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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
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Nautica's cutlass. A floating haven for a cutthroat crew of privateers. A seafaring safe house in every sense of the word, not only protecting them against the elements of nature and beasts of sea, but also from the countless governments that wished to see them hang. Each and every one of them criminals or refugees, but thanks to force in numbers and a decisive and elusive captain, they have managed to stay alive.

View attachment 3328 The ship itself is of the Galleon variety; A massive, multi-layered vessel capable of housing 200 sailors, however the crew of Nautica's Cutless is just shy of this at 165, give or take. Along with a cargo capacity of 500 tons, including livestock, the crews belongings and enough food to feed them all for a year, the ship boasts 100 cannons of all sizes, ranging from the wimpy 9 pounders all the way up to 36 pound big boys.

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Above the ocean, salted and gray, Nautica's cutlass drives north to the coldest waters on earth. A dangerous voyage, that will no doubt be plagued with great consequence. From the deadly Ice Wyrms and Serpents that call this region home, to the patrolling ships of the vast Northern Empires that want to see the pirates abroad the Nautica's Cutlass arrested and prosecuted. On top of all this, there is a an award for Captain Claudius 9 Lives, dead or Alive. There isn't a seafaring man on earth who wouldn't want to claim this award for himself. Luckily The Captain has a dependable crew, and if given the opportunity, they would gladly die for him.

Moral is high aboard the ship, However the crew can't help but question why the captain is sailing north in winter, instead of heading to the tropical waters in the south. Captain 9 lives and his highest ranking crew mates are the only ones aboard that know the answer to this. Besides the valuable booty secured in their last pillaging spree, their is something else, something worth more than all the gold and jewels: A prisoner. Her name is Tabitha, and like Captain 9 lives she is wanted too, but for reasons entirely different.

Tabitha Emeralda, better known as Princess Emeralda, is running from an arranged marriage in the Kingdom of Helsink, the largest empire in the north. Her father has set a bounty for her capture that Captain 9 lives plans to capitalize on. Captain 9lives, not usually playing the role of bounty hunter, could care less about her well being, but the prize for her capture was too great for him to pass up. When she was taken aboard Nautica's Cutlass she was promised protection, but the old privateer quickly turned on her making her a prisoner aboard the ship. She now remains locked up in the underbelly of the floating fortress.

NOTES:: This rp is set in a fantasy/real world setting. While I have made up locations, such as the Kingdom of Helsink, the earth is still as we know it as far as locations and countries. All fantasy creatures apply, but I would prefer to keep the crew human. (If you want to play a fantasy race, It's probably ok too)

Try to Keep equipment in the 18th century time era, I'm not a heavy stickler though.

This game will have lots of NPS that make up the work force of the Ship. Players that join will automatically be high ranking and well respected by the Captain in their respective jobs. (Unless you like to play the lowly sea dog type! If so, that is cool too)

Here is a site with some cool info on Pirate gear relevant to the time Era of the RP. In case you want some reference.

Reference about Jobs aboard the Ship! crew.html

Layout of ship

Character sheet

Nickname: (Every Pirates got one, Arrrgggg!!)
Appearance: (Pic or written description, which ever you want))
Equipment/personal weapons
Short Bio

Also. I'll be playing Captain Claudius 9 lives his Character sheet will be up soon.
Name: Eben Renmar

Nickname: "Jawbone"

Age: 26


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Job: Carpenter. This includes various maintenance work, but more importantly, the repair of the ship after a battle.

Scars/tattoos: A serpent with red eye's is tattooed on his arm. It starts at the shoulder and goes all the way down his arm, ending at the wrist. Various scars on his hands due to job related injury.

Equipment/personal weapons: Basic carpentry tools: Hammer, Saw, basic measurement devices etc etc. Also carries a dagger in his waist band and a boarding ax, used for work and self defense.

Persona: Rough, rugged and dedicated. Eben has a calloused outlook on life due to years around the worst people the world has to offer. Although his rough attitude is the first thing people notice about him, he does have moments of genuine kindness.

