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  1. Hey there Iwaku! So I decided to finally create another search thread for a craving I have been wanting to scratch for a couple weeks now, essentially since the new season started airing. Let me start off with a couple rules:

    - Minimum of 3 paragraphs per reply.
    - Both short- or long-term rps are fine.
    - Any gender is welcome, but I generally prefer playing f in either a f/m or f/f pairing.
    - Creativity and Input is encouraged
    - Both plot- or smut-driven are accepted. Romance always is fun as well, though I'm happy with non-consensual or semi-consensual rps too.
    - I'm fine with mature scenes, in which case I prefer playing either a switch or the submissive role. But I can dom as well occasionally.
    - Dark Content is very much welcomed. In fact I'm particularly intrigued by the darker aspects of the universe to begin with and consider myself without limits.
    - I'd also enjoy a focus on psychological themes such as betrayal, grief, sorrow, shame etc.​

    That's pretty much it. So onto pairings and characters:

    I'd really enjoy playing one of the multiple canon characters, however, I also can play OC's if that's preferred, and am happy with either a canonxcanon, canonxOC or OCxOC pairing.

    Regarding canons, the characters I'd absolutely adore playing are:
    - Arya Stark (yes pls, I really want to play her)
    - Daenerys Targaryen
    - Meera Reed​

    Other characters I can play that are lower on my priority list:
    - Sansa Stark
    - Margaery Tyrell
    - Asha Greyjoy
    - Tyene Sand
    - Ygritte
    - Missandei​

    Characters I'd enjoy playing against:
    - Ramsay Bolton <3
    - Cersei Lannister
    - Jaime Lannister
    - Sandor Clegane
    - Gregor Clegane
    - Oberyn Martell
    - Areo Hotah
    - Littlefinger
    - Meliasandre
    - Tommen Lannister​

    However, as I said, I'm also happy with a pure OC rp, in which case the possibilities are pretty much endless. To list a couple potential pairings:
    - NoblexPeasant
    - NoblexKnight
    - KnightxSquire
    - SlavexSellsword
    - OrphanxHedge Knight
    - KnightxKnight
    - Practically any other pairing as well. ​

    Mind you, since I read the books as well, I'm also happy to delve into the lore and play out historical scenes from the past like Robert's rebellion or the Dance of the Dragons for example.

    - Unfortunately I don't have any concrete plots I'm craving as of now, however, I pretty much have vague idea for any of the pairings and canon characters. Plus I always enjoy brainstorming, so if you're simply interested in playing as or against a specific character but don't have any ideas, feel free to message me as well and I'm sure we can come up with something. =)​

    Anyways, I hope this is good for now, and hopefully I can catch some interest. If so feel free to pm me!
  2. New episode and still looking. ^^"
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