Game of Thrones (Spoilers if you have not seen all seasons)

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  1. So my Husband and I are talking about The new season and some of the old. We're wondering if the red Priestess is bringing Jon Snow back, because he is the only one with kings blood. What do you think?

    People who we think are still alive or will be

    The hound- Don't actually show him die
    Jon Snow- above why
    Arya sword instructor- Don't see him dead

    Which ties into what was Jaqen H'ghar doing caught in a cage. He is a bad ass mother fucker who was in the strong hold ganking people left and right and can change faces. He can take sight and do all this stuff so why was he in that cage? we think he was Arya's sword mentor

    Two things will happen at Kingslanding crazy Religious nuts will take over or Zersie will win with the mountain and she will loose a lot of people.

    Also Jamie is pissed about what happened to his daughter What will happen their?

    Sansa is a sadly protected by Theon and little finger so her ass can't get ganked. Stupid Bitch I hate her.

    Daenerys is captured but has the two men coming for her but that one guy has greyscale so let's see if he can stop it. Also want Daenerys to be slapped for locking up her dragons like a dumbass.

    Bran I hope is going to be a dragon rider, that be really cool.

    also if Jon Snow lives he is gonna be pissed and rage the hell out.

    Let me know what you think will happen or ask for more info on certain things I have said.
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  2. Film Theory also did an episode that better strengthen the case of this happening.

    Ooooooh! :3
    I like this one.

    And it would work well for Arya too.
  3. right sorry wasn't sure how to spell her name
  4. Jon Snow either becomes Resurrection Man 2.0 and joins forces with Daenerys (because Ice and Fire, yo)


    Jon Snow becomes Zombie Snow as a White Walker and fights against Daenerys (again, because Ice and Fire, yo)
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  5. will see
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  6. think Jon Snow will live. O_O And I think the Stark Daughters will become DRAGON RIDERS.

    But I also think the apocalypse will happen and everyone will die because Martin is kinda an asshole. >>;
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  7. Sansa doesn't deserve that honour! >:C
    Only Arya should be one.

  8. see I think Arya and Bran will be dragon riders.Sansa could go drop dead for the love of God please

    yeah agreed the white walkers could Frick Shit up
  9. No! Arya and Tyrion will both live, and make the coolest king and queen in existence. :applause:

    That's how I wish it would end anyway.....
  10. that be cool
  11. holy tits on a porn star

    that'd be BADASS
  12. I miss Eddard Stark. :(
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  13. Bruh same fucking Sansas fault
  14. People are giving Sansa a lot of shit (and man I hated her too at first ><) but she's had to go through a lot of bullshit and is kinda growing as character. O___O Her life was spoiled and she was brat. But then she got to see what a real brat was like, and what power and abuse does, death of her whole family, the liars and psychos of the world... I think all that is going to make her a badass.

    Look at what all that pain did for Daenerys. 8D

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  15. Seriously, the show would be over if the following chars were still alive and, you know, not douching out:

    Eddard Stark

    Stannis the Mannis Baretheon

    Tywin 'Tywinning' Lannister

    plus Tyrion

    These four got their shit together and combined their superpowers into a Voltron mecha, they wouldn't need dragonglass or dragons. They'd just roflstomp the white walkers.

    Fortunately, they would never work together and many are dead, thus opening up the possibility of the aforementioned idea that arya could be a ninja dragon rider. because holy shit, that's a great idea.
  16. She told her whole family to go fuck themselves basically and go die. Look they do and boo hoo she crys. she asked for it then she whines and complains about being in the castle 6 people offer her a way out. she declines then cries about it. She deserves everything she had coming to her and more
  17. Stannis

    and Tywin got what they deserved

    just waiting for that rat that Sansa was married to be ganked
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