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(1x1x1 roleplay between @Tank2Crate, @Insanity is Reality, and myself, @Tiger Dragon)
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  • The self perclaimed god of dimensional play. With unknown amount of power.

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  • The group had been teleported to a world none of them belong in. Together, they must stay together and survive until Ione issues them the final 50th challenge.

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  • Challange 1: Introductions! Introduce yourselves to your new Allys!

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Tiger Dragon:
Life was normal. Then, they woke up.

It was sunrise, they could see it through the collapsed top of the ceiling. The building was all rubble and in disrepair. However, they were not alone. In the building laid a total of 6 creatures and people.

Epitaph was the amoung the first to wake. He was up, his two little hearts pattering hard in his chest. He had never been away from the caves and this was not the cave and these people were not other dragons. The little dragon had backed himself up against a corner on some of the rubble so he had the higher ground.

Nour was on her way to consciousness. She mostly noticed she wasn't in a fine bed mead of feathers and cotton. in fact, it felt like she was on the floor. She sat up slowly, noticing her dagger and glasses were sitting on the floor next to her, "Where..." She started to question, putting her glasses on as she examined the other people around her.

Annie fluttered her eyes open and slowly sat herself up. "Hello?" She spoke out softly and innocently. "Where am i?" she spoke looking at the other people rising up around her.

Markus sprung open his eyes and scanned the room quickly before swinging his head to both side's of his body. He wrapped his hands around his spear and stood himself up bracing himself on his spear. He was not familiar with this area and was not sure what has brought him here.

Insanity is Reality:

Lucifer a vampire groggily sat u holding his head disoriented. "Why was I asleep?" he muttered and looked around his first thought hunters... his second thought. I died? he brushed his long hair from his face and quietly looked around the room.

Shania on the other hand shot up to her feet. Last thing she remembered she was asleep in a cave around a fire. This was not her cave! She looked around her heart beating a bit fast too she had a hand on the hilt of her trusted sword Moonstone.


Epitaph panted in fear in his corner as everyone seemed to rise and look around. A few people questioned and a few people seemed on guard.

Nour pushed her glasses up her face before standing up completely, "I would say you kidnapped me, but it is plain to see everyone here is kidnapped as well." Nour observed with all the panicked faces.

"It's time for some fun! It's time to play a game!" A child like voice said. A shadow loomed over the opening in the building. "My name is Ione, the self-proclaimed god of play! I brought you all here to play a game!"

"Fuck," Shania said "I hate gods... self proclaimed or not." She snarled a bit hand gripping the sword so tightly her knuckles were white.

Lucifer just stood up and crossed his arms he didn't believe in gods so he was rather annoyed looking too. "And if we do not want to play your stupid game?"

Annie looked around a little bit before hopping up onto her feet. "Game? What type of game are you talking about here?" Annie ask curiously.

"I don't have time to be used for amusement. This can't be for real, is this guy serious right now?" Markus said looking around the room at the other people surrounding him.

Nour sighed an looked up at the god, "So, if you're a god, then I assume we have very little say in the mater. I, only the other hand have much more important things to attend to. Please release me back where you got me from."

Ione giggled at the group, taking a form of a more solid human boy, his hair light the endless night sky of stars and energy. His eyes had an endless depth to them, "If you win, I will take you home! If you lose, you'll die here!"

"Every game need rule!" Ione went on.

"Rule 1: Don't wander too far from each other! You have 3 miles before majority rules and the odd one out dies! If it's split evenly, then a random group will die!
Rule 2: When you hear a bell, a challenge will start! The winner of the challenge will get a small boon!
Rule 3: Be a good player, good players get rewarded with a Star Piece! 1 Star Piece will call me to you and I'll take care of your problem. Careful though, it might not be exactly how you want it!
Rule 4: If you're a bad player, then bad players get Nova Piece! Nova Piece will give you bad luck and I'll mess up or make problems!
Rule 4: When you see the sparkles, follow them, because they will be there to lead you to challenges.
Rule 5: I can add rules whenever I want!
To win the game, complete all 50 of my challenges!"

Suddenly, the chime rang out to the group.

"Yay! Challange 1!" Ione cheered.

A magical T.V. screen appeared and everyone's pictures showed up in cute little chibi heads and the title of "CHALLENGE 1"

"Everyone must introduce themselves and then tell three true facts. One of their skills, one about their past and one about one of their deepest secrets!" Ione said.

"What if we lie?" Nour asked, looking up at him.

