me from yesterday does not exist anymore !

    t h a t c h a p t e r o f m y l I f e h a s a l r e a d e n d e d , m o v e o n . . . c a u s e i h a v e.

    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.《 ✖ ✖
    ✖ name: ryuuichi hanayuki
    ✖ nickname: ryuu; hana-chan
    ✖ gender: male
    ✖ age: seventeen

    ✖ height: 6'3"
    ✖ weight: 183 lbs
    ✖ hair color: dark brown
    ✖ eye color: greyish-brown
    ✖ role in gang: bystander (doesn't have anything to do with the gang)

    >> relationships:

    natsume tanaka; classmate and someone who he unknowingly watches around whenever he sees her. They've been in the same class ever since he transfered but not once had they spoken to each other. Maybe because he gets intimidated and nervous around her and her friends?

    the tanaka group; he hears about all the bad rumors about this group and how violent and dangerous the people are in the group and how it was a bad idea to associate with them since they "kill" people. But Ryuuichi thinks that they might be just misunderstood group of individuals that just want people to understand them—although he did got laughed at when he said it. But sometimes he can't help but be scared whenever he is being glared at.

    luca carson and cassius sterling; there is a rumor around campus that they are a couple. ryuuichi would sometimes see them being all close and lovey-dovey with each other. good for them. he wishes them both happiness. thinks luca is scary with his gas mask on.

    ryder rowe; like luca, ryuuichi doesn't understand what is it with gas mask that is a huge trend nowadays. sometimes ryuuichi fantasize what ryder would look like under his mask.

    mari anne florence; a regular at the flower shop he works in. like him, she is always delighted to see freshly picked flowers displayed in the shop. they always have fun making flower crowns and/or bracelets whenever he isn't busy with a customer or tending the shop and flowers. has no idea she is part of the tanaka gang or even steals stuff. thinks she is endearing and sweet.

    >>> non-playable character relationships:

    ✖ name: kotaro ogata
    ✖ age: twenty-two years old (deceased)

    >> info: ryuuichi's childhood friend; bestfriend; cousin; brother, died when ryuuichi was in his third year of middle school. ryuuichi looks up to him alot. blames himself for his death.

    ✖ name: mahiru sayuki
    ✖ age: seventeen

    >> info: ryuuichi's childhood friend ever since they were in diapers. her father owns the flower shop where ryuuichi currently works and lives in the second floor. also works there whenever she feels like it. had romatic feelings towards ryuuichi but got dumped when she confessed to him. thinks ryuuichi is an idiot and acts cold towards him but still cares for him nonetheless.

    ✖ name: eiji sayuki
    ✖ age: thirty-nine

    >> info: ryuuichi's father's friend and boss. currently took care of ryuuichi due to ryuuichi's father's request.

    >> crush: momo-chan~ :heartbeat: (pop idol)

    >> personality: optimistic and benevolent, the seventeen year old, part-time florist, cares deeply for the people he associates himself with, usually worrying about their well-beings, but at the same time tries to help them as much as he could (like letting the one being chased hide while he points to a location to shake off the pursuer). He has a comical, silly, carefree and refreshing attitude towards life and the choices he makes. He is straight forward and has no problem saying things that embarrasses others—though he isn't aware of it himself.

    Behind his benevolent and carefree personality, he never talks about himself and would always change the subject whenever a topic about himself came up. He hates talking about his past and stubborn to the bone about it. His mysterious past makes him popular with the girls in school.
    >> biography: originally from the kansai region, ryuuichi, moved into the city during his first year of highschool, immediately after his transfer he became popular in school due to his friendly and charming personality. He works as a part-time florist at his father's friend's flower shop. Other information about himself is unknown to anyone.

    But there were rumors about him being a yankee during his middle school years and how he was known to be quiet the delinquent. But that rumor has yet to be proven since he can't even hurt a bug.

    ✖ likes:
    >> flowers;
    >> pop idols (especially a particular Momo-chan~);
    >> ugly-cute animals and things

    ✖ dislikes:
    >> violence;
    >> guns;
    >> loud noises;
    >> lying

    ✖ extra:
    >> works as a part-time florist at his father's friend shop called Hanabishi.
    >> is deadly afraid of guns.

    }} voice: natsuki hanae the voice of takumi aldini from food wars:shokugeki no soma

    }} theme song:

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  16. i saw what you post ScarletNova so here is your answer
    1. i just found a song, it took a while, sorry
    2. no, i was talking about a gang i just maid up of the spot
    3. yes, i did meant ft, but i said 5, when i meant 7
    here is the link to my song---
  17. @un coin de soleil, I love your character though I'm concerned about him being a bystander instead of having any relation to the gang because there will be a lot of times when they will be in their hideout and other such things and I don't want you to not have anything to do during the rp.

    @JohnLander, It would be helpful if you add those changes to your CS. Also, I still have the issue of him being in a random gang though because for this rp I only want Natsume's to be playable since it's about them specifically. There will not always be other gangs, however, there will be but that isn't the only thing in this rp. It is also a comedy, slice of life kind of thing where it shows that they have regular other things they do too.
  18. @ScarletNova, hehe, i had a feeling you would say that... actually the reason for him being a bystander is that i wanted him to be the "normal" character amongst the strong ones. :3 it's alright for me not to always interact with everyone..
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