Games you love but everyone else hates.

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  1. Figured I'd spin it around and such :p.

    So what games do you love that everyone else seems to hate? I personally love the Dynasty Warriors games despite a lot of people hating them. To me they are mindless action romps that allow me to blow off some steam by obliterating an army's worth of AI controlled mooks. It's a good stress reliever in my opinion.

    Another three are Bound by Flame, Mars: War Logs and The Technomancer. I really like the majority of the lore they dabble in their games with. They not be perfectly crafted RPGs or even super long and filled to the brim with constant content and such, but they are really flawed fun RPGs.

    Probably Tekken as well, mainly the 6, Tag 1 and 2.

    Share your stuff!
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  2. Hmm, I wouldn't say "everyone else" hates Chronocross, but I do know not everyone was quite satisfied with the game the way it turned out >.< all the same, I have to say I might be an odd one out since I'm both a fan of Chronotrigger, and Chronocross, it's spiritual successor despite the weird direction it took.

    I do also have a knack in general for getting into games that may or may not actually be terrible, but well... Somehow were kinda addictive to me for a while, most recent one in my memory, which I last played a while back was "Pixel Piracy" I think.
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  3. Homeworld: Remastered.

    It's a pretty game. It's also fairly functional. It also comes with the original, unaltered versions of Homeworld 1 & Homeworld 2 in case you don't want to play with all the graphical enhancements and gameplay changes. I understand that it's not quite as good as the original was, but it comes with a digital copy of the original that you can play at any time. It's a solid, fun game. The AI is solid, it does its job. The multiplayer works if you want to play with friends. I don't understand the sheer amount of hatred poured onto this game, it pretty much killed any hope for a third game in the franchise outside of Deserts of Kharak. You damn fools.

    Planetary Annihilation: Titans.

    I waited until it was 10 bucks so I could blow up space moons. Was able to blow up space moons and fire a death star. 11/10.

    In all seriousness though, yeah, it's a pretty flat and simplistic title that sold at a price way too high and promised far too many things. Don't buy into hype culture kids.
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  4. Final Fantasy XII. I know lots of people don't like the combat system and how it changed from the previous games. They don't like the protagonist who seems rather useless and not really part of the plot. But I actually liked that about the game. It was interesting to watch, and it wasn't like you weren't involved in the fighting.

    Plus I really liked the world, the different cultural influences that seemed to shape it. Some places seemed rather middle eastern, others more seemed European. There were lots of colours, interesting creatures. I dunno, I just felt it was a good and fun game that was easy on the eyes.

    Prince of Persia 2008. It wasn't anything like its three predecessors. It had a completely new 'Prince' and princess. The fighting style was much different, heck the entire story was different. And that's what I loved about it. I'll admit I was apprehensive when I bought it. The game was very enjoyable, however. It had lovely graphics and the princess Elika was not only hella useful but basically the main catalyst of the story.

    Speaking of the story, it was great to see that it actually delved into Persian mythology, something the previous games hadn't done at all, since that wasn't the main plot there. The game had really fun puzzles, the acrobatics that I expected from a PoP game, and being much less linear that the previous games as well.

    And of course, there was the 'Prince' and Elika themselves. Extremely enjoyable characters that could make you laugh. Just pausing game play and listening to their banter was really fun.

    Also, I love quite a few point and click/abandonware/DOS games that many would rather not play. The graphics aren't good, the colours usually aren't the greatest. But the stories are usually awesome, and they always tend to have puzzles that you have to use your brain to solve.
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  5. FFXII. There's a lot of characters that fall flat and the plot felt unfinished at the end, but Fran and Balthier make the game worth it for me.

    Dynasty Warriors. I have one friend that likes the style. Overall its too repetitive for people and I understand that.

    DMC3. This game was made to ruin your fingers. It was also the first DMC I played so I just kind of got used to it. xD

    League of Legends. I'm the only one in my irl friends that plays really. I don't think they hate it, but they'd rather do other things and other games that feel more rewarding. I don't mind. Unfortunately lately Riot is enforcing playing with your friends which leaves people like me high and dry. "Get all these bonuses by playing with friends!" Yeeeeeah, I wish. It doesn't help that I get match anxiety so, I more often than not, I refuse invites from other players.

    Bubsy 3D. Its probably one of the worst games I've played ever. It was also one of my first games on PSone. I was tiny, and had a lot of time, and stubborn. So hundreds of hours of my youth later, I grew nostalgic feelings for that trash and now here we are. Its a terrible clunky game, if you haven't played it before, don't. Let the devil lie.