Short Bio: Born, about as far out of wedlock as possible, to a fisherman and a whore. He was never properly raised and took to the streets almost as soon as he could walk. His father, although never there and drunk when he was, taught him a few things about life aboard a boat. When Eben was about 15 he took a job helping local carpenters. He learned the fine art of rough framing along with various forms of foundation and finish work. At the age of 20, Eben was drunk and got into a scuffle with another man at a pub. It ended with Eben cutting the mans throat open with a broken bottle. He had no where to turn and it looked as if he would hang. Without a hope or friend in the world, Eben found refuge on a ship, welcomed with open arms by the hooligans, ruffians and criminals that made up Nautica's Cutlass.
Name: Charlotte Black
Nickname: She gets called "Nereid" (sea nymph) or "Princess", depending who you talk to. The latter will earn most people a decent punch unless they're close to her.
Age: 22
Appearance: Apparently I can't work spoiler tags any more, so you'll have to click for proper image. Also yeah that bubbly thing shouldn't be there.
Job: Translator/Notery
Scars/tattoos: Thorned rose tattoo winds round her left wrist, then climbs up to encircle the middle finger. She hides it under a black glove, keeping it a memory of times she would rather not share.
Equipment/personal weapons: She carries a cutlass with her at all times.
Persona: She's known for being exciteable in spite of her somewhat serious appearance, and flirts rather a lot. She's got a quick temper that, combined with the flirting, can cause her a fair bit of trouble at times.
Short Bio: Charlotte's father was a sailor and he spent a lot of time out of her life. Her mother was a seamstress and took it upon herself to teach Charlotte some of her trade, all the while enthralling her with tales of the sea and her brave father. Needless to say, when Charlotte hit her teens the lessons were no longer as welcome as they once were and she turned her attention more than ever towards the stories her mother told. Until the age of 18 she put up with her mother, not yet having the confidence to leave and try to make it on her own. She left not long after with a new-found gung-ho attitude. She happened to run into the right people and ended up on the Cutlass.​
Name: Tabitha Emeralda

Emmy and Tabs



Princess of Helsink

Small scars running up her arms.

Equipment/personal weapons:
A pouch of gold hidden on her person as well as a small bottle of poison if it ever gets bad enough for her to need it.

She is rather soft spoken and nervous for someone who will soon rule the largest Empire of the north. She is terribly shy with the opposite sex and does what she can to avoid getting to close, this is one of the reasons for her strange style. She is rather kind though and seems happier and livelier when taking care of animals.

Short Bio:
Tabitha was born as the only child to the Emperor and Empress of Helsink, leaving her as the official heir to throne. From a young age she was taught how to be a proper ruler and lady and studied under the greatest scholars of the kingdom. However, around Tabitha's 17 birthday, her father announced that he would put her in an arranged marriage with an old duke. Not wanting to marry the man who was twice her age she quickly ran away one night with nothing but a horse, a small bag of money, and a bottle of poison. She avoided capture for many months by playing and winning games of poker against thieves and constantly traveling for long periods of time, keeping her name secert.

Eventually she found her way to a far south country where she his away and work for a wealthy trades men as an accountant, bribing him to keep her secret with her ability to give him a more profitable business. However this peaceful life did not last as the men searching for her closed in. She came upon the Nautica's cutlass why they were docking one day and begged for safe passage to another continent, offering to pay them all she had. Of course it did not take long for them to figure out who she was and they quickly turned on her and locked her up. She now awaits her ultimate fate as they sail back to her home land.
Great Characters, Ela and Harpy!

Glad you took that role, Harpy.

I was gonna NPC her and the captain, but I would rather have players take the Roles. I should be able to handle the Captain and my Character now. Expect a character sheet for Captain Claudius 9 lives! I'll probably have it up tomorrow.
Name: Claudius Sterling

Captain Claudius 9 Lives


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Unknown. Some say he is nearing his late 40s others say much older.

Captain and owner of Nautica's Cutlass

Too many faded and blurry tattoos to properly count. Is missing his left leg at the shin and right hand at the wrist.

Equipment/personal weapons:
Carries a Pepper box , also know as a belly gun.

Persona: Stern and decisive, calloused and fair. The captain is very efficient, not only as a commander but also as a person.

Short Bio: Born with sea legs and an eye patch, or so the story goes, but like most stories told at sea it probably has it's fair share of falsity. At the time of his birth his parents were both living on a ship, running from the authorities. His mother, who nearly died during labor, jumped ship soon after giving birth. Claudius was raised on the ship on which he was born by a Bosun, whom was not his father. He was schooled in the ways of the privateers, and before long was giving orders himself. He was given the name " 9 Lives", although he actually earned the name after the original Nautica's Cutlass sank and he was the only survivor. Shortly after he lost a leg to gangrene and part of his arm in a attack by the Royal Navy. Despite all the injuries and set backs, Claudius 9 Lives has gone on to become one of the best, and most feared, Pirates on earth.

