Game of Thrones New Age

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  1. It’s been years since King Joffery sat, and died on the Iron Throne. Years ago, the rebellious, self proclaimed King of the North, Robb Stark was defeated in battle. His rebellion died with him and harsh consequences were paid to the North. All of the northern lords’ lands were sized and redistributed. The only Starks to survive where: Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rikkon. Sansa eventually escaped King’s landing and went into hiding, no one ever found her. Arya made her way to the Brotherhood, along with Gendry, where she trained and joined their ranks after she turned of age. She married Gendry and had an unknown number of children with him. Bran and Rikkon traveled north towards and past the wall, where they eventually met up with the Jon Snow, their bastard half-brother and joined him. The Wildlings managed to breach the wall. However, not long after, White Walkers came and did the same. A war erupted, and is still being fought.

    The now king, Ragor Lannister, is a cruel man and has no mercy for those he rules. The White Walkers now hold the northern half of the continent. All of the humans, living ones anyways, hold the south. A border has been set up along the Trident River. There’s a constant war every night and the border is slowly, but surely being pressed further South. And on top of the White Walker threat, theres rumor that another rebellion is brewing…