Gaming and the Root of Controversy

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Technically this applies to media as a whole, but in this case I'm bring the focus on Gaming.
Also Technically this is a Discussion Thread, but I left the tag as "Gaming" because let's face it, this all about Gaming.
If the Staff disagree they are free to change it.

Anyway's, Game Theory has now done two different videos about Game Controversy and what the real reason of them existing could be. Personally I find the arguments rather appealing and logical, but I'm wondering what others think about it.



Well, gaming is a relatively new form of Media that is still in it's youth. In the past few years gaming has drastically become more mainstream and it only makes sense that those on the 'outside' are gonna make fun of those on the 'inside'. However, the more popular this stuff becomes, the sooner it becomes a respected and 'authentic' form of Media. It's only a matter of time.

Also, Pewds once had the best response to "Why do people watch his stuff?"
It was "Why do people watch sports?"


What Grothnor said. It's a relatively new media and that makes it susceptible to controversy in the same way TV rot children's minds and rock and roll destroyed virginity and not using drugs.

Also Pewdiepie is generally pretty annoying. He just hit the jackpot with a niche where it exploded from there. Jealous? Hell yeah. If I could scream like a girl and act whacky and zany for tween bucks you better believe I would've jumped on that wagon. It's all a persona now he puts on like most actors playing a part.


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Controversy helps with selling and getting your game out there? No shit, sherlock. Movies, music and even books have done this for as long, if not, longer than games have been a thing. Sure, some backfire, and controversy can kill sales like John Lennon's infamous "We are more popular than Jesus" line. Even if you don't expect controversy for your product and it garners it( see the infamous "Video Nasties" Era, an absolutely interesting and insightful look in why "Censorship" controlled by a governing bodies is a bad idea.), it still can benefit you in some way, since if Product X garners X amount of controversy, at the very least, a common consumer will go "Oh, I wonder why this is so controversial? I'll check it out."

It's about 50/50, some publishers/developers will know their game will be a little controversial and market it as such(Look at Hatred) and other publishers/developers will genuinely not be prepared for the controversy and still maybe gain a profit.

"Gaming Controversy" is just like Controversy; it's a thing that has/will exist because some creators want to either "Broaden the scope of themes and settings" or just push people's buttons. I'm nearly 100% sure that "VR Controversy" will be next, and that will just be like other forms of controversy; a thing.

That's just my two cents on it
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