Name: Irrelevant
Nickname: Nero
Age: 19
Job: Cabin boy
Scars/tattoos: He had a scar spiraling up his left arm disappearing onto his back.
Equipment/personal weapons: He has a sword that he carries, but he never uses it as he has no idea how to.
Persona: He a quiet guy, a man of few words. He's said maybe a handful to anyone since he joined. A bit feminine in some of him mannerisms but he gets his work done and pays attention to everything going on around him.
Short Bio: He was raised in a gentle household of a noble variety. Where lords and ladys ran prominent in their selfish spoiled ways. They only knew how to take what they wanted by any means necessary. His mother was a kind and gentle sort, which is why she wound up dead. As for his father, well he was part of the reason that he left and vowed to never to return or speak of it again. Nero joined the crew a short while ago. People started asking him things about his past but he just keeps quiet and gives evasive answers about it. Something he would rather not go into. So he started fresh here. He starting at the bottom of the ladder as he knows next to nothing about being a pirate or a ship. He chose this because of the freedom it offered. So he figured that the captain either liked that answer or he just liked having labor on board, either was was fine with him.
I would like to apply for the ships Doyand, the disiplinary officer.

He will be.... Loyal but dangerous. hehehe.
Name: Forgotten.

Nickname: Bloody Jack


Age: 23

Job: Doyand, ship disipline officer (usually the Quartermaster's job however he is not trusted enough to be called as such.)

Scars/tattoos: His body is covered in faded scars though the one that nearly cost him his eye is very clear.

Equipment/personal weapons: A Cuttoe with a edge like that of a saw, made to inflict much pain and damage. A Dragoon Pistol with a dagger blade affixed, the blade honed to a razor's edge.

Persona: Bloody Jack is fiercely loyal to the captian, perhaps more so than a priest is loyal to their God. He will do anything that his Captian says to him, be it murder, slaughter, loot, ravage or care. He acts like a charming man, perhaps a womanizer, though one must only see him punishing or fighting to see that he has a black heart.

Short Bio: In the Kingdom of Helsink there exists a healthy trade of indentured servants, many from birth. The boy who would one day be called Bloody Jack was one of them. He escaped at an early age though, a stowaway on Captian Nine Lives' ship. He worked on the ship as cabin boy, a bit longer than most, before eventually becoming the disiplinary officer of the ship. He keeps the crew members in line mostly through fear, as his punishments are very brutal. Sometimes the Captian is required to step in to avoid having another corpse being made.

He always listens to the Captian though. Always will.

For he is the Lord and Master of the ship. And he must always follow the Captian.
Both accepted!

Be prepared Shan, the Captain is rough on his Cabin Boys > < especially the ones he likes!

Good character choice, Raiu! Thanks for joining we desperately needed some discipline on board. Also, your history will work out nicely with the plot. Since our first mission is taking us to Helsink.
Name: Aurora Tarvis
Rhorie (Pronounced Rhorie)
Appearance:A little like this: MV5BMTgzOTEzNDc3NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNjY2NTM3._V1._SX450_SY611_.jpg (but piratised ^_^) Tumbling black curls, often left down, sometimes tied back with a red and white scarf to keep it out of her face. Stormy grey eyes, lean physique as Jawbone (always referred to as 'Sir' - she is respectful) works her hard with the upkeep of the ship. Most often wears this sort of outfit: Pirate.jpg
Age: Teen, around 17-18
Job: Training carpenter, apprentice to Eben "Jawbone" Renmar, also general dogsbody and enthusiastic pirate :)
Scars/tattoos: These on her hand and collar: Tattoo 2.jpg and this one on her stomach: Tattoo 1.jpg The first were intentional, she got them done when she first ran away from home to make herself feel more 'street rat' and less 'naive runaway', the second was a more-than-half-drunken dare made some weeks later by her frequent lover and sometimes friend from the port streets of Aeva, Atticus (people welcome to play this charming street-ruffian - message me, I have an idea for him xD).
Equipment/personal weapons: A needle-knife stored in her boot at all times (her time on the streets sharpened her) as well as a finely-worked cutlass - cutlasssword-b000uw1nok.jpg - like this but with all the gold attachments in silver and minus the bowl-shaped handguard. She also knows her way around the various saws, chisels and mallets etc of Jawbone's workshop.
Persona: Fairly quiet, has inherited some of Jawbone's gruffness, but not quite to the same extent. She is level-headed and reasons well. She loves carpentry and will often be found sitting in the more unreachable places of the ship, whittling figures and suchlike in her free time. If she's not out in the crow's nest or the forecastle chiselling, she will be listening attentively to the stories of serpents and brigands that the captain and other crew members tell - she loves fantasy tales of monsters and longs to see the mythical distant shores and all their inhabitants - another reason for her joining the ship. She has killed once before but, as she always says, only in self-defence - but sometimes there is a glint of something in stormy grey eyes that may cause doubt about this fact as it is rumoured that she has a fiery temper but it is kept under tight rein. She talks fairly openly about most of her past, especially of Atticus, who she claims has a special place in her heart, though she is getting fairly close (#^_^#) to one of the crew members (PM me if you're interested - not too much age difference please :D). She is much more a listener than a talker, but when she does speak her words are almost always well thought out and reasoned. She has a somewhat romanticised view of several aspects of pirate life, but is well aware of the grit and hard work needed for others.
Short Bio: Raised by fairly well-off merchant parents in a small town near the port of Aeva on the coast of Helsink, she ran from home for reasons that are her own to live a life on the streets. After almost dying of starvation, she was not best pleased but then she met Atticus (etc, etc) before he mysteriously disappeared into thin air. Seeing nothing to hold her to Aeva, she tried to board the next likely looking pirate ship, ready for a life of even further freedom than the streets offered and secretly half-hoping to go on a quest to find her friend. After being accepted, Rhorie quickly found her place under Jawbone - she proved to be gifted in the art of woodwork.
Arrrg Ye, Dogsbody!