"When I'll give you a Nova Piece!" Ione said, "I don't think you want to get one on this easy challenge! Lets see who goes first!!"

The little heads started to rotate around the bored and then they were in an order, "These will be your numbers from now on, so don't you forget them!"

The T.V. showed each person numbers next to their little heads: 1 Lucifer, 2 Nour, 3 Markus, 4 Shania, 5 Epitaph, 6 Annie.

"Alright, ready? Start!" Ione told the group, looking to Lucifer expectantly.

Lucifer was unamused as he listened. "Complying gets me home faster," he said out loud. Max must be worried sick. This antic and over the top showmanship was annoying. "One skill, I'm a vampire so my allure, a magical energy I can emit to change the moods of those around me if they are susceptible enough," he said " My past? Is long, I took on an ex-hunter as my childe against his will to save him from certain death. "One of my deepest darkest secrets. Di spite my bias hatred for human forms of stress relief I will from time to time smoke, Thre is your criteria met now?"

"That's a deep secret?" Ione said, frowning. "Oh well.. it's supposed to be easy." He said and a tiny ding happened and a check appeared by Lucifer's head.

Nour sighed and pressed a hand to her chin in thought, "My name is Nour. My skills lies in being one of the most intelligent women in the world. My past is that I travel the world looking for worthy lords to advance their kingdom by giving them my knowledge and expertise. As for my secret.." Her head bowed a bit with a small flush, "I suppose I have a few hidden kinks like shamming from people I deem worthy to do so." She would rather tell this secret rather than her true secret. Her mother would kill her.

Ione kind of gave a confused look, "Oh.. that's not as fun either." He said, but a check appeared by Nours name as well. He then looked to Markus for his response.

Markus stayed silent for a minute before sighing. "Fine ill play this game i guess." He said groaning a little. "I am Markus i come from a world torn by a century long war against Five different factions. My skill lies between me and my spear, which has protected me through many battles." Markus paused for a second before sighing. "My only darkest secret is me taking my own brother's life on the battlefield." He said stepping back and straightening out his body. "I hope that satisfys your challenge." He finished

Annie rolled her eyes slightly before turning her eyes towards the next person in line.

Shania huffed "I've played god games before then never end well... Fuck you, I'm Shania, I'm gonna drag your soul into hell when this is done... I have a demonically possessed sword on my back who works wel with me if thats not a skill I can play with fire and never get burned .... I... the first time I ever had blood on my hands was the day my mother was murdered to save me, and as for a dark secret, all my secrets are plastered on my back, but what i want more then anything is to be normal and left alone!" She was angry and upset and sparking, literally black lightning bolts were coming out of her body.

Annie's eyes widened for a second before she sighed. "My name is annie and im just a little girl that got dragged into this mess and im not sure why." She said crossing her arms and pouting a little. "If you want history i just live with my family nothing really special about to. For skills, i don't know i guess i got some good hands when it comes to fire i guess." Annie paused a little bit. "I don't really have any deep dark secret i guess my only secret it that I .... slit my brothers throat and called it a accident." She said smiling and laughing a little bit. "But there isnt much else i can tell or give you." She said placing her palm on her cheek.

Markus turned his head and just stared at the little girl after she finished, choosing to remain silent.

"Those two are more what I'm talking about!" Ione said, clapping happily and amused at both Shania and Markus's responses. A checkmark appeared on both of their heads on the board. Ione then excitedly look at the poor little black dragon who was in the back corner still trying to make himself look invisible.

Epitaph was still panting from anxiety, though everyone introducing themselves only had him more terrified. "M..my name is Epitaph. I... I am good at catching rodents and bats and I see in the dark really well." Epitaph passed and tried to steady his fast pace breathing, "I, uh, am not like any other dragons, so not a lot of people will talk to me except my mother..." Epitaph paused again to breathe, "S-secret. Uh, I can see the future in my.. my dreams sometimes."

"Oooh.." Ione said softly before Epitaph had a checkmark appear on next to his face.

"Last but not least!" Ione said, swinging his arms to Annie's direction.

Lucifer raised a brow. He wasn't stupid something about her testimony seemed a bit fishy. Though he was avoiding the swords woman who was counting backwards from ten to try and calm down pretty well ignoring everyone else.

Lucifer went to Epitaph. "Do not be so afraid, I want to go home too." he said the poor Dragon was so timid he could hear the rapid pitter patters of the hearts.

"Oh, wow." Ione said before the T.V. buzzed and an X appeared by Annie's name, "Buzz! Annie is a bad liar!" Ione said clapping his hands, "Yay everyone did really great!" He said happily. "Everyone gets a boon!"

