GAME ON ! A really dumb videogame-like RP

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    GUESS !

    Fine,don't. Didn't want to pressure you.
    ' GAME ON ! ' is a funny and really unprofessional story.
    You can jump in at any time ! It can even be really stupid,like ' Professor snugglegus pops out of this air ! Fairy dust ! '
    Gotta add SPICE,am I right ?
    But if you do,please give a lil' bit of background 'fore you pop in and scare the shit out of everyone.
    It's based off of a video game realm.Create the story as you go along.
    Here's a picture of what Tedrick Mastershire looks like { } I really recommend using that character creator. It fits the scene perfect,but you don't gotta have some fancy picture to go along with ya' character.
    Okay,lets set the scene.
    You all live in a big city.Real big.And one day,while walking home,Tedrick Mastershire [ Rich kid.Pretty stupid.Likes swords.Doesn't know how to really use swords. ] sees big-ass words in the sky.
    It says...

    > START
  2. It disappears soon after. Tedrick sees some people emerge out of the blackness of the corner store.That was the place where he was heading ! They must be evil servants of the big bossman of the story. Time to get your fight on.
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    "March you lackeys! Remember, enemies first, mini-boss at the back." A rather odd looking creature yelled as he emerged from the corner store. He was followed by a swarm of green birds with blue flame as there heads. The creature moved out of the way as slimes, goblins, and wargs crawled out of the store. One of the goblins walked nervously up to him and said, "Uh... General Bafu sir, shouldn't we put the mini- boss in fron-" But he was cut off by Bafu kicking his head at the hero looking guy. "DO NOT SASS ME YOU LITTLE BOOGER!" General Bafu, the second to last boss in the game, shouted.
  4. Tedrick was appalled ! The nerve !
    He couldn't hear what they were saying,but he knew it was not good. Drawing his shitty sword that he doesn't even know how to handle properly, he
    Tedrick earned +1 Ignorance level
  5. [​IMG]
    He makes this face to taunt his enemy.He has no idea what he is doing and could really use a friend right now.
  6. [​IMG]
    Almost as if at the perfect moment, a fighter jet comes crashing into the crowd of henchman, killing many all at once. Frank fell from the skies and landed right next to Tedrick. "Alright bud," he said before throwing him an AK-47. "Let's get to work!" Frank took out his dual swords and rushed into the mob, hacking and slashing at anyone who was in his way of the mini boss.
  7. Bafu blinked at the heavily armed weirdo who was now chopping up his attack force. He looked into the store and yelled, "Blarg! Kill these idiots!" The doors were ripped off their hinges as a mighty looking orc stomped out. He wielded a large two headed axe and yelled in some primitive language before charging at Frank.

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  8. Tedrick greeted his new ally,and threw away the sword he didn't know how to use.Instead,he took out his dual magnum revolvers.He likes swords,but he still has no idea how to use him.
    Following his example,Tedrick starts taking some carefully aimed shots at Blarg,
    a bullet his his knee and sent him toppling over onto Frank.
    Tedrick went to finish him off,and rolled for killshot !
    ( , roll one dice whenever you feel like it fits in the situation )
    He rolled 1 and instead of finishing him off he lightly caressed his back.
    Blarg and Tedrick felt equally uncomfortable.
  9. He then noticed the ak-47 on the ground next to him,and groaned for not noticing it.
    Tedricks ignorance level has gained +1 again.His new level is 32.
  10. : Jack Badass

    Suddenly, Jack; the one badass dude that skips school and plays video games, came falling out of the sky, from where he had been watching the events unfold from his awesome, yet shitty apartment building. He landed, with a gigantic crash, on top of Blarg's back, snapping multiple bones - and they were not his own. "Hah! Ugly ass orc!" He smirked - because he was too badass to grin - before rolling for the killshot that Tedrick failed at. He rolled a wopping six, and before anyone could say anything, Jack brought his right foot up. It glowed a fiery, badass crimson, and as he slammed it down onto Blorg's face, the face exploded in gore, while a large shockwave of badass proportions blasted away nearby enemies and allies due to the force.

    +10 to Badass Curb Stomp.
  11. Bafu slow clapped after the performance. "Goooood joooob noobs. You killed the first mini-boss." He hid a snicker but not enough for them not to see it. "I think the Master will be very interested in you. But for now I bid you adue. Don't be too sad, I'll be back at Level 2." He laughed and snapped his fingers before being swept away by a tornado of bird and fire.
  12. [​IMG]

    Archibal looked on in horror as the first miniboss was so easily defeated. As the final boss, he had every right to be worried. The heroes were this much closer to him. He turned towards the door to his office and waited for Bafu to enter with an excuse for the easy defeat of the level 1 miniboss. He'd be receiving an earful for this one. They only had over 9,000 minibosses, and Bafu was acting like they grew on trees. The madness!
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  13. Oh good game developers. Bafu sighed as he slowly made his way to Archibal's office, taking a glance at the Blarg tree. He passed the portrait room, staring at a long line of terrifying and powerful final bosses that he gladly called Master, eventually stopping at that moron he despised so much.
    Archiblal Blackheart
    The bother's mother's uncle's cousin of Dread Blackheart.