Welcome aboard, Great character! Glad to have another carpenter on the Cutlass!
Name Cybele Widdershins
Nickname: Leech
Appearance: With dark hair in multiple braids and often wearing face paint on her cheeks and brow, even on a ship of pirates and never do gooders she's an odd sight. Often she dresses all in white with billowing sleeves on her blouse and multi layers of her skirt.
Age She looks to be in her late twenties perhaps, but she claims to be 97. She might be lying to you though.
Job Ship's surgeon (or witch)
Scars/tattoos Her left hand sports the faint scare of when she stopped a swordswing with her hand. Don't believe that story either? The captain was there. Go ask him, just don't let your doubt be known.
Equipment/personal weapons Her own cabin full of strange devices, herbs, poisons, and everything someone in her profession might need. On her person she has a small dagger and a pouch of salt from her own land.
Persona Now there are plenty of scary people aboard the ship, but for spooky you look at Cybele. If she was kind and motherly these sea dogs would have chewed her up and spit her out. The air of melancholy that is sometimes caught might prove insight that this half-crazed woman might want more in life then the excitement of curing disease and amputating limbs.
Short Bio Not surprisingly Cybele isn't telling anyone onboard about her pass. Five years she's served since the ship she was on was captured. Though since every man was either delirious or dead it wasn't much of a capture. She though signed the charter to be the ship doctor since she was the only one aboard the captured ship of sound mind and body. Was it her skill or hopes she wouldn't curse their own ship though? She has the look of someone of the warm seas, but her mannerisms and dress don't match what any of the crew knows.
Fantastic Ocha, Thanks for joining! We will definitely be needing a Sawbones!
Hey Guys. I'm about 75% done with the IC intro. I'm just waiting for a couple more people to get their characters up then I'll post it.
Name: Yosuke Hitami
Nickname: Deadeye
Appearance: <-- Avatar ill get the pic in a bit
Age: 25
Job: Cannon operator, Rifleman, dabbles in cooking
Scars/tattoos: several large scars along his back, a jolly roger on his left shoulder and a treasure chest on his hip
Equipment/personal weapons: Rifle, Flintlock pistol, Cutlass, Bombs
Persona: Hearty and playful while being deadly
Short Bio: He was born aboard a pirate ship and raised from birth on the sea. He was never really allowed to live the life as a normal child and one day the ship he was on had been sunk by a marine vessel. Everyone save for a few others had died and were left to drift in the ocean. Miraculously three had managed to drift to an island along with him. They lived there for a year surviving with bare supplies and shelter, eventually the others died off and he built a raft to get to a city. The only things he had on him when he arrived on the Nautica's cutlass was a pistol a cutlass and a rifle and a monkey that had accompanied him some time along his time on the island.
Good character choice. We need a player down with the cannons during battle!

Welcome aboard the Nautica's Cutlass. You'll find your quarters in the underbelly with your Powder monkey minions!
Ironically i forgot to put he has a monkey with him from the island.