Game Over, OOC

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  1. Game Over.

    You died an unfortunate death and are now in the after life.

    What is the afterlife, you ask?

    Well, this is a series of alternate dimensions guided by your Guardian Angel(TM) where your will have the chance to live countless of possible lives you may have had, from simply living as the opposite sex to living the immortal life of a god. The possibilities are limitless, locked deep inside your soul. Only your action can unlock them.

    You will start as a normal human in a normal world, but beware, your Guardian Angel have a weird sense of humour! Are you ready to start?

    New Game?
    [Yes] No​

    Here is a place to ask questions and chat, don't be shy!
  2. so if you are a girl you have to be a guy cool i think?
  3. You can be any gender you want, if you were a guy but want to continue to be so, no problem!
  4. I spotted the thread in Jump In; it sounded like a great kooky plot. It's late, so I'm not sure I'll be much use now, but I'll be sure to check back in tomorrow.
  5. Glad to hear it!
  6. I left it slightly vague for possible future plot-points. Also, question: after the gender selection screen, will our characters be "teleported" to an earth-like world (normal, as you posted) then? Or is it more specific like a city? Or open? I'm willing to make edits.
  7. I take it he selected to be male again? The next step is the 'Origin' room where your character choose in what circumstances he or she will be reborn. For now it's pretty much Low, Middle or Upper class or Orphan but it will grow as other origins are unlocked.
  8. Yes. I thought it would be fun to switch genders, but it didn't fit with the character. It's an interesting thought. If we, as young souls, chose our own difficulty in life.
  9. Yeah, but this one will be a little more special as he will be able to remember his lives and see strange videogamey things that only he can hear/see.
  10. Good point. Though some would claim their life was like a video game. :P