With that, everyone got leather cuffs around their dominate wrists. Each cuff had a color and a number in the middle then two empty slots for coins. Then, a small golden 1 bead appeared on everyone's cuff but Annie's.

Nour's cuff appeared on her left wrist with a Yellow 2 on it, while Epitaph's cuff had a Black 5 and ended up on his right claw.

"A Nova Piece for Annie!" Ione said and on the left holder on Annie's cuff, a coin materialized. On it had a fiery meteorite. "We also need a winner for today's challenge!" Ione turned to the T.V. with his hands out and the little heads got highlighted between the numbers 2 and 5. Annie and Lucifer were both being excluded from the reward.

It landed on Markus, and the man saw on the right side of his number, another coin materialized. This one looked like a bright shining star. "Star Piece for you!" He cheered happily. "That's all today! It's bright and early morning now! I hope you have fun in this brand new world!"

With that, Ione disappeared in thin air and it was suddenly quieter. There was the sound of birds and wind in trees.

Epitaph looked at Lucifer, he was sure him and Nour had the least terrifying explanation during the introduction, but he didn't get closer to the bigger vampire.

Nour sighed, "So all 6 of us are stuck together and we are literally running on majority rules right now." She pointed out, "So the question is, what do we do?"

Annie pouted a little before sighing to herself. She knew what she lied about but she wasn't to worried about it. "I guess we could all just explore the closest town." She said placing her hands into her pockets of her jacket.

Markus examined the cuff around his wrist before looking up and examining the people around him. He shrugged a little before his spear collapsed in on its self a little and folded around itself. He placed the now small tube onto his hip. "Who is going to take lead in this situation that we are in?" He asked looking around at everyone again.
"We need to form a structure," Shania said though she was still sparking in her annoyance. "A leader, a form of agreement between the group, I don't want it... and I don't tend to follow well but I'll give it a solid effort if it means we get the hell out of here,"

Lucifer looked to her and around the room. He was unsure of the bunch himself. "I agree in some regard to the... young lady who seems to be short circuiting," he said.

Nour looked at Epitaph when Lucifer pointed out the only one still panicking in the group, "I am no leader. Only an adviser. I don't think.. Epitaph is quite the leader type. Although Annie lied, because her secret was just as shocking as the other two here, I believe she actually made a sacrifice, didn't you? You purposely pushed a boundary instead of complying just to see what would happen. Lucifer, is it? He also did the same. Shania, said she won't lead. I won't lead either and I believe the little one her won't have that ability either. Which leaves three. Markus, the man who won with a random chance of luck. Annie, the girl who possibly pushed her luck for the sake of knowledge or Lucifer... The man, er, vampire whom seems old enough to have acquired a large pool of wisdom that may serve us as a good leader. Fact is, none of us know each other besides what we were forced to share in challenge one."

Nour seemed to stop her long-winded breakdown and explanation of the people around them, "So, who will lead? Lucifer, Markus or Annie?"

Annie just shook her head side to side. "No way am i going to be taking that risk, I don't know how any of you guys are." She said looking towards Markus and Lucifer. "It gotta be one of you two, cause there is no way with me." She spoke quite innocently

Markus just sighed and look at Lucifer. "What shall it be vampire." He said turning towards Lucifer

Lucifer looked at him "you have a rude demenour child." Lucifer said "I have years on everyone here my goal is simply to get home, I honestly likely will do wherever I need to do in order to get there."

It wasn't a yes or a no but is sounded a lot like I'll throw each and every one of you to the wolves if I have to. To Shania.
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Nour sighed, "Wow, in the same breath." She said humorously. When Lucifer not only so rudely declared all their lives were simply meat bodies to his goal to be used, he called someone else rude for simply using his race instead of his name. Nour was pretty sure though, not everyone was smart enough to remember things like her, "Then, let us pick no leader for now. Let a leader naturally emerge through our trials. After all, we are under majority rules." Nour pointed out.

The soft rumble of a hungry belly sounded from the small dragon whom was still cowering in the corner.

"Gathering essentials maybe a good first move," Nour advised.

Markus nodded at the idea. "Fair enough decision." He said as the Dragon's stomach growled. "Lets move soon i also suggest, im sure most of us are starting to feel our stomachs hunger as well." Markus said placing his hand on his stomach.

Annie rolled her eyes and sighed, she also started to begin feeling hungry as well. " Lets just hurry please im tired of being in this place." Annie complained

Lucifer was too old, he couldn't die from hunger so if his belly growled he wouldn't care.

