Game of Thrones anyone?

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  1. Hello! I really shouldn't be looking for another roleplay, but alas, apparently I like to stress myself out. I'm looking for characters to pair up with Sansa in a Game of Thrones roleplay. She has been my username since I joined this site and I somehow have only had one successful roleplay where I actually get to play her. I'd like to change that.

    You must be at an advanced or above rating. The closer to prestige the better, but I'm not that picky. Advanced writing means you should:
    • always proofread your posts
    • have next to NO spelling errors
    • proper grammar
    • write 4+ paragraphs per reply
    • have a confident writing style
    Here are the canon characters I'd like to ask someone to play for me. I'll accept OC's as well, but only males.
    • Tyrion
    • Sandor
    • Robb
    • Jon
    • Littlefinger (you'll have to really convince me on this one)
    • Willas
    • Loras
    • Garlan
    Thanks for considering! Have a great day!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.