Game of Thrones inspired, serious dark/high fantasy RP?

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  1. The War For The North​
    In the North, the winter is so fierce that the people fear it. The entire ocean freezes up, calling what the men of the land call the "Ice Bridge". Seperating the North from the other directions is a mysterious, giant golden gate with a wall taller than the tallest tower squaring off the Northern region. It was said to have been built in the time of giant, due to the fact that it was in the deepest part of the Widdower Ocean. Nobody knows exactly what created the Northern wall, but Giants are what is used in the stories. After sailing in the north past the gate, if you can get past that, you will come to three islands forming a trinagle; the biggest of which is known as the Thorn. It is where men are exiled to. There are no tribes inhabiting it. No men. Only beasts and insects, and monsters. The Thorn is the focus for this tale...capture the Thorn, you have leverage in the war for the North.​
    Two Kingdoms​
    Man and Elf have never gotten along. Elf and Orc have never gotten along. Man and Orc haven't gotten along at all, even slightly. Lately, the Orcish forces have been forced back into the mountains and hollow hills and underground fortresses in which they came from. The year is 1214, and the continent of Spire is under a new wave of war. Man wants what Elf has. Elf wants what Man has. Both have become too greedy to trade, or give up what they have. The Elfish people want to leave their forested cities, and go for the higher cities and towns. The men want to expand their military, but the Elves and their tree people, their beasts that walk on all fours, and their alliances with the half giants always manage to push them back. The men, even armed in big numbers with their big swords, wolves the size of horses, and spellcasters as powerful as they come cannot take the entire East, which is inhabited by them. The men of the south dare not migrate to the West, for Orcs and terrible creatures of myth and legend dwell. As soon as the Elven council hears about the daft idea of settling into the North, they decide that's what they want to do.​
    This roleplay will not just be about war, or fantasy smut. Although my goal is to make it like the Song of Ice and Fire, it will be about developing, killing, and using multiple characters in a series of roleplays. Anyone interested? Multiple plots, and multiple characters aloud.​
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  2. Well I'm Interested, Of course the whole shebang depends on if the RP gets enough players.
    But you can consider me in.
  3. Well hoping! I'm putting a lot of world building into this as it is, and a lot of plot ideas and points. Remember! It's encouraged to have multiple characters, due to the fact characters will be killed off to help progress the plot, or to cause emotional drama.
  4. Will do! It's about time I try out two characters for once. ^^ Anyroad, here's to hoping this gets more players!
  5. Here here! If you could get some of the people you roleplay with interested, I'd love that. Even if some of them get bored, we can just kill 'em off and move on.
  6. I'll... Just put it my siggy... I'm not very good at remembering to advertise stuff ^^; But I can at least do that.
  7. I would enjoy doing this too.
  8. Alright! The link to the sign up thread is in there, remember: you can play your own character and/or take oin the role of a pre-set character! Please start thinking about your character(s), I would like to try and start this weekend.
  9. [BCOLOR=#00ff00]I am definitely going to join this rp^^. New to Iwaku but been on Roleplayerguild, so this looks funner. [/BCOLOR]
  10. Alright! So in this thread here, I have a link. It'll take you to a character page. You can make your own character, or use a role already created.
  11. Oh, I actually expected a Game Of Thrones RP. *Shrug* whatever, I'll still join. Are custom races allowed though? Like, Lizardmen, or Dwarves?

    Also, you say "The North", but I don't know what you mean. The North in Westeros?
  12. let's just stick with human and elf for now. Maybe once we venture into the nirth and discover more, then you can make a character of a new race.

    In a way, yes. It is cold, freezing during the winter, and cold during the summer. Most beyond the Northren wall is undiscovered, and many monsters and creatures lurk. I would make a game of thrones fanfction roleplay, but I'm only on page 300 of the first book.
  13. True. ANd you'd probably die of spoilers. XD And remember, VALAR MORGULLIS! :D
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