Game Of Death?

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  1. I've had similar ideas like this in the past. One was a successful RP and there were several short stories. Its a "game of death" setting (The Running Man, Battle Royale, The Hunger Games, The Contenders) where the players fight each other as well as NPCs at an unknown location, run by an individual known simply as "The Chessplayer" who introduces "surprises" to the game that range from the undead to battle-tanks.

    Players have the option to fight each other and go along with the Chessplayer's games, or refuse to fight and face whatever the Chessplayer decides to throw at them. Multiple characters are allowed and the island is filled with hidden weapons and equipment from any fictional universe (nothing you could use to leave though, the Chessplayer would not allow it). You start off with standard weapons and equipment though.

    Characters have little to no idea where they are, with no directions to guide them around the island (at first). The Chessplayer has left surprises and at first players would likely be dealing with them before meeting each other (as most characters start off in different locations). Players would of course, know the island as I'd post locations but the characters would be clueless.

    There are also some other details I should add:

    1) I mentioned the one RP, well technically there were two (the second one never took off). The first one was successful for the most part, despite being on a forum where there wasn't even an RP section and not many of the members were RPers. It ended when that forum was taken down by the admins last year. If you do search for the forum you'll find a chatroom in it's place. The second RP (the one that never took off)...Well that was due to two factors. One was that I didn't promote it enough on a large RP forum and the other wasn't my fault. Someone accused me of "completely stealing the idea" from another RPer.

    This idea of a "game of death" is pretty popular in pop culture, so I'd expected someone to have made an RP with that well-known idea. The funny thing was, it wasn't even the creator of that RP who accused me. Nonetheless, this did drive a lot of people away from the RP.

    2) I've got all of the details for the second RP stored on my computer. I want to change a few things, first though. My point is that it won't take much time for this RP to be up and running providing that people are actually interested in it. Once enough people have confirmed an interest it should take me a week to get this RP up (as its the summer I have more time on my hands)
  2. I am interested. I normally wouldn't be interested in this genre because of the likelihood of "I shot you; no, you missed!" situations, but you seem one to have a good handle on things.
  3. I'm intrigued. I'd like more details, but this sounds like it could be a great idea.
  4. This sounds really good... I'm intrigued. I'll have to keep my eye on this.
  5. This sounds interesting,
  6. For those who are interested, I'm going to be posting it sometime this week.
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  7. It's up. Check the miscalculation section.
  8. I intend to join, but won't have time to until next week.
  9. You've kinda stated your interest at the wrong time. The RP's dead
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