    Metal Gear Solid 2. This game gets a lot of flack online and I'm not sure why other than you're not Snake for most of it. I don't know, I think it fits in the story rather snugly. It introduced characters that were really important to 4. And what's not to love about running around naked with the Colonel's glitch ranting:
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  6. Super Smash Bros Brawl. It always seems to be the most hated of the series, and I could never really figure out why. O_o Is it because they implemented final smashes? Because that's probably the most fun addition they could make to the game, honestly. XD Yeah, the final smashes are a bit imbalanced between characters, but they fixed a lot of that in SSB4. Point is, Brawl introduced final smashes in the first place, and I'm glad they did. I also really like the Subspace Emmisary! Having a story mode in a Smash game -- despite there being no reason given for all these Nintendo characters existing in the same universe -- was still entertaining. And honestly I kind of like how much the Smash series in general revels in what little sense the crossover makes. XD I would've liked to see more done with a story mode, though, so it's a shame they didn't bring that back in SSB4.

    I also like some of the added visual polish, even if the graphics weren't a huge upgrade from Melee. Like, the detail in the denim in Mario's overalls... I'm pretty sure even the newest Mario games don't attempt that kind of detail, and just keep it a solid blue. O_o I know some people don't like the bizarre combination of realism and cartoonish look that they went for on characters like Mario, but I think it works just fine. O_o

    I also just think the character roster is a good size and a nice upgrade from Melee. I mean, Solid Snake has no reason to be there... But, like I said, I kind of enjoy what little sense this crossover makes. XD And it's nice to see Sonic there, too. I feel like that paved the way for featuring Megaman and Pacman in SSB4, giving us a true video game all stars cast, even with mascots from outside Nintendo.
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  7. Basically all of this
    FFXII is my favourite game of all time and I genuinely have a hard time understanding why people hate it so much.

    Otherwise I really like the game Folklore. I don't know if people hate it so much as haven't heard of it/given it a try because it's really weird, concept wise and gameplay wise. It's really great though; I think it's kind of a masterpiece.
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  8. I'm gonna hop on the FFXII train, as well. I admit I'm mostly just nostalgic for it, and also that I haven't even played any other FF games... but! I do have find memories of XII. It was technically my brother's game and I don't think I ever even finished it. In any case, he got rid of it a long time ago. And now that I have a PS2 of my own, I've really been considering buying my own copy so that I can try playing it again... I just feel like I'd enjoy it even more now that I'm older, as I'd probably be much better at handling all the RPG elements.
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  9. Also, Pokemon: Battle Revolution. It was a Wii game that every Pokemon fan I've met seems to either hate or just flat-out not remember.

    The main gimmick to this game is that you could connect your DS to it and copy the Pokemon from your Gen IV game into Battle Revolution and then have them fight all new challenges with ~glorious 3D graphics~. Seriously though, the graphics did look a lot nicer than the ones on the main series DS games at the time, as each Pokemon got a nice 3D character model and battle animations that were actually more-or-less on-par with the graphics in Gen VI today. You could ALSO have two people connect their DS's to the game, so you can battle your Pokemon on the big screen. I think this is my fondest memory of the game, as my brother and I did this a lot. And, yeah, seeing our Pokemon duke it out with those fancy graphics really made the whole thing a lot more entertaining, even if the actual battle mechanics were exactly the same.

    I know this is really similar to earlier games like Pokemon Stadium, but, truth be told, I've never played Stadium... So I don't know what it has that Battle Revolution lacks. I just remember really enjoying taking my Pokemon from the DS games and making them fight on the Wii -- not to mention being able to use my DS as a controller. I also remember there being other challenges that you could engage in, placing restrictions on what kinds of Pokemon you can use (like, say, not allowing Pokemon that are too heavy, too tall, etc), therefore forcing you to make do with species that you wouldn't normally use, which was interesting.

    Also!! The announcer in this game was the same VA as the narrator in the anime (or at the very least, someone who did a really good job of immitating him). And wow do the battles sound so much more important when you've got this guy shouting "looks like a critical hit!!" and "[Pokemon]'s attack missed!!". I suppose I can see how some people would find it annoying -- so I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the reasons why people don't like the game -- but, I was amused by it. XD
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  10. Wow dude really? You REALLY had to do that?! WOOOOW! XD

    Ok I hate to be that ONE person but some of the people's answers are NOT universally hated. Unless you meant hated by people you KNOW?

    Nope nope nope. That's only the competitive community that hates Brawl and they're a minority. It sold the most in the whole series and is the best-selling fighting game of all time soooooooooo it's not really universally hated. Most people I see praise it. ESPECIALLY the soundtrack.

    People don't hate Dynasty Warriors. They love the spin-offs more than the main series though so I can see where you're coming from.

    Tekken is the best selling fighting game franchise of all time so no it's not hated by everyone. But 6 is hated (and I despise it). I prefer 5.

    You just said the fan favorite DMC game. DMC2 on the other hand...... Everyone hates it!

    I know some of my answers aren't hated a lot either but I might as well say my piece:

    Final Fantasy X-2: People hate on this game for really stupid reasons. The battle system is far better than the first game and the story is also pretty nice. Just because it's the opposite of X in terms of tone doesn't make it bad. It makes a lot of sense and change is something people should expect in a series like Final Fantasy. The International version is even better with the Creature Creator giving you even more replay value and pushing you to your limits! The game is pure fun to play and it has LOTS of content to keep you entertained for hours especially the International version.

