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  1. Just checking to see if any one would be interested in doing a GoT type rp. I was thinking of basing when Aegon the Conquer came united the seven kingdoms or we can think of something different open to ideas and doesn't really need to be based in the world of GoT just something like it. I guess mainly what I'm looking for is 3-7 kingdoms going to war with each other.
  2. I might be interested.
  3. Somewhat interested.
  4. Quite interested although i've only read up to midway through the second book.
  5. YES. DO WANT. :D
  6. awesome guys. im gonna put a few ideas together on here later on tonight or first thing tomorrow. would like to have two more people but if not that ok
  7. I'd like to see how this develops. But I'll agree to participate if we can pull it off well.
  8. There is seven kingdoms but nine regions which are going back and forth a lot before Aegon came during the War of Conquest two more kingdoms came well one gained its independecy from the ironborn when they side with Aegon and the Crownlands is where Aegon landed. Ok so here is how I am wanting to do this. We each pick a Kingdom to rule and redo the war it doesn't have to be the same way it happened in the books now in most rp's the rper's are in group and social interact now with a rp like this the only way to do that would be to pretty much have our armies fight each other so I thought it would be a good idea that if you wanted you can have more than one character like a maester, messengers, knight, captain, or a lord to some one else's Kingdom for example my kingdom will be the north but I can have a maester to some one else King like to House Lannister if it's ok with that person. So that we build dialog and story with each other. But you're main character will be the King of the Kingdom you pick.
    You can do alliances with each other or go to war with each other but the main of the story will be based on Aegon conquering all the kingdoms. If no one wants to do House Targaryen I'll play as him but I'm wanting my main to be House Stark. So far only six of us has showed any interest in this so far. So if you all are still interested in doing just pick the house you want and I'll think of something for the houses that wasn't picked. Like I said earlier most rp's are people in one group and this severl different kingdoms and this was best way I thought we could do it. Also Aegon had dragons and pretty much conquered the seven kingdoms pretty easily so to make things more fun I doubt I'll be letting Aegon have any dragons in the rp, sorry. The only way I can think of fairly some one winning a battle (Like if House Stark is facing House Targaryen) is I'll flip a coin or who ever the two people are can discuss and work it out themselves.

    Two of the houses some of you guys might not recognize like Hoare/Durrendon. Those was the Houses who ruled the said kingdoms before Aegon beat them and replaced them with Greyjoy/Barratheon but if you want to use the current ones and not the old ones you can. I hope I didn't overlook anything if I did let me know. Hope yall are still interested if so I'll start the ooc then actual thread itself.

    Also here is a map of westeros 300px-Seven_Kingdoms.png

    Kingdom of the Isles and the Riverlands(House Hoare)
    Kingdom of the Stormlands(House Durrendon)
    Kingdom of the Rock(House Lannister)
    Kingdom of the Reach(House Gardener)
    Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale(House Arryn)
    Kingdom of the North (House Stark)
    Princedom of Dorne(House Martell)

    New Kingdoms.

    Crownlands(House Targaryen)
    Riverlands (House Tully)
  9. If the Targaryen's didn't have dragons they wouldn't really have enough power to do any of what they did. They didn't have enough men compared to everyone else. And while I understand what your doing I'm going to have to decline because someone I know is making an awesome system for RP's involving ruling nations and I would rather wait for his RP.
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