Games played in 90's-2000's but can't remember the name

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  1. I recently thought of one of the games I used to play in elementary school on the computer, alongside Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and Math Blasters.

    This particular one, I couldn't find the name or anything on this game, so I decided to ask and see if someone remembers anything be it a name of a character or something.

    The game's intro starts with the protagonist (a green monster I believe) sitting in his living chair watching TV. It was cartoony, so he probably had a bowl of popcorn or something. Anyway, the news comes on and it says that a famous actress (who is a mummy with sunglasses or something along those lines), mysteriously vanished along with a couple other monsters. It then says that they're supposedly in this big spooky mansion, which the protagonist does a heroic pose like "I'll save you!" and dashes off.

    Other stuff about this game is that it was a point and click mystery adventure kind of game. It had the graphics of Leisure Suit Larry, and there was a doctor/scientist you couldn't wake up. If you did, he would take away all the clues that you found and you'd have to start over.

    This is killing me because 10 years later I'm still wondering how that game ended.
  2. Did some Google Fu. Is it Reading Blaster?


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  3. *Screaming internally*

    I'm super happy that you found it, but I'm also angry you found this a lot faster than my 2 hour Google attempt.

    (Sheesh, I got quite a few details about this game wrong. Then again it's been a decade)
  4. @Jessica2477

    I've had a lot of practice with Googling up obscure shit without knowing what it's called. At any rate, glad I could help!

    Man, this shit takes me back though. 90's computer games were charmingly strange.
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  5. I remember playing a game when I was a kid.

    You were a person and did stuff.
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  6. Some game about a cricket. I can't freaking remember its name, and it pisses me off to no end because I clearly remember its stupidly catchy soundtrack.
  7. This one is eluding me, because all I'm finding is games about the sport.

    Got any more details? Maybe I can help.
  8. I had a few of these, but I've been able to find out the names of some (Wizards and Warriors for NES being an important one!)

    One in particular I used to love I cannot for the life of me remember the name of. It was a PC game - well 'game,' because it was more of a writing program for kids like Creative Writer - and you were in a treehouse with a green worm, and he had a little office that you could click on that he or the environment would react to. One of them would recite 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe. I dunno, I used to love the heck outta that thing.
  9. @Fauna

    "Green worm" keeps making me think Bookworm, but that was a spelling game and I can't find any evidence of them making something like what you're describing. Posting a picture anyways in case it jogs anything:


    There's also maybe Word Rescue?


  10. @Astaroth

    Oh man, the worm totally looked like the first worm, but it wasn't that game, since they all game out in the mid 2000s. The game I used to play I had to have been playing before 2001 because that's when we moved out of our old house, and I remember playing it in that house. D': I must do some more digging. Thank you for looking though!
  11. @Fauna

    I think maybe I found it. Wiggins in Storyland?


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    FREAKIN' WIGGINS. I remember that dumb name now.

    Thank you so much, I've been looking for this forever ;_;
  13. @Fauna

    No prob!

    ...Hahaha, I should start charging people or something. SORRY FOR HIJACKING YOUR THREAD, JESSICA.
  14. You are a miracle worker, sir.

    Considering you digged up the game I haven't looked at in 10+ years but wanted to find, you hijack whatever you want from me
  15. All hail @Astaroth the finder of things! May his reign be fruitful and glorious!
  16. There was a game in the early 00's that I played as a kid. I think it was alientopia or something, in terms of what it was called, where you were on a ship taking care of multiple habitats full of aliens. I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me.
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  18. So...Putt-Putt?
  19. I remember a game I used to enjoy about a guy who gets sent forward, or backward? through time and had to save his parents. I'm pretty sure it was a boy and a dog? and the dog could transform into different things, like and air horn, a ball. etc. I remember it was a sidescrolling point and click puzzle adventure. I'm not even really sure if I played it or watched my siblings play it...

    Also I think at the end you beat the villain by playing an instrument in a certain sequence?
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