Games with friends or alone?

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  1. Hi, I would like to ask, do you play games alone or with friends (most of the time). I'm tired of playing alone and I ask for your opinion. Do you play alone or with friends? Is it always better to play with friends? With what friends do you ussually play (classmates, neigbhours, friends form another places...)? How more easily get friends in-game?
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  2. Most of my games are single player, but there are a couple I play with friends. I don't usually make friends in the game though; the games I play people are busy with stuff and it's annoying if someone's using the game like a chat room / social service.
  3. I play with friends most of the time. I've got myself xbox live and I use it to the best of what it can be. Playing with friends is far more fun than playing with strangers who are more than likely to call me a name and then t-bag me when I die. Gotta love it.
  4. Both. But really, I mostly play online games. Because nothing beats competing with or against someone, and WRECKING THEIR SHIT.
  5. Guys, I'm like 95% sure this is a spam account. Both of his posts have been advertising that shitty game.
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  6. I tend to play 90% of my games with friends and always look out for new cool co-op experiences OO. Though the people I usually play with are very...mixed? In their regards, I basically got only 3 I play with a lot (foreveralone ;w;)...or well, 2 because I quit the friendship with the third.
    Anyways personally I am a gamer who likes challenges and doesn't mind losing to the same shit 30 times in a row, but I hate grind.
    Then we have Fluffy, who just does silly things and keeps thinking what he does is great despite the other 3 of us telling him it is not :V
    There's Exxi, who kinda just bandwagons along but everything regarding RNG....I swear he is married to Fortuna.
    And the last of the bunch would be Farel, a dirty casual who loses motivation way too quickly :V!

    I only play "against others" if said others are randoms because I either feel terrible losing to the ones I know (I wanna be the very best~) or I feel terrible if I win because I am nice like that :<
    Despite our differences we usually still manage to have lotsa fun :D
  7. Yeah we know, but this is still a decent discussion question so this post can stay up :P
  8. These days, I prefer playing with friends. But maybe that's because I play League. I just find that when I play alone I get more angry because coughcoughtoxiccommunityandmecoughcough but playing with friends is just fun c:
  9. Gaming alone effing sucks.

    Play with buds. It's always more fun.
  10. Playing with friends. I like to see theor joy and hope leave their eyes as I perform fatality over fatality on their character in Mortal Kombat. I love to watch them slouch back in defeat every time I get the final kill cam in COD and come out in first place. I love to watch them frown when I leave their scores in the dust in Guitar Hero/Rock band/DJ Hero.
  11. I play mostly single player because I got burnt out playing online with "friends" and not very sociable to begin with.

    The only games I play with actual friends are at my local game shop because you can't exactly trash talk the other person when they're sitting next to you and fully capable of giving you a black eye if you even say half the shit people say online.
  12. Gaming all day, err'day with my boo @Fluffy

    I would say nearly half of my games are multiplayer. I am always on the look out for games that I can play with my girlfriend and friends. Most of them are Iwaku folk, actually
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