    Bayonetta: Most people I see praise the games but holy shit this witch has garnered controversy -_- When Bayonetta 2 was announced as a Wii U exclusive, people lost their shit and don't get me started on the bullshit that the idiotic Smash community started with her appearance in Smash Bros. It's almost like everywhere Bayonetta goes, salt seems to follow her.

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  11. I'm just relaying how games are represented to me from people around me unless I specify otherwise. I don't look up every fandom opinion on every game I've ever played. Dear gawd, I hope there are not Bubsy fans. I hear more praise of the first and fourth games than I do the third one, from friends and random conversations in the local game store. The poll from this small group of people says 3 wasn't very well favored among them. *shrug* I can't have a opinion of the 2nd one since I haven't played it yet. I need to get my hands on the HD remake. One day~
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  12. Ok fair enough ^_^ Most of the people I see love DMC3 and DMC1 and 4 do get a lot of praise themselves.

    I don't think anyone likes Bubsy XD
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  13. The ones that come immediately to mind are League of Legends and World of Warcraft. Also, hell, the MMO genre as a whole is largely hated on by others sectors of the gaming world, but I've enjoyed a ton of them.

    The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is not exactly hated in general, but it's definitely the most hated one by fans of the series in general. I agree that it's the worst of the lot, but I still love it anyway because taken by itself it's still a damn fun game.
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  14. ... Donkey Kong 64.

    I loved that shit as a kid. I don't care it's the collect-a-thon to out-collect every other collect-a-thon combined, you got to fly a fucking jetpack and turn into a rhino/swordfish in 3d. That blew my mind.

    The reason it gets hate is because it's slower and has some random mechanics. Another part is that it, unlike melee, was born into a time internet information sharing was far more prevalent, so outright broken things spread faster and stuff like gamefaqs have a tendency to turn everything into cancer. Well that and compared to Melee's broken Fox tier, Brawl's Metaknight was easy to play by comparison.

    Odd thing I absolutely loved about Brawl was the 2player trials. Subspace was alright, but my brother and I cleared them all on the hardest difficulty. It was glorious. I loved a lot of character choices. Fucking King Dedede. Pokémon Trainer's Zard and Ivysaur were loads of fun to play and Olimar singlehandedly made me pick up Pikmin. I mean technically, looking back, the gameplay isn't as smooth as Smash4 or as technical as melee, but they hit it out of the park in terms of packaging.

    I loved the job system and swapping them on the fly. Or grids that let you use skills from a different job. Holy fucking falcon? Yes please. The story wasn't great, but I definitely appreciated the lack of angst and a (for me) more relatable go-getter attitude of the characters.
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  15. I love this game too. Just remember that the walls aren't really there if you believe hard enough! I learned that from speed runs. Makes the game way more fun to watch
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  16. I don't lnow anyone here that hate Tekken.

    Mars, and Technomancer are two for me. They make no sense gameplay wise half the time,the voiceacting is subpar. But the worldbuilding is pretty neat.
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  17. I don't think I like any games that are hated...

    Def Jam FFNY is not as know as it should and non Wrestling fans often hate the smackdown vs raw series on PS2, but that's it.

    I love dynasty warriors as well by the way :)
    What do you think is the best one on PS2?
    I played DW2 then got 3 and it was so much better I just let go of 2 entirely, I was gonna start playing 4 but some people say it's not as good... I don't want to play them all really just one, just the best for PS2, I could use your insight...

    Dynasty Warriors 2
    Dynasty Warriors 3
    Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends
    Dynasty Warriors 4
    Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires
    Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends
    Dynasty Warriors 5
    Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires
    Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends
    Dynasty Warriors 6

    also, is Samurai Warriors good or better?
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  18. @SacredWarrior - To clarify, I don't mean literally everyone, that's impossible and highly unlikely. The DW Franchise and its spinoffs have for the most time been critically knocked down, sometimes un-deserving. as for Tekken? yeah, but I do see a lot of flack for Tag 2 and Tekken 6, like communities really thinking they are dogshit.

    @Hellis - Yeah, the voice acting in Technomancer though has improved... to average tier :p. We need more Cyberpunk RPGs.

    @Hades - I have a love for both DW3 and 4, I think as far as the PS2 Era goes those two are the best of the best imo. I'd honestly stay away from DW6 is....the worst one, like seriously. Half of the cast get given generic pole-arm weapons(Like Taishi Ci, THE GUY DUAL WIELDING FUCKIN CLUBS!).
    As for Samurai Warriors? I'd say the latest ones are better gameplay wise than most of the latest ones in DW, in my opinion that is. the Empires series are probably my favourites in the DW franchise, and I'd definitely look into them as well.
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  19. Thank you so much dude :)
  20. Serious Sam II

    It leaned almost too heavily on the silly side compared to all the other games, but it still was all about murdering everything on screen with huge guns and traversing downright epic landscapes in your quest to rid the universe of Mental. The last boss was dumb, however.
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