Game Rules & FAQs

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To keep things simple, there's only three rules to Iwaku World:

1) The MAIN plot will be moving from Chapter 1 to Chapter 13. (We're currently on Chapter 2). If you want to post in other locations you can, but these will be considered as side-adventures or prequels/sequels to the main events.

2) If your post is more than 20 lines long, please include a summary at the end.

3) Your character sheets will be reviewed by MYRNODYN OR ASMODEUS, who will advise you on any changes. This is to ensure that no one character derails the plot with their superpowers. Characters who make interesting posts and plot events throughout the story will be awarded with "Commendations" to their character sheet, which will take the form of additional special powers.

This is also a thread to ask questions about stuff. Most will be about the world etc, IC questions, but feel free to ask about game mechanics and OOC stuff too.