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  1. Thoughts?

    I'm definitely eager for another Season.
    Marthoning four seasons in 2 days made for an incredible 2 days, and I was completely dissapointed when I was forced to stop on account of the 5th Season not being out yet.
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  2. I want my goddamn Kingsmoot.
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  3. House of Black and White! That is all -Falls over-
  4. Argh. I can't. I had chills throughout the entire thing. I don't know if that was because of the terrible quality or because of the content of the trailer, haha!

    I am so excited! I have watched every season, but the fourth for at least 4 times. In February, I'll be able to watch my friend start and finish Season 4 so then we can wait for Season 5 together. Unfortunately, pretty much all of Season 4 was spoiled for her, but she doesn't know the context and she doesn't know what happens in The Mountain and The Viper episode, so we're good! Yay, run-on sentences!
  5. i just watched episode 309 yesterday

    my reaction was "fuck"

    later my reaction was "ok, i am strangely ok with daenerys kicking everyones ass now"
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    Terrified of this new season. @_____@
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  7. I hope davos seaworth becomes king of westeros

    He's like ned stark

    Not a dick

    He's like a level 10 lawful good male human notadick. ...who later multiclassed into fighter and rogue. But mostly has levels in notadick
  8. I haven't even looked at that trailer and I'm already screaming and crying with excitement. Hell, I even sense a theme change coming up if my excitement doesn't ebb away...
  9. I'm hyped as fuck. Still extremely confused as to what they're going to be doing with the Greyjoys this season, because of book knowledge not matching things I know from the show, but other than that I'm already reaching max hype levels. I don't want to wait 10 more weeks. :<
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  10. It's probably best for your health that you don't watch the trailer then.
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  11. I'm sure I'll be watching once my mother stumbles upon the video. It's only a matter of time...
  12. Show Spoiler
    Jon Snow becomes leader of the Night's Watch and is stabbed by his comrades because they disagree with him.

    Show Spoiler
    Catelyn Stark comes back as a zombie and thinks Brienne is a traitor.

    Show Spoiler
    Both of those things happen at the end of the book.

    Ya'll folks need literature.
  13. On the one hand I want to say it's rude to give spoilers to the show watching people.

    On the other hand they're literally in spoiler tags.

    I guess you're in the clear. :lol:
  14. Show Spoiler
    I haven't finished the latest book. It's hard to let my spouse whimper, gasp, and look at me terrified and not ask whats going on.
  15. I don't want to wait any longer! I can't wait for the next book to be released, I think it's been 2 years going on three now? I feel bad for George R. R. Martin, as he is pressed for time to finished it. :/

    I can't wait for find out more of Arya story.

    I love and hate this game! Arg!
  16. I hope that nice Mountain chap pulls through. I've been losing my head over it.
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  17. You're my hero. I lulzed.

    I also preordered a replica of Khal Drogo's Arakh. Because yes.

    I don't know if it's still true, but the creators said they weren't doing LSH for the show.

    I hope I'm wrong.
  18. Three and a half years, actually. A Dance with Dragons released July 12, 2011. Also, his UK publisher said that the next book is not expected for 2015. It's entirely possible that the show will completely catch up to the books before The Winds of Winter is released. :lol:
  19. I tried to remember what year it was when my close friend gave me the book for a Christmas gift, my apologies for getting the wrong year. I agree, the series is already catching up to the book although I'm curious to see where it leads. I also heard that the actors have signed a 2 year contract, for when the new book does get released?
  20. Yeah, I googled the fates of most characters before I even started reading.

    Now, before people start bitching at me:

    Some things about the trailer (open)
    No seriously these are spoilers don't complain about me. (open)
    It's your damn fault for opening these things anyway. (open)

    -Brazen Beasts and the House of Black and White were the only things that got me interested.

    -4th and 5th books were pretty devoid of action, so I'm wondering about some of the fighting we see here.

    -I really want my Kingsmoot and Greyjoy story-line, but I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing it this season, or at all. They will likely stick some stuff with Asha, but I bet they mull over most of the cool piratey stuff that goes down. That, or they just stick some known character in the plot of Victarion (inb4Bronn). This will be a shame, because all the things that happen with the Iron-born was one of the highlights of this part of the story, and they introduce some colorfull characters that I bet we never encounter (damp-hair, all those potential kings, Euron Crows-Eye, ect...

    -Still no Strong Belwas? Whyyyyyyyyyyy?

    -Again, it looks like there's gonna be no Lady Stoneheart. I don't mind, because Catelyn was literally my most hated character. But they are either saving her for the absolute last moment, or she's not a thing in this season again.

    -I didn't see much Martell stuff in the trailer, I do hope that plot doesn't get pushed off to the side.

    -Saw Jon and House Arryn featured a bit in this trailer, it looks like they might be livening up their story, I don't mind that at all.

    -Still no mention or casting of Quentyn Martell, it looks like they will also be gliding over his story.

    -Also, it looks like Jaime is gonna be in Dorne, rather than go off West. I kinda hate this, because they might try to shoe-horn him into another Kings-guard role down there rather than focus on him wrapping up the war.

    -If they end up cutting Aegon and the Golden Company along with the Greyjoys, I'm gonna start murdering people.
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