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  1. Another random question to all you gamers out there who plays MMO's and console games. I have not played any MMO's in a while but I own a PS3 and a 3DS. I'm particularly fond of the Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei, and Disgaea franchise games.

    But I'm also trying to get into Kingdom Hearts and what not since I'm a major RPG fan. How about everyone share what games they play or own and their personal favorites ^^
  2. I've played all the Pokemon games Generation 3 onwards ahahah1H!!H!Haa- Pokemon Conquest and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series are my favourite spin offs. Black and White 2 are my main series favourites. Okami on the Wii is my most beloved game.

    Right now I'm playing Fire Emblem Fates, I have both Birthright and Revelations and slowly I'm rethinking my life.
  3. Fire emblem is AWESOME I borrowed my friends game Fire Emblem Awakening and absolutely LOVE it to death. I have to return it next week though and start over it's a good thing I only got to chapter 9. I can't wait to get my own official copy I'll make chapter 9 in less time than the first time I've played for sure. As for the S rank I got Chrom to LIKE my girl in 5 chapters flat lmao. I never tried the pokemon games but want too as well. So many games and so little money uwahhhh
  4. My outright favourites are storytelling games, such as:

    1. Mass Effect Trilogy
    2. Kotor
    3. Dragon Age
    4. Telltale Games
    5. Undertale

    But because of how I like to immerse myself in Narrative experiences those tend to be one play through only sort of titles. Feels cheap for me to play through it twice, breaks immersion. The only time I tend to do it is if a Save issue happened and I'm trying to tally up past choices or if ✋ ☹✌✡✋☠☝ ✌☼⚐☠ ✋❄☟ ❄☟☜ ☼☜❄✌☼❄ ✌☠ ☠☜ ☝✌☜ ☜☟✌☠✋ ✋❄☟ ☠☜☼❄✌☹☜

    Which leaves the games I've invested the most hours in. And in that regard I'd have to say...

    1. XCOM (Enemy Within & 2)
    2. Dark Souls 1-3
    3. Civilizations V & Beyond Earth
    4. Many reloaded attempts at Modding Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas

    As far as MMO's are concerned? Guild Wars 2 is pretty solid, but my outright favourite had to be Phantasy Star Universe. It's successor PSO2 is also good, better from a purely mechanical and engine standpoint, but it's less friendly with socialising with people, making friends etc. which ultimately takes a bit away for me.

    To be fair though, most those social issues isn't the games fault itself, but the fault of PSO2 being a PC MMO, while Phantasy Star Universe was a Console MMO, and the one edge Consoles tend to have over PC is that their Online Gaming is more open and fluid with social interaction, mainly thanks to automatic voice chat.
  5. The game series that I've been obsessing over the most recently would be Rhythm Heaven.

    The newest RH game is available on the 3DS eshop if you want to give it a look. OwO Definitely my favorite rhythm game experience ever -- as well as being vastly different from what you'd expect from the really well-known rhythm games like Guitar Hero or DDR. And it's surprisingly challenging once you get into it.

    I could ramble about it all day if I wanted to. ^^"

    And, I mean, any other games that I could possibly mention are all things that people are already familiar with, so yeeeaaah.
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