"I can hunt, in fact I exell at hunting, the land I hail from is not friendly to those with empty bellies," Shania offered. She was finally calm and not sparking anymore.

"This place might be a good place to stay for at least a day to just... relax and get a better grip of ourselves. Scout a bit, but not too far." Nour said, though she walked slow steps out of the crippling building. When she got out, she saw they were surrounded by heavy jungle and ruins. "I gather we might be far from civilization..."

Epitaph slowly walked towards the group as they seemed to start to file out of the room and into the great out doors.

Markus walked his way out and gazed around into the vast jungle. "Incredible i haven't seen life florish this much before." He said taking in every breath taking moment.

Annie stepped outside and gazed around a little bit. She gave a slight groan "Its to hot here for me, if we are staying here then im just going to remain in here then." She said turning back around and into the ruins.

Shania went outside and her body changed becoming a horse sized wolf she snifed the ground and air before walking around not really caring about what anyone thought her nose was more sensitive in this form.

"I am glad I am too old to burn in the sun," Lucifer said sheilding his eyes. "This seems off to me for some reason,"

Shania was much bigger then Epitaph, the little dragon walking out. He never seen anything like Shania before. He was wide-eyed. He looked around even more, "What is that?" He asked, actually pointing at the trees and Shania. Then looked at the building, "What is that?"

Nour looked like she couldn't comprehend the simple questions. She looked to Shania, also surprised by the transformation. That didn't stop her from feeling highly annoyed at Annie's inability to be a, as they say, team player.

Markus flinched a little before quickly snapping back to reality. He had already started to draw his spear on the Wolf lady that just had formed infront of him. Markus straightened himself out before sighing a little, he wasn't sure what he could do at this moment to help but he didn't want to stand there and do nothing. "Are we going to need to build a fire for the night?" He asked generally everyone in the group.

Annie pressed herself up against a wall back in the ruins. She examined and fiddled around with her band around her wrist.

Lucifer went to the dragon and in order. "That is a jungle, she is a wolf... a rather large white wolf, and the stone there is a building that is now so degraded they call it ruins," ever the father type.

shania shifted back to herself so she could speak, "If nothing else, I got fire covered." flames circled her hand as she lifted it "my core os fire," she explained on her world that would mean it was her element, and it would also point out a fatal flaw in her genetics, cold was a bad thing. "I don't smell anything that gives me a clue where we are... other then confirming I'm not in Gorath anymore."

"I believe, it would be best to camp inside the ruins, a holy roof is better then no roof and spend some time learning what ach of us can do to keep the group alive."

"Yes, keeping the group alive would be best." Nour said before nodding, "Maybe it would be best to stay in pairs on occasion as well. Then... Who can hunt, who can gather and who can set up camp?" Nour asked.

"I can breathe fire too!" Though, unknowingly blowing a small puff of fire next to Lucifer's leg.

Nour looked back to the other ruin and spoke loud enough, "And everyone should participate in OUR survival." Nour said loud enough for Annie to hear.

Through closer examination, Annie would see the cuff could not be removed. She lacked the number 1 and she couldn't take out the Nova coin inside of her cuff.

Markus nodded slightly, "I will come and help with the hunting then, if you wish for the assistance." Markus spoke walking towards Nour.

Annie sighed hearing Nour yelling at her indirectly at her. Annie stood up and walked her way out taking off her jacket and showing her black undershirt. "What do you wish me to do then Nour?" She asked with a slight attitude.

Shania rolled her eyes "Can we eat no help over there?" she asked nobody hear would know she was against killing sentient beings so why not act big and bad.

"It might be sour," Lucifer said, "I think I'd rather go vegan,"

"You're a vampire, you aren't 'vegan' in the first place! And I won't be any part of these savagetries." Nour said. "But if this girl won't help in our survival, then I won't stick my neck out for her." Nour said. Perhaps her first judgment of this girl was very wrong.

Nour sighed, "Then, Markus and Shania will hunt since they both said they will. Annie and Epitaph can be in charge of firewood and make a fire and find us some suitable plates and sticks for eating. Lucifer and I will try checking some of the ruins for a more suitable place to rest our heads tonight." Nour suggested, "Does this sound acceptable?"

Markus nodded a little "Zero issue's here." He spoke walking up to Shania

Annie breathed out heavily. "Whatever." She said crossing her arms and walking towards Epitaph. "Lets just get this over with already." She spoke to Epitaph walking towards the woods holding her head low.

