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  1. This is the equal, greater, or worse game.

    Essentially it is played like this Username 1, suggest Pickles or Pie

    Username 2 would responded Pickles > Pie and then add Waffles or Pancakes. And so and so forth.

    So let's begin

    Monopoly or Chess
  2. Monopoly > Chess

    Dogs or cats
  3. Dogs > Cats

    Burgers or Pizza
  4. Burgers > Pizza

    Pokemon or Digimon?
  5. Pokemon = Digimon in the end Pokemon all end up dying out, so Professors recreate Pokemon in the Digital world and call them Digiimon

    Hot Chocolate or Chai Tea
  6. Chai Tea > Hot Chocolate

    Popcorn or pretzels?
  7. Popcorn < Pretzels at least pretzels don't get stuck in teeth

    Owls or Eagles
  8. Owls > Eagles

    Turtles or Frogs?
  9. Turtles > Frogs

    Sweet crepes or savory crepes
  10. Sweet crépes > Savoury crépes

    Bicycles or trains?
  11. Bikes = Trains
    Both are hassles

    Civilization Reset <or> End of Mankind?
    ((Oops, watched too much anime again))
  12. Civilization Reset > End of Mankind
    I'd much rather start us over than end us completely.

    Wii <or> PS2
  13. Wii > PS2
    Skyward sword. Have I said enough?

    Raining cats or Raining dogs?
  14. Raining cats > raining dogs
    because they'll all live
    and less heavier.

    Demons or Angels?
  15. Demons < Angels
    I'll have to go with the giid guys here.

    Cereal or Yoghurt with mushli?
  16. Cereal > ALL MWAHAHAH

    Butter or Jam?
  17. Butter > Jam
    While it depends on what for, I do generally just like butter on most things.

    Flowers or Vines
  18. flowers > vines

    Playstation series or Nintendo consoles?
  19. Playstation < Nintendo
    I only have Nintendo experience
    What is that in your signature..?? o.O

    THE NUMBER 1234 or THE TIME 12:34
  20. 1234 < 12:34
    Seeing it on the time is far more pleasing.

    Toast or bagels?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.