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  1. Gamer's Stories, Images & More

    So this is basically the place where I plan to store my works. This is a twin sibling page to the same page on the RoleplayerGuild (RpG) - my starting point as an Roleplayer. To avoid confusion I will only put sigs of those which RP on this site here. If you want to take a look at the twin page on RoleplayerGuild here is the link.
    Gamer's Stories & More RpG version.

    This thread will contain:
    Any written, visual or other works which I make.
    Completed signatures and maps which can be requested via a PM.

    Please note that I am just starting to take the first steps in the way of using GIMP to edit images into sigs or drawn maps (scanned) into digital images so at the start don't demand to much from me, please.

    Any written work or map is completely my property. Some images might have been edited with GIMP and their original non-edited versions are owned by their creators.

    Currently working on: See bellow ...

    What will be added:
    1. Regular updates of all existing sections.

    Gamer is currently working on:
    - GIMPing some of my own maps to a digital format
    - Nothing else for now.

    Image Section (open)

    All the images - be it signatures, avatars, maps or other go here.

    Signatures (open)
    Signatures I made.

    NGNL Gamer5 Sig (open)

    Avatars (open)
    All the avatars(profile pictures) I made.

    Gamer5 Sakuya (open)

    Maps (open)
    Maps I digitalized.

    Aerethia/Aeretiya (open)
    Most done by Nocturnia. I did a part of it. The original drawn map was made by me.

    Southern Lemea (open)

    Witting section (open)

    All the written works that I have written. All links provided lead to the copy of said works stored on Google Drive.

    Short Stories (open)

    Songs & Lyrics (open)

    All the songs/lyrics I written in English over the years.
    Gamer's Songs&Lyrics

    Long Stories (open)

    Place holder. Empty for now but I hope I can put something here soon.