Game Master: Video Game Universes Collide

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  1. Your Characters Here:

    The Day Had Arrived...
    The day felt like any ordinary day, all types E3 goers flooded the premise. An electric excitement filled the air and noise of a new console filled the air. Everyone was waiting to see what "The Willy Wonka of Gaming" had in store for his visitors. Mr. Lancelot was about to take the stage as the crowd cheered.

    "Good morning everyone!" a tall, lanky man walked his way onto the stage, bearing a harsh Japanese accent. He nervously juggled a laser pointer in his right hand.

    "And welcome to the E3 unveiling of our newest console." the crowd cheered
    "A generation ago, crowds were blown away by our very first console."
    "People ask me: What's the next step? A new controller? What's the catch?"

    The man walked across the stage nonchalantly, slowly scanning the audience.

    "The truth is, is no catch."
    "Just like there isn't a scene." the crowd cheered as the console logo appeared. It was a huge CGI silver colored "GM".
    "Just like we don't have a remote. Speakers. We barely have a console" he raised the sleek black slab of plastic in the air.

    "The GameMaster will transfer you to the gaming world."
    "You wanted to be a part of that game, well now you are the game."

    He scanned the crowd before saying"

    "I need.." he paused "You guys." he pointed out some volunteers with the use of a laser pointer.
    "You'll be the first consumers to turn the device on and use it, an honor!"

    [OOC: He's pointing out either the human characters of our RP or strangers, depending on who makes a human character other than me.]
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