Games you once thought were hard (or still do)

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  1. Everyone (or at least me) have that one game that they had at one point thought were rather hard when they first played it. Am I embarrassed to admit it? Eh, no, learning new things is always a pleasure.

    Anyway, I had previously thought Skyrim: Elder Scrolls was hard. Especially Potema's Questline. I hated doing it because I always freakin died, but now, even on the hardest level it's still easier than shit to me because Ive gotten used to it.

    Hint for people having trouble passing through this quest (open)
    Get a silver sword. It works very well against draugr

    The one game that to this day is still hard for me though is Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. I have loads of fun with it but I know that I need to put it up before I get frustrated.

    What about you? Any games you still find hard? What about ones you don't?
    • Monster Hunter
    • Soulsborne
    • Most FPS games
    • Platformers in general
    There's a very particular talent that anyone can acquire.

    git gud
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  2. Once thought hard:

    World. I sunk over 100 hours into it when I got it. Touched base on it last year and I caught up with where I was in a couple days.

    Star Ocean 3. Had to shotgun it a 2nd time to get Albel. Covered a good chunk of the game in 3 hours. Worth. Lol

    If I replay FFX it will be easier by default because the first time I did not use the sphere grid until the fight with Kimahri. Oops.

    Still hard:

    Demon Souls. Nuff said.

    Sengoku Basara 3. Not so much the gameplay as the acquisition of Nobunaga. So many steps to unlock one guy. X'D
  3. X-COM.

    Night terror missions with Chryssalid for the original and lobstermen in the sequel. Once you get psionics and blaster bombs, the game basically plays itself. It's getting there...

    Apocalypse was probably the best balanced out of the three original titles. Still mercilessly kicks your teeth in though, considering if you damaged property fighting the aliens either in battles or on the cityscape view, you pissed off corporations. "I know you're saving us from the alien menace, but you blew up half of my factory. Fuck you, pay me a fine, or I won't let you buy my stuff anymore." Gets doubly worse if you accidentally pissed off the gangs, or the police, because they will raid your base and wreck your shit.

    So not only do you have to beat the already tough as nails aliens, but you have to do it with a minimum possible level of collateral damage. To property, or to persons caught on the battlefield.

    So basically, even as aliens invade a post apocalyptic science fiction Earth, McDonalds is still going to complain if you damage one of their tables while saving their employees from being molested by aliens.

    Dicks. >:[
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  4. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. I once had it on GBA and I never beat it. Fuck you Death Mountain!

    Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition. I can see why this game is the hardest in the series :( This game is oppressive!

    Bayonetta. This game isn't as hard as Devil May Cry but damn is it unforgiving! I can see why this was improved in Bayonetta 2!
  5. Bayonetta: Holy shit the difficulty of this game is actually insane. Dumbass QTEs, Clutch and limited Dodge-offsets and stupid-annoying-ass angels that WON'T STAND STILL. Don't even get me started on Gracious and Glorious angels -shudders- But hey at least Bayonetta 2 was easier?

    Mirror's Edge: Okay it wasn't that much of a good game compared to others, but damn right it had a stupid difficulty curve. Missing many many jumps was a common occurance -.-

    That's the two I can think of on the top of my head
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    You think this is just some cutesy, rhythm-based Nintendo game?? Wrong!! ...Well I mean you're technically right, but it's still a lot harder than you would expect!!

    Took me a long time to become good at it as a kid. Pretty good at it now, but I attribute that more to the skill I've gained over the years than anything else. o.o And whenever I start feeling nostalgic and decide to pick it up again, I'm always still rusty until I sit down with it for a while. O_O

    I've had friends who saw me playing this game and thought it looked easy... Which it does, but that doesn't mean it is easy, as they discovered when they decided to give it a try.