    He looked at the portrait next to it, his favorite Master.

    Dread Blackheart
    Son of Eniok Blackheart.

    Bafu shook his head, now there was a man who could make full leveled power players quake in there boots. To bad he disappeared without a heir, now General Bafu had to take orders from a powerless idiot. He took his sweet time walking to the office, searching for that "holy fuck this guy can murder me with his toenail" feeling. It didn't come. He entered Archibal's office and said, "look, I know you must be horrified that they killed Blarg, but I have a idea..."
  14. Archibal looked at Bafu as he entered the room. He began to laugh hysterically at Bafu's words. This lasted a good 10 minutes before it ended in an abrupt cough. "Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhh? Teeeeeerrriiiiffffiiiieeeed? Nooooooooooooooooo."

    Archibal squeezed the head of a small dog plushie and then flung it at the wall. "NO! ARCHIBAL IS NOT AFRAID! ARCHIBAL IS FINAL BOSS! RUUARAGHARAGH!" The crazed final boss rushed over to the wall and began kicking holes into it. "NOOOOOT TERRIFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIED!" The fit lasted 5 minutes before he collapsed on the floor. "Archibal needs a hot bath..." he said, crawling towards the bathroom. "Do the thing with the talking and the explaining of the thing that you think is the thing that I should do."

  15. 'I think you should jump off a cliff you pitiful weakling.' Bafu thought in the back of his head as he struggled not to remove Archibal's eyes with spinning razor blades. He watched with hidden rage as his 'master' threw a tantrum then crawled into the bathroom. He stood out side of the putrid portal to hell that was the man's restroom and spoke loud enough for Archibal to hear. "Well, I thought since... you know Dread left us the Hardcore Button... we could use that and kill them off with only a few minions." He spoke of the legendary red button that would make the game so testical-chrushingly hard that not even that badass would survive.
  16. Tedrick said hi to his friend. Apparently, he allready had most of his skills unlocked and had at least 20 more levels then everyone else.
    He then walked inside the pawn shop,and to his suprise,it looked very different on the inside.
    He had zero rupees. Goddamnit.
    He had some change,but not nearly enough for bus fare.He didn't even know if this shop took actual money.There must be thirty different kinds of currency in this world.
    If anything,he found some eriduim on the ground.Nice.
    Maybe he'd find a black market to spend it on or something.

    While he was here he decided to check out his inventory...


    He doesn't want to be caught with this contraband.



    Holy shit,these are the bomb.

    He always uses these.Never understood the delicious bonus though.He tasted them,and they tasted like metal.

    Okay.Let's go meet up with the squad and do some sidequests.
  17. Ugh...
    There's a lot here.
    He asked Jack and Frank about that one where they had to hunt down the legendary Kazakhoole Frog of Treachery,and the one where they had to kill shopping cart knights to obtain some foodstuffs.
    God,he hates shopping cart knights.Riding around in those little carts with their spears and shit.
    Just the worst.
  18. Ignoring the words of the general Bafu, Archibal began looking through his contacts. He knew just the person for the job. It was someone he'd never called upon before, but he should be more than enough for these new hooligans. He pulled out his phone and called the man.
    "Hello?" the man on the other end said in a Swedish accent. "Oh, ves. I can kill dem so easivy. Dey von't see it coming." The man looked at himself in the mirror and grabbed his trusty cotton candy sword before heading out.


  19. Jack walked towards the Shopping Cart Knight, his new awesome leather jacket of Metallic Shine glinting in the light. "Hiyah!" He roared, suddenly leaping forward with the crimson flames of hell wrapping around his form. jack slammed a fist against the knight's mask, watching with a smirk as it was blasted high into the air, where it bursted into flames and ash.
  20. [​IMG]
    The Mad Hatteress, a genderbent version of the Mad Hatter, resident of Wonderland.

    The young woman, the female equivalent to the Mad Hatter, had been sitting on a cloud, watching everything unfold. She dropped down. "You people are absolutely unwonderlandifily crazy!" She looked down at the quest book in her hands.
    Hatteress received -1 sanity!
    "Side quests? What about back quests?" she laughed to herself.
    (If this is no acceptable, please tell)