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  1. after watching SAO and reading The Gamer comic, i thought it would be interesting to make an rp that had gamers thrown into a virtual world and combat threats based on their type of play style/gaming expertise.

    let me know if you have any questions.
  2. also i am only looking for a small group of 3-4 people.
  3. Sure, I'm in. though if you liked SAO I'd direct you towards Log Horizon.
  4. How would they be transported? Would I have to have watched SAO to fully understand the idea?
    (I've read The Gamer, good choice)
  5. I doubt it, If you need to, I can give you a rapid run down of the SAO plot should you need.
  6. @Vivian Adlet
    I havent really figured that out yet. It would be something along the lines that they were summoned by some sort of celestial being.
  7. Thank you! I'd be a help considering I'm already drowning in anime I need to start and finish. c:
  8. Well if you haven't figured it out, and you get enough people with an interest in this maybe we could open up a group chat and plot it out? I had an idea similar, so I'm pretty interested in seeing this play out.
  9. Ok, so SAO,
    New MMO is coming out using VR tech. its supposed to allow you to use swords as if you were REALLY swinging them. lots of beta testers spouting off how good it is, Hype train ain't got no brakes. The real thing comes out and suddenly there's no log out button. You're stuck in the game, die in game, your IRL body dies. That's the basic premise. Everything from here on in is spoilers.

    There's no magic or ranged gear, maybe throwing weapons (maybe, its referenced like once). and there's different types of melee weapons, strength weapons, speed weapons, polearms, sword and shields ect. Each weapon type has its own specific skills ect. our mono-dimentional hero Kirito has a unique ability to dual weild (which isn't all that unique as in the anime we see several people dual wielding, lol) so he weilds 2 strength weapons, 2 one handed swords. and PK'ing is a thing. only way out is to beat the game. the final boss as it were, who is the maker of the game. Kirito beats him. Not much plot development, the only real intresting thing is the dynamic interplay between information gatherers and players as well as crafters. though that is only mentioned once. Everyone is set free! yay party.
    No, not really Kirito's in game waifu is kept in by evil megalomaniac who wants to rape/marry kirito's waifu, kirito hacks and slashses his way though a new game with no real new animation or plot developments, There's a incest joke thrown in there and his sister attempts to be his Waifu without realising its his brother. He rescues his waifu from the megalomaniac, and kills him in the process, but don't feel too bad for our hero now being a murderer, well mass murderer if you count the people he killed in SAO. He then hunts down people from SAO who were PK'ers and are still trying to do it in another game called gun gale Online. which involves real money transactions (betting is bad kids!) picks up a third, (or is it fourth now?) waifu and drags her back to the fantasy realm where real world transactions aren't such a thing (yay! gambling is bad kids). and from there its just happy fun adventure time with the only real threat being...nothing, it just becomes a stylised RPG anime with some bad jokes.

    Ehem, If you want to watch something that is like the gamer but is FAR better than SAO, go watch Log Horizon.
  10. Okay i will make the OOC thread and hope 1 or 2 more people show up.
  11. Is it too late to wanna be interested in this? Because I've always wanted to RP this kind of idea.
  12. I'm pretty sure you're far from late, so feel free to hop over to the OOC.
  13. Oh cool, alright then!
  14. Browser MMO or VRMMO or ARMMO?
  15. VRMMO as far as I can see. Though my character would see the VRMMO with a additional AR but that's because he has some dam cool things.
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