Shania was uncomfortable. "Alright... er we need to watch our distance so... we will need to stay close, find a water sorce, water means hunt...." she said

Lucifer looked at Annie. "Sour," he muttered and looked at Nour "We are exploring the ruins?" he asked her raisin a brow. He assumed they'd leave it tomorrow anyway.

Epitaph looked up at Annie, a little terrified of the girl. He followed behind her almost reluctantly.

"Yes, let us stay close." Nour echo'd Shania and they left. She then looked to Lucifer, "Not really explore so much as find a building that lacks the hole up top. You may not suffer from temperature change, but I have a feeling the little lizard and other fire-breathing friends will." She told Lucifer. "We have no idea how cold it will get at night, despite the.. tropical like forest we are in now."

Markus nodded slightly. " I never been in a environment like this before please lead me through ill tail close behind you." Markus said flipping and flicking out his spear.

Annie began to walk into the woods keeping her head hug low and her jacket wrapped around her arm's. "What are we looking for again?" Annie said turning around towards Epitaph. As she turned around she wrapped her jacket around her which seemed to steam, almost like opening a freezer.

"I'm more used to mountains," Shania admitted. "Even Terrin's forests aren't this thick, but... water always means pray." she repeated herself. "I guess if I shifted you are small enough to ride... but I'd rather avoid that unless it's needed," Shania said looking at Marcus. "do you have a slashing weapon that could help cut the vines? If not Moonstone will be good at it, though not ideal as swords are a bit heavy for such acts." Even as she spoke she was walking into the jungle good thing heat and humidity didn't bother her too much.

"I suppose so," Lucifer told the woman. "If the need came we could collect vines and leaves making a nest in a solid corner." He said walking into the ruins and pressing walls to see how sturdy they were.

"Umm... flammable things?" Epitaph questioned. He never saw a tree before. So he didn't know what wood, kindle and firewood. The dragon thought, following her into the woods. He walked funny, as he took big slinky steps to try and stay with Annie but avoid stepping on funny looking parts of the forest floor. It was so squishy.

"Too much work if we move on soon. But if we plan on staying it wouldn't be such a bad idea." Nour suggested, "Tell me, what kind of world do you hail from?" She asked as they walked through the ruins. Most the building was one to two stories, but nothing bigger than that. This looked more like a small town.

Markus and Shania both heard the small snap of wood in the distance. A creature that looked a bit like a miniature Rihno. It was green and skinny like a deer. White spots littered it's body near it's rough skin. One large horn on the top of it's muzzle, but smaller ones running all the way along it's body. It has two tails, both with little tuffs at the end of them. It was picking leaves off of a tree, while standing on it. The crack came from it putlling down a branch.

Annie reached down onto the ground and grabbed a few dry twigs and sticks. "Stuff like this then, make sure they are as dry as possible as well." She said holding it out towards Epitaph and smiling a little.

Markus spun his spear around him quickly and crouched really low towards the sound. He raised his spear up slightly towards the beast, "That beast what is it?" Markus asked looking towards Shania.

Shania heard it and pulled a dagger from her belt she shrugged but she noted the horns, and color often things with colors were poisonous, though it wasn't over the top bright so it might be camouflage. Her world had much bigger animals with more horns and spikes then this so surely she wouldn't have too many isues.

"Me? A city with people and advanced machinery all with varying functionalities," Lucifer said. "Not a lot of people who aren't human."

Epitaph surprisingly lifted up his wings to grab hole of the twigs that Annie handed him, so his mouth for four feet he was walking on was left to keep him balanced. His wing hands even had thumb like joints on them. "Ok, I can find stuff like that, I think." He said before he looked nearby for similar things. He moved about some leaves and the jumped like a cat who gotten scared, launching backward in the air. There was a little mouse, though it was green and had moss growing on its back.

They took stances against the beast, but it didn't seem to see or hear them yet, still pulling down leaves from the tree, grazing lazily.

"Advanced Machinery. I see. My world was just developing these guns, little tubes that you stick blackpowder in and small pellets into. It impales a person." Nour told him. She didn't know what he considered advanced.

Annie had gone back to grabbing some more twigs but quickly turned towards Epitaph when he decided to leap in the air. She looked back at where he had leaped from to see the mouse meandering along where he had moved the leaves. "Really you just jumped at a mouse." Annie said sighing a little before walking over towards the mouse. She bent down slightly before reaching out her palm towards the little fella.