    Unlike something like Rock Band or Guitar Hero, the visual cues are really minimal -- often times the mini games will start you off with certain visual cues as a crutch, but then takes them away once it gets harder. It really forces you to pay super close attention to the rhythm to time everything right. Hell, sometimes the visuals actually try to distract and mislead you instead of helping you (I've found that it's actually easier to close my eyes on certain minigames. XD)

    Oh, and it's very precise... If you're not pressing a button at just the right time, then your rhythm's off. Simple as that. Once you get the hang of a specific minigame, though, it isn't too hard to get through it... But it's trying for certain ranks that's really nerve-wracking. There are some minigames that will deny you a "superb" if you miss only one move of a certain type... And trying for a perfect is just... ugh. And then, the pressure to get it right often just makes you choke and second-guess yourself -- made even more difficult by the 'P' that appears in the corner of the screen when you're trying for a perfect and fucking flinches on every last move... OwO""

    ...Rhythm Heaven, yo. Do recommend.
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  7. Super Mario 64. I don't know why, but I just can't seem to do well in this game at all. And then when it comes to water levels I might as well just throw my sanity out the window, but that goes for any game except Banjo. Deep water freaks me out so swimming in deep water in video games is the worst.

    This part in Starfox Adventure

    My cousin and I spent hours trying to beat this part when we were younger.
  8. The fucking struggle!! >:(

    Mother fucker, that shit was hard when I was a kid. Me and my bro literally got walled at this part and didn't beat the game for YEARS.

    Picked it up later and beat it on the first try :[
  10. Currently: XCOM, Dark Souls
    In the past: Kotor (Rancor Fight), Mount and Blade, Digimon World 2
  11. Don't remember the exact name, think it was just Rayman 3D, for the 3DS. That flipping second to last level had me playing for hours on end, trying to navigate that armless weasel on a rocket through a cave. All the other levels were fairly decent, but that last one...
  12. Probably something no one will remember/know (and I'm not even that old!), Lufia on the SNES. There was one boss I could just not beat. I stopped playing the game unable to get pas that point. Came back to it a few years later and did another playthrough. Beat him first try no problems when I got to him.
  13. I used to think Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was brutally difficult. When I was a kid I thought it was the hardest game ever, couldn't get to the dark world until I'd spent dozens of hours playing it, and then the dungeons in the dark world were even harder and I only beat a few of them before our SNES stopped working. Never did beat it until I was 18 or 19 and got it on an emulator, which turned out to be pretty damn easy thanks to many years of gaming experience.

    Nowadays the only games I find hard are things like strategy games turned up to the higher end of difficulty levels, competitive multiplayer games, and things like Dark Souls. Speaking of DS, those are the fairest kind of difficulty I've ever experienced, where literally all of the challenges can be overcome by way of persistence, observation, and practice; or in other words, git gud scrub.
  14. Final Fantasy III for the DS.

    Still impossible for me.

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  15. Prince of Persia. Or rather the fact that you had only an hour to beat it XD

  16. Bruh -_-
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  17. The only reason that anything in Dark Souls is hard is because the game is bad.

    It took me a good while in Risk of Rain to learn how to ride the timer and to figure out which items I liked best. But once I got the hang of Risk of Rain I started to beat it enough. Five times at least, to unlock Mercenary.

    I spent a long time in Blood Bowl playing and playing until I'd internalized the rules enough to keep track of the bonuses and penalties. Unfortunately, perhaps the hardest part of Blood Bowl is setting up your players before the kickoff, and there's not really a 100% applicable guide to do it by. There are really only certain guidelines you follow after playing enough and learning the game (both how your team attacks/defends and how the enemy team attacks/defends) enough to implement your strategy or block theirs.

    Kerbal Space Program is hard until you learn physics and rocket science. Then, it's just extremely challenging.
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  18. At first I was like "fite me" but then "my Afro centric brother".
    speaking of RoR, it's getting a new update soonish
    Ghosts and Goblins. Super or otherwise. That IS hard. But beating and nearly getting a perfect run was so satisfying in high school.

    DEADBOLT was hard too. Like everything once you learn it then it's a pleasantly challenging cakewalk.
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  19. I used to suck at multiplayer FPS games when I was younger. Now, I'm frequently accused of cheating. ._.
    Same with fighters, but I haven't played any in a very long time since they keep releasing new versions as soon as the old version arrives in the west. ._.
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