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  1. Game Master Challenge​

    The Race for Number One!

    The Game Master Challenge is an opportunity for Game Masters and Players to show off their skills in roleplay. The challenge is to create and play in a well developed roleplay that progresses plot, develops character, and most importantly LIVES to be an enjoyable game for it's players. You will have 4 Months to survive the challenge.

    We'll be giving all GMs and Players that are in a surviving roleplay a REAL prize and one lucky GM will be receiving something very special in the mail!

    Your Judges: October Knight, Ocha Hou-ou, 矢口 Zypher


    • GMs are only allowed to CREATE one group RP.
    • One on One RPs are allowed. A player may be in as many RPs as they wish, however players are not allowed to do multiple One on One RPs with the same pairing.
    • Smut RPs are allowed, but must follow the same rules as the above and normal smut RP rules (aka must be properly marked). Smut RPs to qualify must have an actual plot. (It would ruin the challenge if it was just post after post of descriptive sex scenes but I think most of you members aren't mindless sexpots though.)

    You have until August 1st to enter your roleplay!​


    • Must either -complete- or still be alive by the end of the GMC.
    • The Roleplay must have no less than 50 posts. (But if you go for more, good on ya!)
    • Quality! The RP must actually accomplish, or by the end of the challenge well on it's way to doing so. If there's a bunch of one liners that won't fly. It should not be 50 posts of arguing which way the group should go.

    How RPs will be judged:

    There will be four categories that each judge will use a 1-10 scale for a maximum of 40 points per judge and 120 points per game.

    The categories are:

    • Originality
    • Character development
    • Continuity
    • Grammar

    The END of this entire Challenge will be December 1st. Make sure you enter!
  2. Hey everyone! Just a friendly reminder that you only have two more weeks to get in your RPs for the GAME MASTER CHALLENGE!
  3. WOOOOOO! I can't wait to see the rps! :D
  4. Just under a week left! If any of you feel up to the challenge just make sure you enter your game before it's too late!
  5. Iwaku People! Tomorrow is the LAST POSSIBLE DAY to enter your RPs into the GAME MASTER CHALLENGE. Now is the time to enter! Remember, if you win you will win A REAL PRIZE, so make sure your entries are in within the deadline!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.