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a​ heartyW E L C O M E █████████ █▓▓▓ ▒▒▒▒▒▒ ░░
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epic​ I D E A S & P A I R I N G S

████ [BCOLOR=#333333]I N T R O D U C T I O N[/BCOLOR] ████

❧ Hallo, Galzra's the name. I'm slowly but surely crawling back to my long lost roleplaying career, my mind teeming with ideas just waiting to be fleshed out. For information on my style and preferences feel free to check out my roleplay resume. Unique plots, suspense, and intrigue are responsible for fueling my imagination. I wouldn't mind dabbling into anything you may be able to throw at me, although I am a bit squeamish when the romance rushes in. I would, always, much rather wrap the plot around character develepoment outside the scope of romantic feelings, unless a pairing strikes me as a must. I absolutely refuse to play protective babysitter to dull, uninteresting, quiet, sex toys, and shall not ever resort to playing one such myself. Now, having got that out of the way, let's procede to the plots and pairings I am currently eager to explore.​

████ ❧ █ [BCOLOR=#333333]P L O T S / P A I R I N G S[/BCOLOR] █ ❧ ████


Prospects never stretch further than the arm’s length Death has pledged to marry. Cold steel burns a guilt-ridden sigil round the trigger finger, now and henceforth, motioned to kill. Pale shadows mingle in-between worlds, under the crusts, above the skyline, in smooth, relentless strides. A quick flurry of pain felt at the tip of the knife, despair at gunpoint –only but snippets of the countless ways to slaughter. The home to these methods is the perfect backdrop for a ghost story, yet no ghost has ever dared haunt fear itself.

-Insert planet name here- is the stark reality of the universal law – kill or be killed. It is home to many a fantastical beings immersed into a top-notch technological culture that has shunned aside both flora and fauna. Only the far corners of this industrialized wonderland whelped vegetation – shriveled leaves on barren earth, shy shrubs in an awkward in-between age, dense woods atop immense, distant mountains wrung and twisted like a huge boa, and the City in the very midst of it all. Lifelines cluster and throb from beneath the crust, readily conducting electricity and heat, the bloodstream which humours the heart of the City. Lights flicker but never go out. It is money that makes it prosper, and the soldiers that sustain it.

Indeed, -insert planet name here- is every assassin’s departure and return - a system like no other, designed to bring down empires, sever ties, construct and destruct upon request. It is a sort of satire, edge-on unseen, wherein beholders do sometimes discover everyone’s purpose but their own. Until then, and even then, they do uphold the killings as means of survival, for they could never know life otherwise.

What happens, however, when the hunter becomes the hunted?


The society is made up of stuck up aristocrats and wealthy businesspeople who utilize everything and everyone at their disposal in order to gain more prestige, money, and power. They are the ones behind choosing the targets that need to be disposed of. Should you be on the target list, your only way to avoid death would be to outbid your assailant.

Low social classes yield to the Mighty. They hold no assets, no titles, and no guaranteed future. Eternal life in the Slums is their reality.

The Assassin Association is a heavily guarded institution with its own set of rules and a highly differentiated hierarchy. The AA Board stands the most prominent, comprising the wealthiest and the most powerful assassins to date. These men and women are the ones who process and forward bounties, manage kill counts, distribute honour and rewards, and reign in the shadows.

Other Assassins are ranked according to their kill count and overall wealth and popularity. The customer may ask for a specific assassin to carry out his will, or leave the decision in the hands of the Board members. The higher the assassin’s rank, the harder the job. Sticking to the specifics of the kill is oft-times considered to be of utmost importance for advancing in the ranks which are divided into classes.

Anyone may opt to becoming an assassin. The old life is left behind and forgotten, and the new fledgling begins anew. If he or she is not up to the challenge, however, there is a high chance to be struck down by higher ranked officers. Survival requires skill, resourcefulness, readiness, and the capacity for coldblooded murder.

Abandoning one’s new found calling is not an option, however. The only means to forsaking the ways of the assassins is to slit one’s own throat before dying a most gruesome death by the hands of former comrades.

Intergalactic Assassinations are reserved for the most skillful liquidators, and so is the ability to refuse and forward bounties to other assassins. Those whose class falls below are given no choice to withhold from completing their tasks or hand over a kill.​

██ ❧ [BCOLOR=#333333]the​ LORD OF the​ DEAD[/BCOLOR] ❧ ██

Hades knows never to give up. Despite the fact that his 'perfect' plans are always being hindered by incompetent sidekicks and pestering gods, Hades is determined to smite Hercules with every means at his disposal, even if it meant seducing him.

Hercules has been bestowed strength none other has ever been close to experiencing. His boisterous inclination to always do good is a thorn in Hades' side, yet a sight for his father's sore eyes. However, when it comes to romance and love, Hercules is a young, naive, homosexual fool. It is exactly that lucky piece of information Hades plans to take advantage of. Perhaps then, with Hercules in his bed, would Hades finally get his hands on Zeus' throne.​

██ ❧ [BCOLOR=#333333]PAIRINGS[/BCOLOR] ❧ ██

Bad Witch & Good Witch - taken

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{{ [BCOLOR=#333333]PLOT[/BCOLOR]​

An ancient map, the legacy of the olden gods, has resurfaced in the hands of pirates. The X marks the long lost island of Atlantis brimming with riches unimaginable – the most sought after treasure at sea. Unfortunately, it rests underwater, far out of reach. Legend has it that the island can only be surfaced by a siren’s song. The sirens the lore speaks of dwell in the deep and restless waters near the Island of Lotus Eaters, a dangerous land that draws people in, offering them an abundance of food, wine and ecstasy. The poor souls are led astray, their loved ones forgotten and their pursuit abandoned.​
Only a few have braved the waters in search of Atlantis and returned alive. The Swallow and her crew, the Wandering Gigolos, have got their dirty hands on the map after many a battle with countless wretched foes. Alas, they have set sail towards the infamous Island, raising their Jolly Roger as the Swallow spreads her wings and soars.​
CAUTION. This would be a shounen ai/yaoi. GUY on GUY, should the romance ensue. No female members on board the Swallow.​

Thank you for reading!​
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