Gallisima (Planet X)

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  1. I am not the only one who feels hurt in Gallisima. Now let me tell you the history of Gallisima. Some time ago a mad scientist made this planet, he didn't know what he was doing... so instead of making a minor project (which he called Project X) he made an entire planet. The planet seemed lonely so he made "aliens" to live on it, we are Project X and we live on Planet X. After the mad scientist died the Project Xs named the planet Gallisima and called themselves Gallisimaians. That is the history. Now in present day: The Gallisimaians are being tortured by humans. Humans invaded 2 years ago and helped us... but now for six months they have tortured us. Hurting us inside and out, with whips out and harsh words in. But, some of the humans are nice to us while others are not.
    --------------------------------------------INTRO ENDED-----------------------------------------

    Gallisimaians (Project Xs) have grey, green, white, or black skin, and pure grey, red, purple, white, or blue eyes (if they have white skin they do not have white eyes same with grey). Most Project Xs have tentacle like hair some have hair more like humans. In this thread, you play a Project X and a human and decide if you want the human to be nice or not.
    Here is what you need to fill-out for your CS:
    Appearance(pic or describe):
    Personality(mostly needed for Human):
    Additional Info:
    Project Xs are sometimes very old but look younger and are sometimes young and look young (like Vampires).
    -------------------------------------------------------RULES/Addition Info-------------------------------------
    ~No more than 3-4 posts per day
    ~Some of these Project Xs are revolting
    ~Most humans have guns (but are both m/f)
    ~Project Xs are "slaves" to the mean humans
  2. My CS for the Project X:
    Name: Namifa Shallig X
    Age: Looks 19 (190, by the way: Project Xs go back only 200 years)
    Appearance: Grey skin, blue eyes, Height: 5'6" Weight: Unknown, Hair: Purple/blue striped 3 tentacles and 5 black underneith. (Trying to find picture!)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Brave/Stubborn
    EDIT>Sorry to change at the last minute! Mrs. Dufaga is the General's WIFE! The general is a NPC but please do not play him too much!--Thanks! Also "Mrs. Dufaga" will not be played often THANKS!~Silver L. (GM)
    My CS for Human:
    Name: Mrs. Dufaga
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Red wavy hair down to elbow, green eyes, wears a red dress that trails behind her 6", Height: 5'8"
    Personality: nice to her "slave" Namifa, but mean to her husband (which I will occasionally post about)) nice/kind/brave
  3. Name: Zehn
    Appearance(pic or describe): He is a young gallisimaian with
    white skin and blue eyes. He is 4'7 with 2 black tentacles.
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Cowardly and unsure of himself
    Additional Info:
    He is a young Gallisimaian that had been orphaned when he was 4. 10 years has passed since then and he still lives alone, hiding away from humans. He does the best he can to feed himself, though most of the time he gets scraps left over from others meals.

    Appearance(pic or describe):
    Personality(mostly needed for Human):
    Additional Info:
  4. @NorwayFOO I like, and I forgot you don't need to play human, but it is good to have some.
    I forgot to mention... you can call them Project Xs or Gallisimaian (its very long lol), so either one. Any age over... 12 is alright for Project Xs... for humans over 20 please!
  5. I want to be a mean one lol then I could pick on myself >=]
  6. lol you can pick on others too, but don't do too much... unless they say you can ;).
  7. Yeah, it's just a race that has it. I wasn't sure what all the names were!
    So far accepted:
    SilverLight:: ​ACCEPTED (no duh!) @RedWinter ::ACCEPTED
    @NorwayFOO :: ACCEPTED
  8. Name: Serah
    Age: 18
    Appearance: ((Sorry about the light sabers)) She has grey skin, black tentacles looking like dreads, and purple eyes.
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is a daredevil and often drags Kai into things that he often pulls them out of. Serah has quite an attitude on her but is nice in her own way.
    Additional Info:

    Name: Malachai "Kai" Mitchels
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is quite nice to those that are supposed to be Slaves. At a young age, he was given a slave but he found Serah more as a friend. Sure out in public he had to act due to the horror the "projects" went through but he wasn't in the least a bad person to her or any others. Kai is a flirt in the oddest ways.
    Additional Info:
  9. Who is Kai...?
    Here's my CS:
    Name: Simon Stark
    Age: 31
    Appearance(pic or describe): [​IMG] looks like Frank Woods Black Ops 2
    Gender: Male (human)
    Personality(mostly needed for Human): Nice to Project Xs. Brave, sort of aggressive (in battle), strong
    Additional Info: Namifa is his assistant ((OCC: if this is okay [MENTION=3464]SilverLight[/MENTION] )) was disbanded from the army.
  10. ((OCC: Yeah it's fine. And Frank Woods is his avatar...))
    List of Accepted CS:
    SilverLight: ​ACCEPTED (no durr) @RedWinter : ACCEPTED @NorwayFOO : ACCEPTED @Rainbow-Noodles : ACCEPTED @KaMeKaZeKaI : ACCEPTED
    Sign-ups before starting close:: 1/28/13... I want to get started!

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  12. It says she often drags kia into things...
  13. Malachai. Kai for short?

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