Markus slowly began to creep out of the bushes towards the beast. He decided to keep towards its hip area as he approached it. Markus looked back towards Shania and gestured her to also start approaching with him.
Shania sure she had a good shot went to take it darting out at the deer from such close range. She was fast and light on her feet. her dagger aimed at the beasts hind leg when downed she could easily finish it. Not used to hunting with others she just hoped neither her or Markus hurt one another..

"Those... have been around a few hundred years in my world, we now have boxes that record and replay events and broadcast them to millions of people at once." his best attempt at tv without showing it. "Ah the thing the god was using was a tv monitor, thats what shows what is broad casted out."

When Shania and Markus verged in on the beast, it's first instinct was to run. They had a pretty big headstart on it, so they were in pouncing range.

Nour seemed impressed, "A TV monitor." Nour said softly, "Then he was broadcasting his.. godly magic onto this monitor." Nour said, she peeked into a building, looked a bit like a store, but it was more intact and whole then the rest of the other buildings. It was just a bit dirty, but where wasn't? "This one?"

The mouse-like creature skitted away when Annie approched it. Epitaph was hyperventilating again.

Markus quickly leaped towards the beast as it began to take off. He did a very wide swipe towards the beasts side and caught himself with a quick roll towards the beast.

Annie sighed as the mouse ran off. "Are you okay?" Annie asked turning around and staring into Epithaph eyes.

Shania had to leap away to avoid his blade she stared at him. Who the hell did this guy think he was? She had hit the leg but she was so not going to play team when a blade was coming to her face the deer was all his.

Lucifer nodded and peeked in. "It seems sturdy... if nothing else."

Markus had not realize how close his blade actually was towards her. But he did notice his blade had hit right above her's, with this he leaped up and down towards the beast trying to drive his foot into its throat.

Annie sighed a little "Come on we still have to gather firewood." Annie said standing out and waved her hand for him to come to her.

Annoyed shania went to go back and look around to see if there was something else of interest, she wasn't going to help him and risk herself in the process. Not gonna happen. "I'll head back I trust you can handle it," she said and waved walking to head back

"Then I think we should think about using this as our new base of operations until we decided what to do further." Nour pointed out before walking back out of the building, "Then, shell we go find the others?" She asked Lucifer.

Epitaph happily trampled after Annie, wanting to get out of the bushes and trees. He wanted back inside the nice safe cave!

Markus quickly straightened himself out and jammed the spear down into the beast throat. He scanned around real quickly looking for his hunting partner. "Am i going to have to drag it back myself?" he said sighing before grabbing it around the remaining of it's next and began to drag it back towards the camp.

Annie starting picking up sticks and anything they could use for a fire and started handing some of it back towards Epitaph as they began to walk back towards the Ruins. "Have you always been this jumpy?" Annie asked while handing some wood back to him.
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The group after a successful hunt for wood and food come back to the ruins.

Nour and Lucifer were waiting for them to lead them to the new shelter they found. A broken down building that Lucifer recognized as a store. Epitaph followed behind with Annie with the wood inside of his wing claws.

"I've never seen an animal like that before," Nour commented about the animal that Shania and Markus brought back with them. It looked a bit like a deer's body, extra legs and green. But its head was flat and had a horn like a rhino.

"Just come this way, we found a better place to sleep." Nour said, motioning for the group to follow.
Markus dragged the creature and flopped it down onto the ground just a little bit away from everyone. "Indeed it is interesting, im not sure if it will provide enough meat for all of us but it will do for now." Markus said running his hand softly across his blade. The blood seemed to sizzle a little before completely vanishing. Sheathing his blade he began to walk towards Nour and follow him.

Annie looked at the creature and kinda shrugged about it. She threw down the sticks and twigs in her hands in the center of where everyone had been gathering. She sighed a little before turning towards Nour and following trying to keep towards the back of everyone.
"I don't have to eat everyday so I'm not worried." Shania said jumping up to sit on ne of the old delapitated walls on the ruin.

"Same for me," Lucifer said, "I am far to old to die from hunger so I will not be partaking." he said looking at the thing. "Though I've nt seen a thing like that before."
"Thats good to establish. I need to eat food and horde energies. Though I don't think I'll be getting the latter any time soon. So I might not be as powerful in magic." Nour told them.

"I like mice!" Epitaph said cutely behind all of them.
Markus nodded a little before walking back over towards the dead creature. "So who is gonna help me carve what we need then?" He said looking around and flinging out his spear. "Any takers?" he said chuckling a little

Annie laughed a little to herself with Epitaph's comment before walking into the Building curiously and looking around, searching if she could find anything interesting.