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Game World Pairings, female wanted

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Rion, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. I am in the mood for some game world inspired roleplays. I should be able to provide some plot ideas if any of these settings interest you. I'm currently only looking for a single RP.

    Little about myself:
    -I usually write a full paragraph and try my best to return what I get.
    -English happens to be my second language, so few errors might occur.
    -I won't poof.
    -I should be able to post twice a day, perhaps more.
    -I would like to see at least 50% smut, but less is also fine.

    My requirement:
    -No less than three lines.
    -I try to keep the grammar good, you should too.
    -Let me know if there is something you dislike, or if you have to leave for a longer period of time.
    -MxF pairing only.
    -Female only please.

    * = Interested.
    ** = Slightly more interested.
    *** = Very interested.

    Dragon Age inquisition***
    -Be it canon or not, this world could be amazing for RP.
    Pairing suggestions:
    The Inquisitor(Male) x Cassandra**
    The Inquisitor(Male) x Josephine
    The Inquisitor(Male) x Leliana
    The Elder One x Slave*
    Cullen x The Inquisitor(Female)*
    Blackwall x The Inquisitor(Female)
    OC x OC**

    StarCraft II**
    -For the sci-fi fan.
    Pairing suggestions:
    Jim Raynor x Kerrigan***
    Jim Raynor x Nova
    Matt Horner x Mira Han**
    OC x OC

    -Gun blazing and all that. Lot of canon characters.
    Pairing suggestions:
    Roland x Lilith
    Roland Maya
    Roland x Gaige
    Jack x Athena
    Jack x Moxxi**
    Jack x Nisha
    OC x OC**

    Other games could be:
    Overload or perhaps TitanFall.

    Let me know what you think below, and we can work out a plot that will suit us both.