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"Trans-Dimensional House of Random Weirdness" what are your opinions?

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  1. I will join it!

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  3. I am not sure about joing it!

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  4. I will probbably not join it.

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  1. 1. I wanted to gather all people that I roleplayed (mostly on Iwaku, but those from that come here from the Guild also are welcomed) and had fun with in one place and where I could talk to them easily. Unfortunately with the ability to create new Groups on Iwaku offline I have no choice to use other methods, hence this thread. If you roleplayed with me in past drop in this thread. For now I will list some fifty or so people that I already painstakingly added to those I follow by going through old RPs.

    2. If you are didn't roleplay with me at some point in past please refrain from positing here. It defeats the purpose of the thread and can easily be seen through. So please don't do it!

    List of people I would like to see again, be just for talks or to RP together sometime in the future:

    From "Transported to the IDS":

    From "The Game":
    @Lady Sandra

    From "All the King's Man" and it's Re-boot:

    From "Lands of Lemea":

    From "B.A.F. (Bayview Academy of Failure)":

    From "Nefastus Lupata Academy: The Return of TJA":
    @Phantom Zero
    @Gwazi Magnum

    From "Corruption of Champions" RP:
    @Detective Zero

    From "Elite Magical Girl Academy":
    @Sailor Moon
    @R-9 Pilot
    @White -- Chocolate
    @Angelic Fusion

    From "Let The Stars Fall Down":
    @Psyker Landshark

    Other RPs and 1x1s:
    @Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    Can't remember when (or in which RP) did we RP together (feel free to point out which RP it was):

    If anyone who should be on this list is not feel free to complain about it.

    Those that are on the list and we didn't talk for a long while, feel free to PM me!!! Or simply post in this thread, who knows maybe I become a connection that allows to you to discover new people to RP with!!!
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  2. I don't think our characters interacted for the brief while that it lasted, but I believe the RP we were in together might have been A Certain City's Darkness, based on the A Certain Magical Index series

    Either way, hi hi~

  3. Oh my gosh! BAF! That feels so long ago XD
  4. Yeah that was it. To bad that we didn't manage to get that one going for long.
    To bad it ended soon after I joined. Man that was one RP I really wanted to RP longer in!

    Anyways hy to both of you! Hope you are having fun and are RPing lots!
  5. Ah, ATKM. What fun that was. So, uh, what's up?
  6. Hy Dipper. Like I said I wanted to get in touch with all the people I roleplayed in the past on Iwaku. Remember the old times. Get back in touch and all. Basically I was nostalgic and had nothing else to do. I would do this in a Group but since you can't create new Groups Iwaku at the moment I had to use less elegant methods...
  8. Hy Furasian! Well we did see each other on DGame recently, but it is always nice to see a friend!
  9. *hesitantly waits in the shadows* Uh... meow? ^>.<^
  10. I've really been considering messaging Rain about permission to use the stuff in a restart. To date that was still one of the most fun roleplays I've done.
    And my characters are just sitting around collecting dust. I really wanted to explore their potential.
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  11. Ah man, BAF was so long ago, it brings back memories of the good old days~

    anyways, Hello!
  12. Yeah, I wished it lasted longer too. I really enjoyed it ^u^
  13. Yar. Anyone wanna do something? Do a game? I got my stash o computer games
  14. I would love to just do anything but I have school tomorrow, which means I will be doing a lot of this


    Yeah I haven't done any of my work yet
  15. Hy Anan. Nice to see you!
    Yeah it was a good RP. And I also know how is to have characters that you want to RP but can't find a RP for them...
    Hy, hy!
    Yeah I also wanted to see what plot did Accelerator have in mind for it...
    I should probably go eat breakfast and switch to the powerhouse computer with all kinds of games that this old laptop I am on can't even dream about running like War Thunder, Civilization V or Fallout 4...

    Anyways for all that are already here and for anyone else that comes I will probably drop by in some 6-7 hours. For now I am leaving you. Don't be shy and feel free to get to know those you haven't meet before. See you later gang!
  16. Civ! I gigantic game of Civ sounds fantastic. Granted I'm not very good but I still like it. Anyways, night peoples
  17. May Bjorn x Lotus remain forever in our hearts.
  18. All the King's Men... With squire Vidar, Lauchlan and his chair, blind Ignatius, Arthfael, Sëríé and Yrïé... Good times, even if I missed out on the Reboot.

    Shame Xanthus never managed to melt Aslaug's Rill's icy heart with his vigor.
    Ah, my memories! They betray me!
  19. What's all this then?
  20. To be fair, I posted once in the reboot IC. It was generally just a lot slower.