Game of Thrones OC RP Idea

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  1. So I have yet to come across a Game of Thrones RP and I have been itching to do one.
    I am new to this site as an RPer so I have yet to create a thread of my own.
    I am throwing the idea out there to see if anyone else would be interested in an OC Game of Thrones type of RP
    mainly having the different Kingdoms and conflict within them.
    I'm looking for probably around seven different Kingdoms if anyone is interested in starting something like this up and helping a newbie out at creating it ^_^
  2. Ohhh... Anything GoT I am there!
  3. Haha that's how I feel hence my recent itch to play a good one ^_^
  4. Well count me in :) Have to love the action , drama , romance and all that fun magic. ^-^
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  5. Perfect! Hopefully more people will show interest as well ^_^
  6. *Peaks out from behind the wall* Well as a person that has read the books this has my attention.
  7. Yay! Another person! I will wait for at least a few more before I get started on anything ^_^
  8. I'm interested! Count me in.
  9. Great!! Just a few more people needed (:
  10. I'm thinking of doing different kingdoms that need to be ruled so it would be similar to Game of Thrones in a sense but you can make your characters your own and then of course there's the supporting characters so if some people wanted to discuss possible relationships and what not with others and about the kingdoms I would like to get everyone's input (:
  11. Guys i would love this!
  12. I just need one to two more people to get the thread started up as long as everyone is still in ^_^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.