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  1. I just looked back on a time when I was playing my Nintendo DSi, when I had the free time of course. The game I was stuck playing for months was Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Man, that game was fun! SO FUN.

    Until I got to this onnnnnnnneeeeeeeee boss.

    I literately could not beat that bastard. Seriously. The one at the Beauty and the Beast world.



    It took me oh so long to beat this thing that I literately had to stop playing for a week, pick the game back up, and after 4 more tries, I finally beat him. Thank goodness.

    However, the final boss, Xion, I beat on the first try. What. The. Hell.

    My questions to you gamers of Iwaku are these:

    Has this ever happened to you? A boss in the middle of the game being harder than the final boss?

    How do you beat a boss that is super hard? Do you leave the game alone like I did? Use walkthroughs and guides?

    What is the hardest boss you had to defeat on a game?
  2. Hardest boss on a game for me was Gruntilda on Banjo-Kazooie when I was a kid. So many damn mechanics!
    Took me about 10 tries before I finally got her down, woo-man..Super tough.

    OH GOD..How can I also forget the Elite four? Every time I think I've trained my team strong enough, Nope! Still got my ass kicked.

  3. The bongo drum guy in ocarina of time. Omg. That stupid thing.
  4. in lollipop chainsaw i couldnt beat that hippie bitch for like a hour...the others i beat almost instantly...still pissed at that game
  5. Devil May Cry

    Mundus? Piece of cake.

    Nelo Angelo round 3?

  6. Almost every Touhou game ever. Remillia? Not that bad. Sakuya? OMFG GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR >:C
    Utsuho? Annoying, but not terrible. Orin? GOD DAMN YOU. >:C
    Yuyuko? Love fighting her. Youmu? APDOufisdkfliusdgfs stop killing me!
  7. I still find my new game 'The Binding of Issac' to be hard....though it isn't the bosses who kick my butt. It's the fact that I only have half a heart left by the time I must fight a boss.

    Sephirorth kicked my behind every time in Kingdom Hearts II. I finally managed to beat him about the twentieth time, on my own, using the basic noob keyblade. I was very surprised I managed that feat. The final boss was cake compared to Seph.
  8. And if you beat her on a low difficulty she mocks you for it and you get a non-standard game over!
  9. Darksiders.
    I straight slaughtered Abbadon, no problem.
    But I hate you, Silthia. Hate you so much. I don't have the coordination for this nonsense and neither does War!
  10. lol omg i know i got pissed at that game....i dont even remember where i put it XD
  11. Also, Ninja Gaiden Black:

    Fiend Murai? Not a problem

    Awakened Alma?

  12. was that a good game i played like five minutes at a friends house and got pissed and switched in mario cart ((he has every game station from nintendo 64 to 360))
  13. Probably the best game on the original Xbox. Don't be intimidated by the difficulty; once you figure the game out, you'll wonder why you thought it was ever hard.
  14. Usually I just break my controller.

    The hardest boss is always going to be Mike Tyson from Punch Out!! God. GOD.
  15. Error 37 during the launch of Diablo 3.
  16. well sadly i will never face that game again because i have given up trying to figure that game out XD
  17. The first Ninja Gaiden for the X-box (well, on the X-box. I'm aware the series existed before that) had one of the toughest fights I can remember in a game. The NG games are already hard fighting a few henchmen on the hardest difficulty.

    The first time you encounter a TANK you have to beat TWO of the damn things, kill some men with ROCKET LAUNCHERS and then fight a fucking helicopter with your bow. ALL IN THE SAME CHECKPOINT. I had maybe 2 medicines left by the time I got to this fight (while also starting with less than half health) and that was not enough.

    I play Ninja Gaiden the way Iliana described her KH thing. I set it down for a few days when I get irritated enough and try again. Somehow I fight better when I'm angry at the game for being such a bitch.
  18. thats how i a very angry gamer ^_^ i played my friends luigis mansion and i got pissed half way and said "fuck you mario for getting your ass caught you stay their."